Doctor's Creative Thinking Saves Premature Baby

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    We have heard of several NICU survival stories, what it took the doctors to keep fragile babies alive and so on. But one doctor got a bit creative to save the life of little Pixie Grant. Pixie got to spend the first few moments of her life in a very unexpected place – certainly not in her mother’s arms – but a plastic sandwich bag!





    Pixie wasn’t gaining weight in the utero. The medical staff was contemplating delaying Pixie’s birth, but she seemed to be in a rush to arrive into the world much sooner in 28 weeks.





    Sharon, Pixie’s mother, had no option but to undergo an emergency C-section. At the time of birth, the baby weighed only 1.1lb. The doctors figured out that she needs to be kept warm at once else she could die. But the regular medical equipment was too big for her.



    Then one doctor who did some quick thinking found a hat to put Pixie into it and then wrapped her in a plastic sandwich bag so she could be warm. She was rushed to the intensive care. The hat and the sandwich bag were the only two tiny things around there that could provide insulation to the fragile baby.





    The days after her birth were an hour by hour survival experience. Pixie was so fragile that her mother could not cuddle her for 18 days, and it took another five months before she could go home.





    But here she was finally – at her home! The Grants are still not able to believe that the little girl has survived and is very much with them. They are grateful to her miraculous survival. While Pixie might not be aware of her story of birth as yet, she would hear it as she grows up as her parents wouldn’t be tired of narrating the story again and again.





    Pixie’s success story is one of the many preterm birth survival stories, albeit here you cannot overlook the common sense the doctor applied in saving her. But advancement in research and technology has helped increase the survival rates of preemies from before. Premature birth can be very challenging for the survival of babies, but there are ways to help them live with the application of modern medicine.





    Once you bring your baby home from NICU, there are several challenges and precautions that you need to take. You might have to get specialized equipment or medicines at home. The medical team might order oxygen or constant monitoring. You might have to get some hands-on experience with these before you go home. The idea is to make your baby’s environment and conditions less complex and alleviate any risk factors. It could sound scary, but with the healthcare professionals, you should be able to know what exactly you need to do. It might be a good idea to maintain a journal of your baby’s progress and all the happenings. Make sure that you have your next appointment booked with the doctor and see him on the scheduled days. Keep your discharge summaries and prescriptions and instructions safe. Get help from your other family members too for your baby’s needs.




    Some premature babies who were born at less than two pounds three ounces have gone on to live.





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