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    Loving the conversation here and gearing up.**Taking Note. :mail: **

    Quick question: Do you speak English to your kids or any other languages(Please mention name of Language if you do) or a mixture of both.

    Learning how to raise a multilingual kid and an adult to be.

    cc: @nicole, @ldike, @bosa, @oluwakemine



    Thank you @nicole and @bosa. Hopefully she will loosen up soon. Work is fine, I am struggling abit with school, I probably took on too much but I will be fine.

    @pearl I speak mostly English to my daughter. Occasionally I would speak Igbo and then follow it up with the English meaning. In my mind , this will help her associate the Igbo words with the English interpretation. However I do not know if this method will make her speak Igbo. Plus DS doesn’t speak any Igbo at home. :unsure:



    @ldike hun, combining school, work and home life can be a struggle, but don’t worry, you’ll be fine hun :hugs: . How many days a week do you have school? Are you doing it part time?

    As for language, I think your method is also okay. At least, she will be familiar with the language. That was the method my Mom used with us, and we understand the language, even though we are not fluent at all.

    @pearl, I was so impressed by @adaoraa when we met over the Christmas holidays. She only speaks Igbo to her son. She said he gets to hear English in day care and TV, so she and her husband have decided to only speak Igbo to him at home. I was totally wowed.

    @bosa, Upbeat for 3 friends sounds perfect ojare. And that’s after all the partypacks today oh! Speaking of which, I hope they all turned out great? I have to even start thinking of our own  :wacko:   :wacko:

    @egobaby, kisses to our Princess  :heart:



    @ldike i wonder with men and this language, my mom learnt my father’s dialect and kept speaking to us the way she could but dear daddy always responded in English. She went as far as getting us a tutor and insisted we learnt our language 1st before hers. Today, i think we understand yoruba thanks to life in Lagos and not her and only greetings in my Father’s. History is repeating itself with my boy so getting his nanny to speak yoruba to him but it’s not working..

    @nicole I am wow-ed by @adaoraa, that is quite nice. The best time for children to learn languages is at that stage. My son attended a French only nursery and by age 5 was communicating in French. Problem though was us, so he used French in school and when he came home reverted to English. It’s a continuous process, since he moved to English Primary, he’s forgotten most of it.

    @ldike you will be fine, you can do this. My friend who moved to Canada as a student with 2 kids got there and found herself pregnant. She’s trying to reschedule exams now her baby is 4 weeks old, luckily she’s on break till Sept.

    @nicole thanks….all went well, we are now 8 years old oh to the glory of God….Upbeat was fun for the boys…..Gosh 4 boisterous boys, never again :scratch: I am still recovering both physically and financially. :sleep:   :nope:




    @bosa, awww 8  :cloud9: . Big boy! And with respect to just recovering physically and financially, LOL what did you expect  :haha: . But to God be the glory. Happy birthday to my boy!

    And mehhhn, your Mom really tried! Learning Edo language to the point of conversation! That language that is hard as anything! Mehn, tuale for her oh! Now that’s what they call love  :heart:



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Happy birthday to your son @bosa.  The lines are fallen unto him in pleasant places . God bless you son and welldone mommy!</p>



    @nicole tell me about it, budget was blown…Husby organised Krispy Kreme donuts which the celebrant doesn’t eat so i still had to do pizza for the class on Wednesday. Upbeat was great, who would have thought they wont be tired after 1st round which is 1 hour….They kept asking for another hour, i finally caved more like I called Husby and he promised to refund :wacko: I was bored, of course I didn’t plan to jump on a trampoline aimlessly for an hour…I was entertained by Nigerian “celebrities” – Anto, Tobi and someone i can’t remember – BBA people, i didn’t watch big brother so my siblings had to identify them after sending pics. Also saw my bro’s crush ;-), your namesake – Adesua Wellington and Abimbola Craig from skinny girl in transit (I love that girl)

    Re Edo language, I don’t know for that type of love oh….Trust us…..We make fun of her till today that she learnt her husband’s language and forbade her kids from learning her language..She was paying the tutor herself oh….Even with her grandson, she won’t teach him Yoruba but wants him to learn Edo…. :scratch: I wish I could speak another language fluently, I’m teaching my boy the little i know and school teaches Yoruba so fingers crossed. Also, I plan to get a tutor in future.

    @ldike Amen and many thanks, God bless you.



    Image result for happy birthday animated

    It’s the birthday of someone special today oh :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    Yayyy!!! It’s Nicole @nicole‘s birthday. I have been saying God bless Nicole like almost twice daily, these past weeks, because of the numerous things, I learnt from her and how handy, they have become to me. Ah, God knows, my soul blesses you. Nicole, the lines are falling unto you in pleasant places, you are a blessing everywhere you step. God’s favour will locate you and overtake you all the days of your life. Enjoy today Goodness personified. :heart:   :heart:   :heart:

    cc: @bosa @pearl @ldike @adaoraa



    Happy birthday @nicole super wife, super mom, super friend, super woman!!! God bless you beyond your dreams and keep you happy always!!!




    Thanks so much @ldike and @oluwakemine  :heart:   :heart:



    Hey Ladies!!!

    Been a while, well adjusting to mummy duties. Its been a ‘learning on the job’ kinda experience. Mumsie isnt here yet, so its just me and hubby taking care of her.

