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Support Thread for anyone having their cycle in 2015

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    If you were to ask me, sometime in the middle of this year, how my year would end, I would probably tell you one sob story or another, but you know what? God is faithful. He is NEVER late, He is always on time. I have been blessed this year to have you ladies in my life and the babies that have come into my life through this forum, just affirm one thing again, God is faithful!!!

    So, in that place of gratitude, I say, Merry Christmas to you all. It has been a blessing have you all  in my life. Our King is born and He is our only sure hope that at the end of the day, everything will be well.

    cc: @nicole@max@reggy, @binta, @bosa@bibi,@hephziba@sommie@mimibabe@mrs-al@ldike@mabel@mrsd@eggy@ayeeluvjyahoo-com@frances@sharon@fola@beebee@maiyaram@estarib@funnky,@lawlahmabel,@misi, @nnenna, @olufola, @omob, @kayspecial, @cedarspinnacle,@prettymumtobe, @ibk, @ipheoma, @angel, @chybaby, @boateng, @feisty2015,@lagogsie, @ofosuewurama, @lamere, @zara


    Ayee Dee

    Merry Christmas @nicole @oluwakemi and all the everyone.God bless u all.



    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our darling @eggy  :cake:   :cake:

    Eggy Tess hun…where can I start with you! One of my first supporters of my BN article, you joined us here when it was just a few of us prowling the pages. Love you plenty plenty, and am wishing you all the very best today, and always, my darling  :heart:

    cc: @oluwakemine@max@reggy@binta@bosa@bibi,@hephziba@sommie@mimibabe@mrs-al@ldike@mabel@mrsd@eggy@ayeeluvjyahoo-com@frances@sharon@fola@beebee@maiyaram@estarib



    Our darling darling @reggy, wishing you all the very best today hun! GOD be with you  :cloud9:   :hugs:



    Happy cake day again @eggy. Have a blast today!


    And @reggy, Godspeed and goodluck with today’s appointment. God is in control. :hugs:



    Happy birthday sweetie @eggy. Hope you enjoyed your day ? Wishing you many many more fruitful years . As truly as the Lord lives , your children will surround your table and you will know that HE that has promised is more than faithful to deliver.
    Love you loads!



    God bless you dear @oluwakemine . Compliment of the season to you my darling. May the new year usher in great miracles and testimonies that will beat our imagination. #hugs#



    HAPPY NEW YEAR, ladies!

    I know the day is almost over  :dohh:   :dohh: Today went by like a flash!

    May 2016 bring us abundant joy and blessings! May all our wishes come true!!! May we have cause to rejoice and jubilate this year! May the GOOD LORD locate us and bless us!

    P.S: You might have noticed that the last posts from the last few days have disappeared. We migrated hosting platform (yet again), and posts made during that transition fell into cyber space’s cooking pot. The good news is that we should have a more efficient service now, so fingers crossed.

    Love you all!

    cc: @oluwakemine@max@reggy@binta@bosa@bibi,@hephziba@sommie@mimibabe@mrs-al@ldike@mabel@mrsd@eggy@ayeeluvjyahoo-com@frances@sharon@fola@beebee@maiyaram@estarib



    It’s a New Year, New Start. Behold what the Lord has started; He intends to bring forth  streams in the wastelands of our lives and make way in the wilderness. Let your minds be at peace, God is at work. Have a great one ladies. :heart:

    cc: @nicole @max@reggy@binta@bosa@bibi,@hephziba@sommie@mimibabe@mrs-al@ldike@mabel@mrsd@eggy@ayeeluvjyahoo-com@frances@sharon@fola@beebee@maiyaram@estarib


    Funny Girl

    Happy new year sisters @nicole,  @bosa,  @oluwakemine, @hepzibah, @mimibabe, @mrsd,  @Mrs-al, @mabel,  @chimamanda.

    Sorry I have not been updating you all on my cycle, it’s been a journey.

    Egg collection was done on Monday, December 28. It was an OK process, was totally knocked out. I am sure I snored whilst they were poking me and maybe add one or two farts.  19 eggs were collected, 12 matured, 9 fertilized,  8 grew to whatever day they wanted.

