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    Us LTTTC girls have most likely had the opportunity to visit a good number of hospitals. I had to edit the names of the hospitals I have visited here, but I’m going to give a short review of my opinion of these hospitals below. For a more general ranking, you can check it out here (Nigerian Fertility Clinics Ranked):

    1) Omni

    This was the first clinic I visited when we started TTC, and I found the place HORRIBLE! Horrible clinic, horrible and detached doctors, dirty theatre and wards! Uuuurgh! I still shudder remembering. I wasn’t impressed at all.

    2) The Bridge

    I had a few consultations with their doctors, and found them extremely nice and attentive. They responded promptly to emails and phone calls, and I felt like I was genuinely being listened to. I found them a tad expensive, but other than that, they were great!

    3) Nordica

    I had my failed IVF cycle here. Very money-hungry and overly commercial set-up. All peaches and cream at the beginning, but when my cycle failed, I was on my own! I didn’t have a good experience here at all!

    4) Georges Memorial

    Dr. Iketubosin was my Ob/Gyn even before I got married, and it was my over-anxiety that drove me elsewhere. Here, I got that added personal touch I was looking for, and was very happy with the quality of my treatment. I had my successful cycle here, and he remains my doctor to the day!

    What clinics have you visited, and how would you rate them?

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