    Happy Happy belated Birthday and Wedding Anniversary @bosa, many joyful years ahead.


    Happy belated Birthday @nicole, praying for God’s best for you this new year and beyond.


    @pearl, nice question you asked. Me and DH had this conversation and we just pray for grace to implement it. We live in a non English speaking country, so baby should learn the foreign language in school, at home we’ll try to make it a mix of English(using verbal, audio and visual aids) and our native language. Plenty work right?

    <p style=”text-align: center;”></p>




    @jasmine: Congratulations once again. Can you please mention those languages on your bucket list. #Curious. Thanks.

    @ldike: If you are consistent I think she should be able to understand and speak. Writing is a different ball game.

    @bosa: The amazing thing is you think he has forgotten; No! its there but dormant. If he comes across a speaker and or moves to an environment such language is spoken, he will pick it back.

    @nicole: I planned on using @adaoraa method. Infact, I have started but like Jasmine said ”…we just pray for grace to implement it.”



    Thanks so much, @jasmine :hugs: . And my dear, parenting is a lifelong learning on the job experience. For me, even though I have been a mom for 6+ years, it’s still a learning experience parenting son-to-be-7-year-olds, so the learning never stops. But I’m sure you’re doing great dear! When does your mom get there?

    And @pearl, I love ‘the grace to implement it’. So, so very apt :yes:



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@pearl, the languages are Igbo, English and Italian…so help us God ;-)</p>
    @nicole, this learning on the job shaa…this truly is it. Infact everyday i am on either voice or video call with mummy or my sisters. They keep directing me, asking questions and want to have a glimpse of baby. :scratch:

    Google also has been helpful together with the app ‘Baby Center’. Let me be precise…i have had several instances where i panicked and had to resort to google or call mummy.

    Firstly, at nights shortly after we got home from the hospital, i didnt sleep a wink because i was monitoring baby. Her breathing then could go from very noisy to very silent. I had to leave the lights on so as to be sure shsure she is breathing by watching the rise and fall of her chest.

    Next was when her breast was swollen and when i saw little blood on her pampers. I had to even snap it to show her doctor and my mum. But Alas!, i called mummy and checked google and both sources say it was completely normal :unsure:

    How about bathing her? Hubby had to help as its a very ddelicate task. Do i talk about days when i was just tired, wasnt feeding well, no appetite, not sleeping well too and was still sore from giving birth. How about when i cry along when she is crying because i was totally drained and she wouldnt stop crying. Had to call hubby at work just to vent. :wacko:

    I can go on and on about my experience taking care of my newborn without any fore knowledge or experience help around. Let me not talk about the afterbirth bleeding or contractions or swollen feet i was having. Thinking about it, how come no one tells intending mum aabout what happens to their body after birth?  :growlmad: We only here the good part but women truly are a strong breed. :rose:

    But all that is in the past, its still a huge task but i guess i am adjusting fine and baby now has a routine so its less exhausting. I recently discovered an app called ‘Baby white noise’. Its a mix of various sounds ranging from rain drops to vacuum cleaner noise etc. It helps baby stay calm and sleep.

    Mummy should be here within a month thankfully :yahoo:

    @oluwakemine, where art thou? Hope you are good? :bye:   :bye:




    Oops @jasmine: I will assume you haven’t been following my personal diary. I mentioned most of your challenges with various solutions. Yes, white noise helps but you have to be vigilant to know when to put it on. I also leave the lights on **if you see our electricity bill 😥 ** due to baby sleeping on his sides after he was diagnosed with a ”Flat head syndrome” which occurred from laying too much on his back and having a favorite position for his head.

    Babe, taking care of oneself will drastically reduce. :yes: Myself and DH were also alone with zero experience about babies or taking care of them but we survived and loved it. I would choose doing it alone over and over again but we do not want kids again. :yes:

    DH never bathed baby as he was too small (2.7kg) at birth, couldn’t even carry him in the hospital but summoned courage to change diapers once. :haha: he is a big boy now weighing 6.5kg and DH is always excited to change him. :rofl:

    I couldn’t sleep the first month but as @bosa said its just for a while and it indeed was. Although he still feeds 3 to 4 times at night as we speak its getting better by the day.

    On the Language: We are in same shoes…tips that has worked so far: If you speak Italian; speak English first then translate to Italian while you do activities eg bath time, diaper change, play time or you are doing something. Speak Igbo without translating rather illustrate with the activities you are doing. If your DH wants to get involve in this and he speaks Igbo, get him to speak just igbo and Italian to the baby not English. This method is what I have adopted so far with English, Yoruba, Dutch and Mandarin and has worked. Watching YouTube (ABC KIDSTV) is another method to help familiarize with English. I personally watch the once with lyrics on the screen so I can sing along **Your participation is key**, this way your baby is not only relying on the ”black box called TV, phone or tablet” to learn but yourself inclusive as he watches your lips and tries to understand how the lips, tongue and teeth produce sounds. 😉 I also made Alphabet and Number Flash cards out of Card board and A4 paper for Offline and serious learning time. Serious learning time means you as the mother is not distracted with whatsapp, calls, tv, cooking, e.t.c rather just you and baby.

    Note: Feel free to always ask any question about anything and do not forget to tag myself, @nicole, @bosa, @Idike or @oluwakemine. This way either of us can respond.

    Hoping you will find those tips helpful or useful.


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