    Right now we are waiting for my body to respect itself.

    I have been in pains. I first attributed it to the egg retrieval but my stomach started swelling, severe pain and I can only sleep while sitting upright. Did a scan and fluid was seen. This morning I dragged  myself to church (first Sunday things) only to have my less than 3 months phone stolen :nope:     :negative: . I had tears in my eyes. It was so upsetting,it touched me badly. Now I am “phoneless” and upset. With money spent so far, don’t even want to think of getting a phone.

    I got home and had painful cramps that had me rolling so DH took me to the hospital. They Confirmed hyperstimulation, wanted to keep me at the hospital but I told them I would come tomorrow so I was given injection for the pain and lots of drugs. Pain is lesser but Belle cannot be sucked for shirt to fine.

    Can’t really type much.  Mood is just  :scratch: . Thanks sisters.



    My darling @reggy, GOD is your strength hun. Just make sure they keep a close eye on you. Thank God they were able to manage the pain. Be sure to be there first thing tomorrow hun. Will check on you  :hugs:   :hugs:



    Ivuoma @reggy, oh, sorry about all these wahala; hyperstimulation and then phone, pele. Biko, make sure you go in  tomorrow. Just leave belly wey no gree suck inside for now. God will strengthen you during this time and it will surely end in praise.

    That was a good number of eggs, you got there.  :good:   :good:




    Hello ladies!

    The first Monday of the year! Thank GOD for His mercies! May this year be a better year for all of us!

    @reggy hun, hope you are feeling much better today. I’ll call you shortly. Nothing can get in the way of this cycle :hugs: :hug:

    @mimibabe, I am SO EXCITED that your cycle is only days away!!! I can’t wait to do those tickers now  :wohoo:. So excited for you hun! Are you excited? :yahoo:

    Also counting down with you, @hephziba :yahoo:. Are we still working with the 25th, or do you have a concrete date now?

    @mrsd, are you back after your epic holiday? That was a looooong one  :yes:. Hope you had a good one hun. Just a few more weeks to go :yahoo:

    @sommie, how are you hun? Hope you had a great holiday? Sending huge  :hugs: your way!

    @mrs-al, thanks so much for organising the PH meet up hun! You are just an angel!  How is our gorgeous JOA? I’m sure she enjoyed the holiday like no man’s business :heart:   :heart:

    @estarib, thanks so much for making the PH meet up hun. I wish I’d been able to meet you  :rose:. Hope all is well with you hun. Do you have a fixed start date now?

    @binta, how are you hun? I hope you feel much much better now! Sending you huge bear hugs  :hugs:. Have you had another scan to check your lining?

    @bosa my dear, I hope the nanny-less holiday wasn’t too stressful. I’m sure you had a good one. Are you back at work now  :friends:

    @ayeeluvjyahoo-com, how are you dear? Hope you had a wonderful holiday! Counting down to the end of the month hun! Wishing you a very successful cycle  :hugs:

    @beebee, hope you had a great holiday dear! How is the new job coming along? Counting down to July!!!

    @bibi, how are you dear? Hope 2016 is treating you great so far!

    @mabel, hope your cycle has been going great! I reckon you must be in the 2ww now. Wishing you all the very best of luck!  :dust:

    @ldike, hope you had a great holiday, and are well rested to start another year. Counting down to your leave  :good:

    @eggy, fine girl. How are you hun? Sending you huge wet kisses  :kiss:

    Have a blessed day everyone!  :hug:



    Sweetie @reggie , so sorry for all the stress. Sending you a truckload of hugssss.
    I hope you are feeling better now? I really pray this will turn out to be part of the testimony soonest.
    Really excited that you had a good number of eggs. God has began it , he is more than able to heal you completely soonest and make this cycle successful.



    Hello @nicole!!! Happy new year! I pray that this new year will be full of good news for everyone of us in Jesus’ name.

    Counting down seriously :yahoo: so far these are the dates that have been confirmed :

    14th January – for the Endometrial Scratch;

    16th January – stopping the pill. (I should bleed a couple of days after this)

    20th January – first appointment after bleeding for scan and I believe I should be commencing my shots on this day. (I will confirm this on the 14th)

    I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays.


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