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Support Thread for 2016 IVF Mamas!

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    Welcome to our brand new home :heart: :heart:

    As we start a new year, we wish all our prospective 2016 Mamas, @reggy, @mabel, @eggy, @mimibabe, @hephziba, @binta, @ayeeluvjyahoo-com, @bosa, @estarib, @mrsd, @boateng, @sommie, @beebee all the very best of luck! We can’t wait  :wohoo:   :wohoo:

    For our Mamas whose babies are already on the way, @ldike, @princess, @mo, @chynwe, @zintos, @max, @maiyaram, @frances ….we are praying along with you for beautiful and smooth deliveries, just like @dew just shared in her birth story.

    We also tap into the blessings of those who became Mothers in 2015, like @mrs-al! May we all know the wonderful joys of motherhood!

    Father Lord, please bless everyone here with their heart’s desires  :cloud9:   :cloud9:

    cc: @oluwakemine



    Congrats dearie @hephzibah . 16th around the corner

    @mimibabe darling you are such an amazing person. Cant wait for your cycle to start

    @reggy how is it going , sorry about the hyperstim

    @bosa howz your sis doing now?

    @mrs-al my darling! we havent spoken this year , will remedy that soon

    @eggy , counting down to your cycle partner

    big congrats on your  :bfp: @maiyaram

    its going to be a great year ladies  @nicole @max@reggy@binta@bibi,@hephziba@sommie@mimibabe@mrs-al,  @mabel@mrsd@eggy@ayeeluvjyahoo-com@frances@sharon@fola@beebee@maiyaram@estarib @oluwakemine  :hugs:


    MRS. AL

    Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so crying right now. I typed one inspirational long message for everyone and I don’t know where it went. :hissy:   :hissy:   :hissy:

    So let me try to remember and do this again. Chai!!!!!!!!!

    First an amazing new year to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2015 was a great year but I pray 2016 is an even greater and bigger year for the TFC family with truck loads of BFP left, right and center!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know I have said it before, but I am going to talk it again. PH was amazing with the PH ladies despite the few hours we spent with each other. Baby JOA got to spend time with her grandparents and they almost sent me back to Lagos without my daughter. Ah!!!!!!!! Na so I ask them whether them want DH to pursue me commot from him house. That one na automatic divorce oh! Imagine him coming to receive his daughter from the airport after missing her for so long and she isnt with me?????????????? Ewo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! him go ship me back to my papa house. Gbam!

    That being said, I started this year with just baby JOA, DH and I. My aunt who came to help out left finally during the holidays, Omugwo days are over. My help/house manager in whom I have trusted and has been working with me for almost 3 years decided to do her drama juts before the holidays. I called her and had a talk with her thinking with the relationship so far she will open up about it but she didn’t. Instead she continued with her drama and I told myself that I cant have such negative energy around my daughter. When it was just DH and I, I didnt mind but now with a baby, I cant afford to pay someone who will come to work with things bottled up inside and not want to talk and begin to act strange. Even DH said he doesn’t trust anymore to be around his daughter.

    But in the midst of all this God reminded me at the beginning of this year that HE has provided the grace that is sufficient for me for each day. I don’t need to spend today worrying about tomorrow or the day after. I need to focus on today knowing that GOD has given me all I need to get through each day and when tomorrow comes HE will also make provision for that day.

    This was just the message I needed to encourage me as baby JOA started creche on Monday as I resumed work too. God has been faithful and her dad has been so helpful and involved and I am amazed by it. So I have made up my mind to take it one day at a time with the resources God has given me for that day!

    So finally here I am saying thank you to God. I am thankful that HE has given me such a wonderful support system in you all! and I pray that 2016 brings us all the much expected miracles we all desire. I pray that we always remind ourselves that GOD is the giver of children and not man or medicine or irrespective of whatever medium HE chooses to use.

    Remember ladies, “sufficient for today is its own trouble…”

    cc: @oluwakemine @ldike, @princess, @mo, @chynwe, @zintos, @max, @maiyaram, @frances @reggy, @mabel, @eggy, @mimibabe, @bosa, @estarib, @mrsd, @boateng, @sommie, @beebee @chybaby @dew @nadia


    MRS. AL


    I miss you! Yes, let’t talk soon. How are and our lil one?????????????

