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How has PCOS impacted your life?

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    I didn’t realise I had PCOS until I was already married. And even then, I didn’t exhibit quite the typical symptoms. The main effect has been the inability to lose about 10kg that crept on from nowhere…and of course my initial infertility.

    How has it impacted your life?


    Funny Girl

    The PCOS verdict was handed to me about 7 years ago when my period disappeared for 8 months.  I remember the Dr. Saying, oh come back when you are ready to get pregnant. No advice and no drugs.

    I added extra weight and didn’t attribute it to PCOS. Barely 2 months after marriage, I reported myself to a hospital and then the roller coaster journey started. It’s been a hectic journey but I know I will come out victorious and same with other TTC women.




    Funny Girl

    Oh….the question was how it has impacted my life. I apologize for rambling.

    1. Weight gain,

    2. Weight gain

    3. Weight gain……..that’s how annoying it is.  from a size 8 to 10 to 12 to 14 and then 16. I decided to fight the weight and dropped to a size 10/12 but lately I have been fighting depression and have been eating lots. Gradually adding back.

    4. Hair loss. …my hair drops. That’s the only way I can describe it. It just falls off. Like fallsssss off.

    Let me stop here








    My dear, we will be victorious in Jesus’ name!!

    Your symptoms almost mirror mine. The weight gain and hair loss have been devastating. And staying on a PCOS diet, for a foodie like me, has been so tough!

    You did well to lose the weight. I’m sure the additional kg will fall off soon. Hopefully, we will be able to get our symptoms under control and reclaim our bodies.


    Funny Girl

    Amen and Amen. The PCOS diet is hard for me cos I Have always hated vegetable.

    Growing up,  if I am served fried rice,  I usually pick out all the veggies in it and eat only the rice so sticking to a diet where I have to eat those mixtures is very very tough for me.

    Recently I noticed I am developing a big/heavy  lower belly/stomach fat and I read it is the pcos effect. ……like realllllyyyyyy. Chia!



    LOL…..welcome to my world, as per the stomach fat. Even when I lose weight, it still sticks around. Classic PCOS! Don’t worry dear, just be consistent with your diet, and maybe incorporate a few sit-ups into your routine. God help us!


    ify Nduka
    1. Pimples all over my face
    2. Belly and arm fat
    3. excess hair on my tummy and a few strands on my jaw
    4. depression
    5. severe pain in abdomen ocassionally

    In Summary, i am frustrated and stressed. I am currently running my masters in Architecture and I am in school six days a week. i have no time to check my food and excercise. The only thing i am actively doing is taking birth control pills as recommended by a gynaecologist i used to see two years ago. I got tired of going and just keep going on and off of birth control pills. Sometimes, i stop in faith and my period comes on its own in large clumps and its so damn painful, it hurts so bad. It comes with acne, depression, fat, laziness, memory loss and confusion. it keeps this up for about two months and seizes again. I got tired of worrying about how i was going to solve it before i get married and I think i have just accepted the worst. i might not have kids of my own, normally.




    @femaleigboarchitect, sweetie make sure you never ever lose hope! PCOS can be a real inconvenience, but with the right management, we can get our happy ending! Have you ever tried Metformin? What does your regular diet consist of?



    @femaleigboarchitect ; Whats the name/brand of birth control pill you were placed on? and why where you placed on those? Also, what has the pill achieved so far?

    Before considering or going on Metformin as @nicole suggested, please let your doctor run a blood test to show your sugar levels and how resistance you are to insulin. This will show if your are pre-diabetic or prone to diabetes. Because Metformin was originally made to treat diabetes and not PCOS but because most women with PCOS have high blood sugar levels and are also resistance to insulin, Metformin and other pills are prescribed to them.

    However, going by your narratives…I see MR.STRESS STRESS. Please, try as much as possible to get a maximun sleep at night and also reduce the intake of carbohydrates e.g rice, bread, solid foods, e.t.c and eat more of fruits and vegetables but in moderate potion. :haha:

    I don’t know the plls you are currently on but I must say that they also have thier side effect which I think its what you are exhibiting e.g pimples, depression and abnominal pain. Hence, please drink a lot of water.

    Water drinking can not be over emphasize when it comes to managing PCOS.

    As time goes on I hope all this will resolve itself and we both can educate and enlighten eachother more.

    Stay blessed and Hoping to hear from you soon.

    :mail: :good:   :hug:



    ify Nduka

    @pearl @nicole I was placed on Microgynon because it helped get rid of the pains, pimples although it makes me bloated, i was asked to drink lots of water just like you told me. I try to drink water as much as i can.

    My doctor emphasised on the importance for me to bleed at least once in three months in order to avoid ovarian cancer. One thing i need to learn is sleeping well…school work usually takes me deep into the night and wakes me up early in the morning. :unsure:



    @femaleigboarchitect ; Good advice from your gyn about drinking water and she is right about the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer in PCOS patient but am concerned about the pill(microgynon).

    Microgynon makes you bleed and make the bleeding ”somewhat” accurate and possible to time.

    However, am not too confortable with the pill(microgynon) for you due to your diagnosis PCOS. I think its because you aren’t trying to concieve at the moment thats why he/she placed you on it and its also less expensive which is reasonable and fine.

    However, from my personal experience I would suggest you look into switching Microgynon for Oral provera. As this will help evaluate your hormone and the process of ovulation.

    Normally, after microgynon or provera and you get your period you should stop and wait to see if you will get your period naturally. If you dont get it naturally chances are there that you dont ovulate.

    And because microgynon prevents pregnancy from occuring, your ovulation will be surpressed(Microgynon tricks your body that it has ovulated when you havent realistically).

    But on the other hand Oral Provera helps prepare you for ovulation and gives you essential hormones needed for the whole reproductory process.

    Although both pills have their pros and cons but I will employ you to looking into those 2pills mentioned and weigh out your options.

    cc. @nicole



    God bless you, @pearl. This info has been very helpful, even for me :hugs:

    @femaleigboarchitect, like Pearl said, I think it’s a good idea to ask your doctor about switching from Microgynon. Also find out about your blood sugar level, and ask him about Metformin. I say this, because I know it has helped myself, and some other PCOS women I know. But like Pearl said, if your blood sugar isn’t too high, then there’s no point using it. But still find out.

    Good luck hun :hugs:


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