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    @oluwakemine and @nicole: Thanks so much, I really do appreciate. :friends: :hug:



    Update…Appointment went well, not so bad…but I have been asked to stop the present injection and switch for another based on the fact that there is a 16.8mm follicle on the right ovary. Blood test result is yet to be in but I am not expecting the result to be sent to me.
    However, I’ve got another appointment for thursday and hoping friday or saturday will be for transfer. The doctor also adviced we try naturally because chances that the transfer might not occur is a bit high. Fingerscrossed.
    :dust: :dust:
    @nicole @oluwakemine @emaimo @ddo



    Lots of possibilities but we will put everything in God’s hands and hope for the best Pearl @pearl. :hugs:   :hugs:


    Emaimo Omoregie

    @pearl,  God will perfect every thing. All the best and lots of love.



    @pearl hun, God’s ways are not our ways. You don’t know what HE has in store for you by trying naturally instead of proceeding with the transfer. Praying for you hun :hugs:



    @oluwakemine: Yes! Hope is whats has kept us thus far. Thanks :friends:
    @emaimo: Amen. Thanks. :friends:
    @nicole: You are right, Gods ways are not our ways. Thanks. :friends:



    If I start to talk…the thing wey my eyes don see, we no go end… :-) Its one of the latest songs/videos I like on youtube by Tiwa Savage.

    Well, I decided to talk small about my ttc journey you can read it HERE. Put in mind that there are some treatment I didn’t detail nor mention but thats for another day. However, if you want me to tag you in upcoming details and subsequent experiences(No spam) then don’t forget to click the ”Heart shape” or ”Favorite” this present story. :heart:   ;-)

    Present mood:

    😥 😥  😥 Just had my injections…250ml Ovidrel… 😥  😥  😥 In bed.

    Will be heading out to hunt for mangoes later in the day. :haha:
    Hoping to hear from you all soon. :hug:

    @nicole @oluwakemine @hephziba @oluwasehun @emaimo @olayemi @jommie06 @adaezewrites @ify @sisiseyi @etiosag @iyawodiipo @omotayo @ddo @folu @krdawson @adoma @boateng @bola @mimi1 @sommie @ibukun @laret @princess @marikas-mum @paula @ruqayyaimam @yetty @temi @adeola @omotayo @busola @phummie @linda @momoreoluwa @reggy @omon @mrsd @mrs-al @mabel @fifi @mavis_brown @bosa @nadia @machylicious



    Hey Ladies! How are we all doing? Hope everything is going to plan?? So the amebo in me :bye:   was given a juicy bone to chew yesterday and I just have to share…I remember sometime last year we were talking about how we would love to know Ty Bello and Stephanie Linus’s TTC story..well just saw on Instagram that TY Bello’s story is featured in the new edition of Yewande Zacheaus’s Book God’s Waiting Room Part 4. Availble in Lagos at Laterna Bookshop..I’ve already ordered a copy and thankfully hubby is making a trip to Nigeria this month so he can pick it for me…girls dont carry last. Did anyone buy a copy of ThisDay yesterday..apparently some prominent Nigeria ladies who had been down our path were featured for Mothers day which I thought was lovely.

    Has anyone read the In God’s Waiting Room Books? I really liked part one…I felt it was raw and real..part 2 and 3 didnt feel so much and to be honnest..my heart started to cut because almost all the stories featured..the ladies had waited 10 + years :saywhat:   :saywhat:   :saywhat: and long long times..I said hia..let me not continue reading and God will think I’m okay with an extended portion pls o!! :negative:   :negative: ….love to all!


    Lastly!! I see Bella Naija has some wanna be trying to fill in our former fertile chick weekly article….goodluck to the writer sha.but if its not Nicole..it just aint Nicole!! B-)   B-)   B-)



    @ddo: Missed you. How have you been? You didn’t gist me about the Acupunture.
    In Gods waiting room…the ladies had waited 10 + year…LOL. You will not know how time flies until you start counting backwards. When I counted mine and number cycles + Injections; I was shocked as well, but trust me there is always light at the end of the tunnel which is what has kept our hopes, faith and positivity high till this present.
    As for copycats…DO NOT WORRY. Its either you are original or fake, time will tell.
    Read some of the ”Thisday” articles online, they are inspiring and I am also delighted more people are coming out and talking more about thier fertility challenges. Hopefully this will change some peoples perspective and reoriantate them.
    Sending you way lots of :dust:



    How is everyone doing? Hope your week is going on fine?

    I am officially on the dreaded…

    Any advice and suggestions to make this waiting more fun and yeilding good results are welcomed. Hoping to read for you all. Thanks in Advance. :friends:   :hug:




    My Pearl!!!

    oohh TWW 😬👏👏🙌🏽🙌🏽…you are not messing about mehn!! God will crown your efforts..hmm how to make the wait to by…that’s a hard one!!! My suggestion is just find Greys Anatomy series from Season 1 and start watching…😁We are currently on Season 12…before you know it two weeks will pass….


    i I haven’t tried the acupuncture yet o! Had some exams that I just finished writing so my eyes are very clear now…there are two places in my town Center that off acupuncture.. Plan to go make inquiries this weekend and choose one…I hope to spend The next two months getting my body as ready as possible for August when we hope to cycle…..by then your first trimester is over…😎🙌🏽Exciting times ahead!



    Dooshima @ddo, I particularly liked this part of your comment, “by then your first trimester is over…” amen and amen to your words. From your lips or fingers to the hears of our God.

    Pearl, @pearl, Grey’s Anatomy is a good place to start. Bed rest and more bed rest biko. Thank you.  :dust:   :dust:   :dust:



    @ddo: Amen! You are right, getting busy will make the wait look like a breeze.
    Good to know you will be cycling in August. Till then…eat, take multivitamins/vitamins, sleep and stress less.
    However, I hope your exams went well. Wishing you all the best and success.

    @oluwakemine: hummm…this bed rest issuse is getting me :wacko: I have actually taking a break from work and DH wants me to stay in bed all day; infact I am on house arrest ( No market, No standing for too long, Eating well and sleeping is the order of the day now…He just told me yesterday no :sex: self 😥 😥 )
    Honestly, I am somewhat heartbroken but in all I pray all this end in praises. :yes:

    Thanks ladies for your suggestions. God in his infinite mercies will stand by you and meet you at the point of your needs. :hug:


    cc: @nicole



    Pearl @pearl, biko, don’t  :cry:. It’s going to be fine in the end. The One who created you and know what your heart desires will show up for your sake.  :hugs:   :hugs:

    As for the bed rest, you need it at this stage. Just keep your mind occupied, so you don’t think too much about it.



    @oluwakemine: Amen. Will try and take my mind off it. Thanks. :hug:

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