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Support Thread for 2016 IVF Mamas!

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    Happy new dearies, my Vacation is over and I am back to reality :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:  How is everyone doing??????? it was so nice hanging out with my PH sista @mrs-al @estarib @nadia

    My darln @mabel how are doing hun, we shall be celebrating with you and @reggy soon :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:

    @mimibabe this cycle that seems so far a few months ago is just by the door now :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:  May God bless you with all that your heart desires hun

    @maiyaram congratulations of your :bfp:   :bfp:   :bfp:

    Mama the mama @nicole you know I love you plenty :heart:   :heart:   :heart:  God bless you for all you are doing

    sexy lepa mama @oluwakemine you rock darln

    May 2016 beour year of FRUITFULNESS. We serve a God that never leaves a project uncompleted, he would perfect all that concerns @bos @idike @princess



    @mrsd welcome back to Lagos. Amen to your prayers. I trust you had a relaxing vacation.



    Hi lovely women  :heart:


    Hope we all had a great weekend!

    And how are you guys finding the new mobile theme? It’s still work-in-progress, but should be finalised soon. It was essentially to make the site more accessible on all browsers. Please let us know what you think of it  :yes:   :yes:

    @mimibabe, I am soooo excited!!! It’s just days to go now  :yahoo:   :yahoo:. Good luck hun!  :hugs:

    @mabel, hope embryo transfer went well, and you are enjoying the 2ww! Good luck dear :good:

    @reggy, how are you hun? Thank God you’re feeling better. I’ll call you shortly  :telephone:

    @binta, good luck with today’s scan hun. We’re praying with you  :hugs:

    @hephziba, good luck with the endometrial scratch in a few days hun  :hugs:. So so excited for you :yahoo:

    @eggy darling, how are you? Do you have a specific start date now  :heart:   :hugs:

    @ayeeluvjyahoo-com hun, how are you dear? Have you also locked down a date with your doctor?

    Fine gal @bosa, how now my dear? Hope you had a good weekend! Will you still be starting in February?  :friends:

    @mrsd, you are the real BAWS oh  B-). In fact, I need to work for you! This your holiday na executive one! Welcome back hun! We missed you :heart:

    @sommie sweetie, how are you doing hun? Do you have any plans of cycling again soon?

    @beebee dear, how’s the new job coming along? Are you still cycling in July?

    @estarib hun, how are you my dear? I hope all issues are resolved, and you can start soon? :hug:

    @boateng sweetie, long time no hear. Are you still cycling in July?

    @maiyaram hun, how are you dear? Have you had another scan? Was the foetal pole seen? So happy for you hun  :hugs:

    @oluwakemine my dear, wussup  B-)

    Shout out to our hot mamas @mrs-al and @ldike

    The latter part of last week was kinda rough for me. So many things going up in the air! But I thank GOD for a brand new year, and new opportunities. And I’m so very hopeful for what 2016 has to offer. May it be a fantastic one for all of us  :rose:   :rose:





    hello. Yay! so I start the big injections on thursday. Yay! lol. any tips on chooking yourself? Thank you for all the hugs and kind words!



    How about some massage for a start @binta. Pele, all this ‘chooking’ will end well.

    Sorry Nicole @nicole,sometimes, it gets tough, before it gets better. You can work through it all.

    Welcome back to Lagos, Mrs D @mrsd, nice to have you breathing same air as us folks, who did not get to get out of this city :haha:  Happy New Year to you.

    Isi @mimibabe, the D-Day is right here o. Godspeed to you on this journey.

    @mabel and @reggy, how are you ladies doing? Hope you are good. And Linda  @ldike, hope you are taking things really easy.

    :heart:@bosa, how’s the young man?

    @bibi, how your side, hope you are great too

    Chimamanda @sommie :heart:   :rose:



    Thank you so much my darlings @nicole , @oluwakemine , @mrsd . God bless you mucho. Like a dream , i am almost there. Really praying for testimonies.
    My lovely nicole , i so love this new interface , it is way too cool.
    Thank God for his grace upon you. I pray everything gets sorted out soon so you can resttt. Dooh!



    welcome back @mrsd , no need to ask you obviously had loads of fun :good:

    @nicole hope things are looking up now? Lots of hugs dear. Stay strong @mimibabe its now count down time. So excited for you. @oluwakemine am good oo taking things slow as much as possible. @reggy how has it been? Praying for you and @mabel. God will give us testimonies. Amen.