    :hug: :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:



    Ahn Ahn @mrs-al, dis hug is too much for only @ldike jare :growlmad: LOL…..aww,darling JOA is hotcake now oo..hmm nannies/helps of these days sef! God help us. Amen to ur prayerss sister. Nothing can be more “truer” indeed his Grace is ever sufficient for each day! :hug:   :hug: Thanks for the inspiration



    @mrs-al, I don’t even know where to start with you. You are just so amazing and inspiring, it always blows my mind.

    Sweetie, you did the right thing by asking the maid to go. Their drama is too much. Just take your time looking for a new one. Thank God you have a good creche at your disposal, and that your hubby is involved! The GOD we serve will surely see you through!

    :hug: :hug:   :hug:



    @mrs-al, Good to read from you oh , happy new year to you too.

    Wishing everyone net breaking testimonies this year, I remember visiting a friend(who also was trusting God) in London when i got my heart warming   :bfp: news sharing my testimony with her was so touching and she claimed the same for herself. She remarkably treated me to a fault, cooked, bought fruits and veggies for me and i came back to my city so happy. Did you know ladies, she became pregnant after a month? Our God is doing something great oh so all the mamas to be listen to God in this new year and whatever He lays in your heart do it oh because  :bfp: news must shelle amongst us this year…Amen.

    Secondly, please does anyone have any info about affordable and good hospitals to give birth i the Us? Dh asked me if I would want to travel to have our special baby over there, initially i was reluctant but now am considering it big time but I need more info. I heard Texas is cheap but any more info and our thoughts ladies will be welcomed.

    Love you guys plenty.

    @nicole, @oluwakemine,@idike, @princess, @mo, @chynwe,@max,@frances, @reggy, @mabel, @eggy, @mimibabe, @bosa, @estarib, @mrsd, @sommie, chybaby, @dew @nadia, @adaora,




    Awwwwwwwwww @nicole and @ldike , thank you so much. I am beyond grateful for your encouragement and kindness. God bless youuuu
    Such inspiration @mrs-al and @zintos , you ladies touched my heart. I couldn’t be more hopeful for 2016 , for the uncountable bfps and safe deliveries. Thanks a lot ladies. Really excited about this new thread. yippeeeeeee !!!!


    Ayee Dee

    Happy new year all,good to be in the new thread. Excited about the great things God is about to do in our midst this new year



    Mrs Alllll in the buildin!   :yes: :yes: I know that has become almost my standard way of greeting you,  but you never do anything by halfs. You just had to come loaded. @mrs-al

    How’s our hotcake Baby JOA doing after all the grandparent’s pampering, she got? And all that hugs for Linda @Idike, I dey jealous o. What will take to get that? :haha: Happy New Year to you Mrs Al. Another cliche but perfect fit,  you’re the best.

    What a testimony that was @zintos. You will find this link helpful for your American baby: https://thefertilechickonline.com/yankee-baby-13-things-need-know-giving-birth-america/

    Isi @mimibabe,  Chimamanda @sommie, Ashiatu Dee Happy New Year again and  :dust:



    Awww you ladies and your heartwarming messages making me teary…..Love you sisters!!!  :friends: We pray to move to the pregnancy group this year by God’s grace!! :dust:

    @ldike Thanks – My Sister is fine, they didn’t see anything in tests thankfully so we all agree it was too much drinking and eating from christmas. :hugs:

    @oluwakemine @ldike, @princess, @mo, @chynwe, @zintos, @max, @maiyaram, @frances @reggy, @mabel, @eggy, @mimibabe, @estarib, @mrsd, @boateng, @sommie, @beebee @chybaby @dew @nadia @mrs-al @nicole @ayeeluvjyahoo-com



    Glad your sister is much better, @bosa :hugs:

    @binta, you’ve been on my mind. How have you been? Have you gone for another scan yet? Please keep us posted. We’re praying with you :hugs:



    Hello. Happy New Year everyone! I’m ok just been offline for a while. They induced a period so I am on now. Will go back on Monday for another scan so if the lining is what they want i will continue. if not the cycle will be cancelled to restart at a later time. Thank you for the concern @nicole

    Congratulations @maiyaram on your BFP. God bless you ad your little one. wishing you a safe & healthy 9 months ahead.



    @binta :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:   :hug:



    We have everything crossed for you, @binta hun  :hugs:   :hugs:

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