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    @pearl, reading this just moved me. I’m so glad you insisted, and didn’t just accept what you knew wouldn’t be right for you. My dear, we are praying with you for a very successful cycle this time around hun  :bfp:   :bfp:   :bfp:   :dust:   :dust:   :dust:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:

    @bosa, that is a FANTASTIC idea. A prayer session everyday would be awesome. All of us, praying together, at the same time! @oluwakemine, can you make it happen? Anytime of the day is fine with me. Should we have people send in their prayer requests?



    @nicole well for now i was thinking just for those having their cycle currently….as in we have the names of those currently undergoing a cycle and the duration. An everyday prayer session maybe too much for now.

    We can plan to have a 30day prayer session 1 month in the year for the entire community, for that one maybe admin pairs us together and we exchange prayer requests via whatever medium and choose any time suitable to pray.



    @bosa, got it  :good:



    B-) :good: wishing you all the luck Pearl!! Mwaah!

    Your post really cracked me up tho..advising the doctor!! We are our best advocates truly..and then when you said I’ve been you people’s patient for 5years!! *blank face* true I’ve laughed so hard I literally pee’d 😭😭..too funny but I feel you girl!! Celebrating my 5th anniversary and I’m just like “Wondaful as my dear TIv people would say!” Where did the time run 😱😱😱..and absolutely nothing has happened in the baby department..I had to ward off negative thinking because I began to feel let me just even take in and loose it so that I know I’m progressing sef….positive vibes now!!


    Meanwhile on another note…I don’t know what hubby read somewhere he now keeps suggesting I hold my legs up after the deed  :wacko:   …and I’m just like does this even work..so sisters advise biko

    1. What is the real truth behind holding your legs up?!!!
    2. are you supposed to just hold your legs up or fully put your legs up straight
    3. how long do you hold the legs up for sef??

    😩😬😳 see my point



    Bos @bosa, the prayer session is a really good idea. I will put up a post in the prayer group and tag everyone. We could start with twice a week and see how it goes. How’s that nicole @nicole?

    Considering, we ended a 40-day prayer session, during the Lent, last month,  let’s look at the second half of the year for the 30 days prayer session. We can all agree on the month.

    Dooshima @ddo, I couldn’t help but laugh at this your analogy. The putting-up-your leg after sex myth, as to do with helping the sperm :spermy: go deeper into the cervix and on to where they meet Madam eggy.

    For #3, I guess, as long as you can hold still, you can use pillows to support your bum, so it’s more elevated. Mind you, I don’t know the veracity of this claim.  :dust:   :dust:   :dust:



    @oluwakemine: Yes, So help me God.
    @bosa: We all are in charge of our health, thanks for those kind words, bible verses and the new initiative.
    @nicole: Amen. Hoping this cycle is the one. Infact, its like it has happened self. Thats the spirit.
    @ddo: You are right, We are our own best advocates. There comes a point in ones TTC life that you know you have done it all, you’ve had enough; now its time for a reward (baby).
    On your question: @oluwakemine is right, raising of legs after sex to aid conceptions are just myths. I did lots of that coupled with acrobatics and gymnastics (Shaking small small) to help the sperm swim down to meet egg while been upside down/raising legs up, but 😥 it didnt works o.
    But should in case you want to give it a try, its up to you how long. My self and Hubby set time(alarm) for atleast 30min to 1hr. :haha: after :sex: . We still laugh about those days when we remember…. :haha:

    **Thanks to everyone for the prayers, kind words and encourgement. I pray God almighty will grant each and eveyone thier heart desires.** :hug:   :friends:   :rose:



    @pearl that is what we are here for, we’ve got each others back. Amen and Amen!!

    @ddo i wonder if that truly works but girl we try everything. However, we need to be sure the sperm can even swim to the right place aka no blocked tubes….too much drama but we shall all get there somehow.

