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    @nicole my dear it is so true. Our family friend is so far gone she happily announced she was looking for a girl after 2 boys.  :wacko:  after hiding for a while I was wondering what my biz is now since she was mute all along  :scratch: but yea I’m happy for them they are getting the girl they desire. We must strive to change the envy to joy, tough but doable.  :good:




    Day 6 – Praying For Confidence



    “But blessed are those who trust in the Lord and have made the Lord their hope and confidence.” – Jeremiah 17:7 (NLT)


    The longer we walk this road through infertility, the more we understand that Christ is the only thing in which we can have full confidence.

    When we first started trying to conceive, we often put our confidence our own ability; tracking our cycles, monitoring symptoms and believing that we will certainly be pregnant in a few months.

    When fertility testing reveals otherwise, our confidence gets transferred to fertility drugs and other modes of intervention, believing that surely they will correct our problems and we will conceive soon.

    But with every failed cycle, our confidence starts to diminish. But our confidence should never be in our own ability.

    What we should be confident in is this: If God’s plan is for us to give birth to a child, then He (and He alone) will make it happen. Maybe it will be natural, or through IVF, but it will happen.

    If God’s plan for us doesn’t include pregnancy, then we are confident He has something else up His sleeve.

    It can be terrifying thinking what His plan might be. But if we really believe God is who we say He is (loving, good, all-powerful), then we must be confident that His plan is wonderful and perfect.

    As you pray for confidence today, ask God to help you see His goodness, His love, and His plan for you.


    Prayer: Our Lord and our God, it can be so hard to trust…especially after so many disappointments. But trust we will. Give us the grace to have confidence in Your plans…because Your ways aren’t our ways. Give us the grace to believe that what You have in store is better than anything we can ever imagine. AMEN!


    cc: @misi @oluchi @bosa @bibi @oluwakemine




    Good morning, my darling ladies! How are we all today?  :heart:


    @oluchi hun, how did it go yesterday? I hope everything went beautifully well  :heart:


    @misi sweetie, I praise GOD for a wonderful fertilization report for you hun. To HIM be all the glory! He has surely begun a good thing and will bring it to completion, by HIS grace  :cloud9:   :cloud9:


    @bosa babe, WORD about striving to change envy to joy. It’s not easy, but we have to try. How are you love? How much longer do you have on the BCPs?


    @bibi hun, you have run away again oooh! Are you coming for the Miscarriage Summit on the 15th?


    @oluwakemine, how you dey?



    @nicole I’m actually at the hospital, having the hysteroscopy procedure this morning then we will know what the next stage is. So I get a day off, plan to surprise my boy by picking him up from school I hope I will be up to it.

    @misi good news, praying for you ladies @oluchi

    have a great day ladies.

    :dust: :dust:



    Hey ladies! Thanks for all the prayers. The collection went well yesterday, to God be all the glory. Still in some pain but I’m sure I’ll better soon enough. Yet to get my fertilisation report but will let you know once I do. Thanks darlings! @nicole @oluwakemine



    @bosa oh I didn’t know it was today! Good luck hun! Praying with you :hugs:

    That’s fantastic news, @oluchi!!! To GOD be all the glory. Praying for a great fertilization report :hugs:



    @nicole I didn’t know till yesterday either  :wacko: but it’s all good. Thanks dear




    Day 7 – Praying For Mercy



    “Listen to my prayer for mercy as I cry out to you for help, as I lift my hands toward your holy sanctuary.”  -Psalm 28:2 (NLT)


    There’s a Bible commentary that calls Psalm 28 a “Prayer of Distress,” and another Bible dictionary defines mercy as “compassion for the miserable.”

    Distress. Misery.

    We have felt both of those multiple times during our battle with infertility.

    The book of Psalms is full of prayers for mercy during difficult, miserable times. Many of them were penned by David, who experienced years of persecution from King Saul.

    Despite his miserable state, David remained confident in God’s mercy. His prayers for mercy are almost always followed by prayers of thanksgiving to God for coming through and actually being merciful.