    have an awesome week :rose: ladies



    :wohoo: :wohoo:   :wohoo: @binta! I’m so happy for you  :hugs:. Hmmm! Just grab enough skin, and try to inject underneath the surface. And use ice to numb the spot before you start :yes:

    Thanks @oluwakemine  :hugs:

    @mimibabe, thanks dear! We just want to provide an easier interface for our members. I’m so so excited for you hun! Praying for you  :hug:   :hug:

    Thanks @ldike. Everything’s fine now  :good:. Thanks hun :hugs:



    Amen oo @nicole I pray that this year will be stressless and fruitful for everyone of us in Jesus’ name.  :yes:


    BTW @nicole, I am not sure if there is something up with this new system but I no longer get notifications to my inbox when I am tagged in a post, but got @mabel‘s today.





    super happy for you @binta :yahoo: . I didnt inject myself for the stimulation phase, did it at a nearby hospital but i am sure @reggy can share some tips. That’s her specialty :haha:



    Oh wow, I definitely have to look into that, @hephziba! I’ll mention it to our new Admin. So sorry for the inconvenience hun :hugs:


    Funny Girl

    Sisterssssssss. Welcome to the new thread and praying that this will mark the beginning of great miracles for us.

    @nicole, thank you so much for your help and kind words. You have been a great friend to me, Thank you so so so much.

    @Idike, how is the baby doing? May the Lord see you through the remaining days and make your delivery a painless one in Jesus name, Amen. #motherandchildsafe#

    @mrs-al, How is our Diva baby JOA? @mrsd, only you waka and leave us in Lagos shey?

    @binta, i have always been called a junkie cos of the way i inject myself. I do it in traffic, office, rest room and everywhere. Depends on where your injection site is, i can give you pointers.

    @bosa, @oluwakemine, @hepzibah, @sommie, @mimibabe, How are you sisters? wishing you a great year ahead.

    @mabel, my pregnancy buddy (yeah we are pregnant), wishing us a wonderful 9 months journey and safe delivery “in the abroad”.

    For me, i hyper-stimulated and that was a tough period for me. My stomach was swollen and hard. When the Dr. was hitting my stomach to listen to the sound, i had to look well to be sure it was my stomach he was hitting. It sounded like “knacking akpako”. The pain i experienced was indescribable, i am grateful that my Dr. insisted on doing a short protocol against my insistence on long protocol. He kept hammering on OHSS, if i had done the long protocol i wonder how severe the OHSS would have been. Thank God.

    DH just didnt understand how i was feeling, when i am howling in pain he will ask, have you eaten? Have you used the toilet? Drink water. I just felt like giving him mortal combat upper cut, like the brutality and fatality kind!!!!!

    Today i am better, my stomach has reduced drastically, I don’t have the pains anymore and to add to my joy, AF IS HEREEEEE!!!!! I didn’t know a time will come when i will be happy AF is around. TTC is funny.

    I have an appointment with the Dr today, he will check my lining and then advise me on when i can come for an FET. Take care dearies and sorry for my long absence.



    Amen to your prayers @reggy. :good:



    @reggy, you had me in stitches with “Have you eaten?” :haha:. If he didn’t ask now, na another wahala! Allow my brother jare!!! And YAAAAY for AF  :yahoo:   :yahoo:   :yahoo:. We can finally get this show on the road!!! So excited sweetie! Very soon, you’ll be PUPO like @mabel :cloud9:



    Hello beautiful women!

    How has everyone been?  :heart:

    @reggy, it’s always such a joy hearing from you :rose:. How did yesterday’s scan go? We hope the lining is shedding nicely. Will call you :hugs:

    @binta, make sure you harass @reggy for those tips oh! She is an expert :haha:. Seriously though, hope the shots are going well. When is your next scan?

    @mimibabe, how is my beautiful mama in the making? Babe, we’re talking hours oh!!! I’m so so excited for you  :heart:   :heart:

    @ldike, how are you dear? Hope not too stressed! Counting down  :yahoo:

    @hephziba, good luck with today’s endometrial scratch hun? We’re almost there :hugs:

    @mabel, PUPO lady. Hope you are enjoying your 2ww. Did you take any time off work?

    @maiyaram, I’m seriously praying hun. By GOD’s grace, your baby is fine. When will you have another scan?

    @mrsd, we’re now counting down to March. Good luck my darling!  :hugs:

    Kisses to everyone else; @bosa, @eggy, @mrs-al@ayeeluvjyahoo-com@sommie@beebee@estarib, @oluwakemine

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