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Tips for a successful IVF cycle

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    Even though there are no guarantees when it comes to IVF, here are some tips to help improve the chances of your cycle:

    1. Detox


      A good round of detox prior to the start of your cycle will help your chances, as your body will be cleansed of the nasty stuff that could impede your chances. A good analogy is a water bottle. If you find a good source of pure, clean water, it’s a good idea to wash the bottle properly before putting the pure water in.

    2. Nutrition

    Good Nutrition
    It is imperative to start a healthy diet regime at least 3 months before your cycle. This is necessary not only to ensure your body is in good condition for the journey ahead, but also to help improve egg and sperm quality.

    3. Vitamins


      In addition to a good diet, you should supplement this with the necessary vitamins, such as omega-3, folic acid, and other essential vitamins

    4. Exercise

    This helps to ensure your body is in prime condition, and also to get your BMI to an appropriate number. The endorphins you release will also help with stress management. HOWEVER, it is imperative to ensure that you don’t go too aggressive with your exercise, especially when you have started the cycle.

    5. Eliminate smoking & alcohol

    No Smoking / Drinking

      This totally goes without saying. These 2 are vices even when you are not trying to conceive. When you are on an IVF cycle, they are the last things you need! They both adversely affect womb lining and sperm quality.

    6. SEX

    Yep….very important. Sex is important to help reduce stress levels, and also to keep you and your partner bonded…both of which are very important to this process.

    7. Communication


      This will help you and your partner feel bonded in the process, especially the men as they are mere observers for the better part of an IVF cycle.

    Do you have other tips to share?



    And of course, bed rest!



    Hello Monasoon @monasoon, thank you for your insightful contributions.


    Prerona Ghosh

    Dear Nicole, The information you have provided is very essential for a lot of women who are dealing with exactly this issue. Thank you so much for taking time out in your day to gift us this post which is so very detailed and simple to follow. Please do continue to provide us with such amazing posts such as these. Good luck with everything and take care.



    Thank you, @prerona20 hun  :hug:   :hugs:


    Katty Holzman

    Thanks, Nicole!  :hugs: that was a very explicit directive and I hope it’ll help many. 🙂 I did limit alcohol to occasions only ever since my IUI started in late 2016… didn’t help much in my case though. I remember when my first IUI failed I was so bogged down I spend the whole night crying and sipping on a bottle of scotch. Sometimes you can’t just help! I don’t think that one night could have caused me 2 years of futile TTC with a failed IVF… I just wasn’t lucky enough I guess.



    @nicole, been awhile… been TTC for over 5years now and I have decided to try IVF for the very first time and I pray this would work. is it advisable to do AVC detox before i start my injections



    @t, so nice to have you back :hugs:

    By God’s grace, your first cycle will work. Where are you doing it?

    ACV isn’t a bad idea before the injections, but my opinion is that it should be suspended when your cycle starts  :yes:



    @nicole, thanks … am using Grabbo fertility clinic. I have been using ACV but like you adviced i have stopped with my new cycle and i just started using ovaboost, fertileCM and fertileaid, though i was on some other supplement in the last few months…taking more of fruits as well




    @t that’s a great strategy hun. We’ll be counting down with you :hugs:

    How are you finding Grabbo so far?

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