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    403 Forbidden…Testing! Testing!!



    I am having issues with posting…Guess its too lengthy but unsure that’s the reason. @oluwakemine and @bosa: 2/2…



    What gems of wisdom from Pearl @pearl. Amen oh to grandma’s prayer. Lagos and Nigeria as a whole can be so disheartening at times. Every plans is so geared towards now and now. Nothing futuristic and our children are realising it already, which is just too sad 😥

    That Bar beach thingy still feels surreal :angel:   :angel:   honestly. I’m still struggling to fit the current Eko Atlantic with my beloved Bar Beach. I can’t even show my kids that beloved space. They have been clamouring to go to the Beach for some time now and I’m stumped thanks to how very far, all other beaches are now.

    And thank God that you are getting some relief from that heartburn.  :good:   :good:   :good: With #projecteat. Keep it up and make sure you get some  :sleep:   :sleep:   in there.

    I don’t really know what’s happening with your inability to post Pearl. We will just hope it doesn’t happen again.



    @oluwakemine: Futuristic… :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl: That adjective does not exist in our dictionary.

    Imagine what @bosa Son said to her…My heart bleeds for Nigeria. 😥

    When it comes to infrastructure we are far far behind considering some other African countries that do not have the resources we have.

    I was asking DH recently that does Lagos state government have a think-tank because the way they are doing somethings makes one wonders if they think deeply before executing some projects.

    A typical example is the gigantic light train bridges they have erected along cms-marina road…I am anxiously waiting for the completion because I am yet to fully grasp what they are doing.

    Instead of erecting bridges, I would have suggested they put a train track on some BRT lanes if not all to help jump start transportation system but our archaic way of doing things will never let us think of incorporating that, we would rather separate and award massive money to another project when you can spend half on incorporating systems.

    Another project I am angry at is Waste management and beautification…I personally think there is something wrong with their medulla oblongata.

    How can you be distributing plastic bags/plastic containers and planting pre-mature plants and trees and expect to get results in our climate and environment. When you can encourage youths/farmers to have tree farms and plant trees, when they are matured or grown to an extent you can transplant them to where its needed.

    Ladies, it is sickening thinking about the way we do things. :sick:   😥



    haha…that reminds me of what Mr. Lai said last week; ”It’s easy for people to accuse me of lying because my name is Lai.”

    Well, I am still waiting for the application form of his Masquerade jobs. :haha:


    **Age is indeed not maturity and common sense isn’t common.**

    cc: @oluwakemine, @bosa.



    @pearl, so glad to read you’re doing great and #ProjectEat is coming along well  :heart:

    I had to long ago reconcile myself with the transformation of Bar Beach to Eko Atlantic, as my former office overlooked it, so I watched all the sand filling drama from 2006 till I left there in 2013. And now I’m back in an office overlooking the same thing, it still saddens me. I haven’t physically been to the Eko Atlantic, but I hope that it’s truly as solid and well-planned as people say.

    As for Ilubirin…hmmm! I have no comment.

    To be honest, the Lagos State Government is a big joke! No plan, no sense, no nothing! All they seem focused on now is defacing the state with all sorts of horrible, tacky ‘artwork’ all over the place. What they have at National Stadium, Falomo Roundabout and Ajose Roundabout is just an eyesore!!!! But to address the more pressing issues on ground, no way!

    Meanwhile, what was that simulation for, Pearl? I must have missed it. But that’s how civilised societies plan for emergencies. Not like this our Naija, where if it’s not last minute or fire on the mountain, we no do!

    Na wa!



    @nicole: You hit the nail right on it head…No plan, no sense, no nothing! :friends:

    I hope its not that Suya and Asun man project you are talking about. :rofl:   :rofl:   :rofl:

    I watched the videos of terrorist simulation exercise at MMIA via Sahara reporters; I think it was 2 or a year ago. I had no idea when I shouted ”Jesus is Lord”; it was like watching all those cheap yoruba movies produced in Abeokuta.

    Eko Atlantic is crap and a joke. People saying solid and well-planned have no idea what they are talking about but I can not blame them; until the water they chased away/pushed back comes back in full force only then will they understand its not as solid and well-planned as they think.