    @oluwakemine fantastic idea….great job mommy!!! :good: as my boy will say to me :haha:



    How is your week going? Hoping its going on fine and as planned? :good:

    The first round of my treatment is almost over but the side effects of this pills are really getting to me this time. 😥

    Hopefully AF shows up as soon as possible and I can be whole again, but pending the time I have been doing other additional and miscellaneous things.
    The other additional and miscellaneous things are connecting the mind, body and soul together as some have claimed it to be useful/helpful in conceiving.

    Although I attended a session which seems like a waste of time because I was just sitting down, trying to close my eyes and focus they call it (relaxing) and trying not to think about anything as the coach instructed; even though she was still talking. :haha:
    I have heard lots of goodnews, positive testimonies and read in so many place this forum inclusive about connecting the mind, body and soul, Yoga, Hypnosis therapy aka Hypnotherapy e.t.c
    I personally don’t see anything bad in doing those things but do they really work and whats its effect suppose to be is what I do not know. :unsure:
    Please, no offence. I am trying to learn and wiling to know as I really do not understand those things.
    Please, any replies to help me out of my skeptics are welcomed. Would really appreciate. :kiss:



    Note to self: Relax and go with the flow. :heart:


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    I have read about this hypnotherapy thingy and how it helps women, going to IVF. I read some where, that it even increases the odds of success. But I don’t think, it’s for everyone. If you are able to pull your mind into one place and meditate, fine, if not, better to go with the flow and hope for  the best. @pearl.

    Sorry that the pills are getting to you now. It will end in praise. :heart:   :heart:



    @pearl hun, I also used to struggle with it…but I later came to realise that it was a mind over body thing. I personally believe in the power of the mind, and how our thoughts can empower a lot of the things in our reality. So, I reckon yoga and the like are ways to get one’s mind to a place of zen. Now as for hypnosis oh, I draw the line there  :wacko:

    Sorry the pills are affecting you hun. Rooting for you this cycle  :yahoo:   :yahoo:



    @oluwakemine : You are right, that it even increases the odds of success but I also think it’s not for everyone. :yes:
    @nicole :lol… :haha: :haha: you draw a line.
    Fortunately for me I know 2 well known hypnotherapist one is a Nigerian(Based in the UK) and the other is Irish(Based in Ireland) both Certified in this line. And I wonder what extactly do they do. :unsure:
    My husband said I am too critical and skeptical so I can not be thier ”client” even though these two people are my friend and they try to help but its not just working. :dohh: 😥

    In all they also told me what you said that ”…it has to do with my mind…” also my perspective of life as well.

    Hopefully, will work on my mind and reset it then. :angel:

    Thanks ladies. God bless. :heart:   :rose:



    Or just fill your mind with the Word of God… @pearl



    @oluwakemine:Valid point. :hug:




    hehe..pele Pearl…relaxing and going with the Flow are much easier said than done! But keep at it…this might help…

    -I look for mood relaxing music playlists on Youtube or Spotify and listen for 30mins. Turn off my phone and concentrate on being relaxed. Also try to delete social media apps from your pohone and not check your email as much..I was amazed at how much free time I created..and how much downtime my brain got! Our minds are truly on the go a lot more than we think..

    Have any ladies in the house tried out accupuncture???Going for a consultaiton on Saturday, there is a Chinese place near my house.



    @ddo: Thanks for those advise.
    Had Acupunture last year while on some TCM pills (Traditional Chinese Medicine).
    I had a good experience with the Acupunture(Cupping) itself but the TCM…I will never try it again in my life for PCOS/Infertility.
    I had lots of unpleasant symptoms ranging from…Diarrhea, Migraine, Brain fog, hemorrhoids, dry and unpleasant sensations down there, mood swings etc 😥
    It wasn’t funny but I had to stop and be nice to myself which is what is still driving me thus far.

    I didn’t confess to my conventional doctor oooo :dohh: but told the TCM team. :haha:

    Note: You might feels some sensation while acupunturing but relax and If you are considering going for cupping as well, note that marks left behind will fade within a week or more depending on your body and what you do afterwards. 😉

    Wishing you success and hoping you enjoy yours like I did. :friends:   :hug:

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