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    @ldike hun, how are you? How are you guys enjoying the Canadian summer  B-) ? And my baby Nicole, how is she now? Missing you sweets  :rose:



    @nicole I am doing good. Summer is here,but we still have rain and cold weather,but I definitely do not miss winter and all that snow. Nicole is doing great. Asserting herself and testing limits and boundaries. She has made some friends now too. Unfortunately she is losing her Nigerian palate, she prefers cheese to crayfish now. Lol. I miss you too dear :heart:



    Awww @ldike , my Nicole is becoming a little Canadian  :heart:   :heart: . Bless! I’m so glad to read that she’s settling in nicely. So I guess you have to cook less egusi soup and more lasagna ohhh  :haha: . How far with school and work? I hope you’re not feeling too stretched hun :hugs:

    Meanwhile, you might want to check my group for an important update  :mail:

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    @mofeyintola huge congratulations on the birth of your baby girl, may God bless her richly….. :pink:   :pink:   :pink:   :pink:   :baby:   :baby:   :baby:

    @ldike baby Nicole is just getting into the program….. :haha: I guess it’s school feeding, hopefully if you keep up the Nigerian dinners she won’t lose it completely. How are you coping with school and work? May the Lord strengthen you… :good:   :hugs:

Viewing 4 posts - 361 through 364 (of 364 total)

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