    Countries that have tried it know better examples are some emirates in the UAE, another is Sweden, the Netherlands, USA, just to mention few.

    Chasing water/pushing back water is not as easy as what we have in Eko Atlantic…Maintenance is another issue that is not in our dictionary. It will end up been a patch patch project :nope:





    Our sacrifices has been accepted by the gods. :yahoo:   :wohoo:

    In case you missed what the sacrifice was about; well, its about when to circumcise a new born baby boy and traveling with a baby. Although, the acceptance/response I got was not what I wanted but at least the response is better than what I had before.

    Circumcision will be within nothing more than 3months and traveling will be 2yrs but briefly 🙁

    I am so happy for the development and praying everything goes well so that the gods do not change their minds. #fingerscrossed

    Thanks to everyone for those tips on how to convince the gods, I really do appreciate it. :friends:   :hug:

    cc: @oluwakemine, @bosa, @ldike, @nicole, @smiley, @ddo. :heart:   :rose:




    :haha: :haha:   :haha:   :haha:   Ope o, that the gods have accepted our burnt offerings. Well done @pearl. If the gods can compromise thus far, they can do more, it’s just a matter of timing.

    Everything is working for your good already Pearl, so keeping fingers crossed for great news on all fronts. :yes:



    Yay @pearl good news! And yes everything will go well,no changing of mind :yes:

    Hello ladies :bye:



    Hello Linda @ldike, how are you doing and our royal princess too :pink:   :pink: ?



    We are good o @oluwakemine. The young lady now has a mind of her own and will do exactly what she wants to do when she wants to do it :unsure:



    Yes! Hoping no change of mind would occur. @oluwakemine, @ldike.

    Your Madame is fast becoming her own boss ldike just like @bosa Oga’s; thats amazing, this shows how fast kids grow. :heart:



    :yes: :yes:   Now, that is just the honest truth. Children grow up so fast Linda @ldike. But erm, who she use am resemble, you or her dad? :haha: She may or may not outgrow it but I love her all the same. :heart:   :heart:



    @pearl that is a great start to the morning….Okra and Eba….  :good: Thank God for the heart burn relief. that’s great news on circumcision and travel :wohoo: . This means that you can still work on him for earlier circumcision. 😉

    I get you on the estates but trust me they are much better than the regular living on the street, at least in the estates people can pay dues to get stuff working “somehow”. On the street, individuals have to do their own gutters, etc so it is such a mess. Case in hand, Chevy view estate, it is not centralised like other estates so in my opinion it is worse than Dolphin already. At least Dolphin’s dilapidated state got worse over time. Festac was beautiful, yes it has lost its glory but most of its infrastructure still works. Ah you forgot to add Orange Island oh, that is behind Lekki – from TPH church side…That is another APC money making machine. I know people who paid lots of millions and haven’t got any allocation; it has become prayer point oh and waiting patiently till 2018 when the allocation should commence as they are waiting for the sand filling set as they say.

    That CMS, it’s a disaster…. 😥 Every time I pass there, I worry. When we have trucks flying off the bridge, the overhead tracks are way tooooooooooo close to that bridge.

    @nicole please HELP ME!!! That ARTWORK is horrible!!! Those are the graffiti the UK govt pays to be removed, our own Govt is enabling it. Because I go to work via water, I do not really pass these places. I saw the Ajose rubbish about 2 weeks ago when i had to go home via road so we passed Eko hotel….WHAT IS THAT????? :negative:   :wacko:

    @oluwakemine yes oh the boy can’t understand why he has to remain here especially as his cousins recently relocated. My immediate solution for now is to keep him from vacations outside the country abeg :dohh: I cannot be answering questions every time why Lagos looks so ugly and dirty or why there are no trains…My boy isn’t that fashion forward oh :haha: I still select his clothes, the only fight is usually when I insist he wears shorts to the club, he always wants to wear trousers which I can never understand. Papa and son are planning Mohawk apparently, hence the reason for the afro.

    @ldike you’ve got a DIVA!!! But I hear with girls, they are usually like that so enjoy the ride.

    Have a wonderful day ladies @nicole @pearl @bibi @oluwakemine @ldike


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