    Praise be to the Lord,
    for he has heard my cry for mercy.
    The Lord is my strength and my shield;
    my heart trusts in him, and he helps me.
    My heart leaps for joy,
    and with my song I praise him. (Psalm 28:6-7)

    My commentary says that the language used in the original text denotes “not only an earnest desire [for mercy], but an earnest expectation [of mercy].”

    As you pray for mercy today, ask God to help you pray with an earnest expectation of the mercy He will give you.


    Prayer: Father Lord, today we implore your mercy in our lives. Whenever we are sinking into the pit of despair, reach forth and pull us out of it. Baba God, Your mercy is the only consolation that we have. Balm of Gilead, heal every wound of sorrow, of sadness, of desolation, of despair. Have mercy on us. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!


    cc: @misi @oluchi @bosa @bibi @oluwakemine




    Good morning, my sweets!


    @misi and @oluchi , I am so so happy that GOD has already begun a good thing in Your lives! Please, make sure you start chomping on pineapple core today oh! I’ll put up a post about this later today  :yes:


    @bosa my love, how did yesterday go? I hope you’re not too sore hun! Blowing you loads of  :kiss: and  :hugs:


    Hey @oluwakemine mama. No tickers for our cycling mamas?  😉


    On a side note, I resumed my column on Bella Naija yesterday. Did any of you see it?  :coffee:



    @nicole thanks, it went very well. The result was good also and not sore one bit, thankfully…back at work….YEA!!!! you are back on bellanaija, off to comment :yahoo:

    @misi @oluchi   :dust: :dust:



    @bosa, you are a STRONG babe oh! Back at work already? Ah, I always milked mine back then oh. No work for 2 days  :haha:

    Yes oh…Bella  :yes: . Slightly different this time around though…2ce a month instead of weekly.



    @nicole really? 2days??? :haha: Kinda started getting small cramps since you asked though, didn’t feel a thing yesterday. Just taken paracetamol so hopefully it shouldn’t be bad.

    Left my comment on BellaNaija, twice a month is great….well done :heart:



    Good to know you are feeling great now Bos @bosa.

    Mamas, @oluchi and Misi, when is your ET, so we can have your tickers up?

    Those success stories mu ori mi wu, okay, I meant, i felt my head swelling when i was reading those stories. IT COULD ONLY HAVE BEEN GOD!!!  :plane: :plane: :plane:




    @bosa, I wasn’t in too much pain…just lazy  :sleep:. Thanks hun. Twice a month should be win-win for everyone!


    @oluwakemine, I know riiiiiight  :haha:





    Day 8 – Praying For Our Marriages


    Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony. – Colossians 3:14 (NLT)


    A recent study says that couples who are unable to conceive after years of trying are three times as more likely to divorce as couples who eventually have a child.

    Another study says that women who are undergoing infertility treatments have a higher risk for sexual dysfunction.

    And no one who has actually been through infertility would need a study to tell them about the tremendous psychological toll it takes, but there are several which concluded just that.

    Higher divorce rates, sexual dysfunction, and psychological trauma– You’re naive if you think infertility won’t change your marriage.

    But it doesn’t have to destroy it.

    Many women who’ve experienced infertility have said over and over again that infertility, as difficult as i ha’s been, has brought them closer with their spouse.

    Of course, this “silver lining” doesn’t happen accidentally or easily. It takes an intentional, deliberate choice to fight for your marriage FIRST. You must decide that your marriage is more important than your fertility, and that you’re willing to fight for it just as hard, or maybe even harder, than you fight for parenthood.

    We must make the decision that we want to be married to each other more than we want children. As a couple, we must pray for our marriage. And we must always forgive each other.

    Some of us have spouses that refuse to talk or pray about it. It doesn’t matter that your spouse refuses to do some of these things we want. What matters is that you pray.

    As you pray today, ask God to use your circumstances to bring you closer to your spouse. Also, pray for those couples whose marriage is being torn apart and ask God to bring about healing in their relationship.


    Prayer: Father Lord, we commit our marriages into Your hands. We commit the vows we made before You, and we implore you not to let us make our desire to have children dilute the love that binds us with the partners you have chosen for us. May we always remember that we are stronger when united…in Jesus’ name we pray! Amen!


    cc: @misi @oluchi @bosa @bibi @oluwakemine

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