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    Let’s face it, sex when TTC can get very mechanical, routine, and even boring! It can be quite difficult to keep it passionate whilst timing yourself for ovulation. Here are some tips I came across that might help…

    1) Just because you have to time it doesn’t mean you have to have sex in the same place every time. Changing location can make it more interesting. If you live alone, open areas like the kitchen, or living room, add to the heat of things.

    2) Vary your positions. It is an absolute lie that the missionary position is the only way to conceive. Try different positions to keep things spicy and interesting.

    3) Vary the time. Sex doesn’t have to be at night only. Early morning nookie is not only very hot, I have also read that it might be the best time for the sperm to meet the egg. Or you could even meet up for some lunchtime nookie.

    What are your tips? 🙂




    Words of wisdom!!!  :heart:  :heart:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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