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October – December 2016 Cycle Buddies

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    Day 1 – Pray For Patience

    This vision is for a future time.  It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.  If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place.  It will not be delayed.” – Habakkuk 2:3 (NLT)


    Praying for patience is scary.

    By definition, patience assumes a wait. So by asking God for patience we’re surrendering to the wait.

    I don’t like waiting.  I want what I want- right now!

    But Habakkuk 2:3 tells us that God’s vision for our life will happen on His timetable.

    God is not running late. Everything is going according to (His) schedule.

    He knows it may feel slow to us, but He promises He’s not delayed.

    He asks us to wait patiently. To trust that He what He has planned for us will actually happen.

    As you pray today, ask God to help you wait patiently for His plan to be fulfilled.


    Prayer: Father Lord, it is not easy to pray for patience…but we surrender all our anxiety before You, and pray for the peace that passeth all understanding. Even though we have our own desires and wishes, give us the grace to trust fully in Your plan for us. Bless us with that peace that passeth all understanding. In JESUS’ name we pray! AMEN!


    cc: @oluchi @misi @bosa @oluwakemine

    (Please let’s add our own prayers to the thread. As we raise our voices in one, may the GOOD LORD hear our prayers, AMEN!




    Day 2 – Praying For Strength

    My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever. – Psalm 73:26 (NLT)


    Infertility can make us feel real weak. Hormones, emotions, and stress could make us more prone to tears. We get discouraged quicker than we used to. Sometimes we feel broken- both physically and emotionally.

    We need something to hold us up.


    Isaiah 41:10 says that God will hold us up in His hands during our times of trouble.

    Do not be afraid, for I am with you.  Don’t be discouraged for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you.  I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. 

    This doesn’t mean our troubles will disappear. There will still be tough days. But God’s strength can sustain us and keep us from utter despair.

    As you pray today, ask God to “hold you up” with his strength during infertility.


    Prayer: Father Lord, sometimes it seems like we don’t have any strength to move on. Sometimes, it is hard to believe that morning will shine through this darkness. Give us the strength to hold on…to believe that morning will come. Father Lord, please give us strength


    cc: @oluchi @misi @bosa @oluwakemine



    God is my strength and He has kept me from despair all these years of infertility. His promises especially Psalm 113:9 about making the barren woman a joyful mother of children gladden my heart.

    I therefore pray that we all would be joyful mothers of healthy children in Jesus name.

    Thanks Nicole



    Amen @misi. Weldone @bosa for starting your bcp. @nicole I plan to start this October, by Gods grace.



    Amen. Bibi @bibi, that’s good news o. Will be praying and hoping for a  :bfp:   :bfp:  along with you.

    Image result for best of luckBest of luck, Misi @misi and Oluchi @oluchi as you go in for your egg collection.  :dust:   :dust:   :dust:

    Bos @bosa, Chyfaith @chyfaith  Ivie @ivie :heart:   :heart:




    Day 3 – Praying For Comfort

    “The Lord will comfort Israel again and have pity on her ruins. Her desert will blossom like Eden, her barren wilderness like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness will be found there. Songs of thanksgiving will fill the air.” – Isaiah 51:3 (NLT)

    If we are so concerned about people around us, imagine how concerned God is with comfort during infertility for us, His people, when we are suffering.

    The scripture quoted above is originally translated saying that the Lord will have “pity” on our ruins, but the NIV translation uses the word compassion. God looks with compassion on our ruins.

    Sometimes it feels like infertility leaves us with nothing but ruins- ruined dreams, ruined plans, ruined body, and ruined bank account. Some of us may have experienced ruined friendships or ruined marriages due to infertility.

    But when we look at the second sentence, we see that God promises restoration. He talks of deserts blossoming and songs of thanksgiving. And the one that captures our attention should be – barren wilderness blossoming.

    Oh, how we long for the day when our literal barrenness will be transformed into something that rivals God’s own garden! Maybe a baby will grow from that garden, and maybe not. His promise of restoration doesn’t guarantee us a baby. But if He’s comparing it to his own personal garden, then whatever it is, it must be beautiful.

    Until we see that transformation, we are comforted by the fact that God sees our pain. He is orchestrating events and circumstances to help us heal and show us we are loved. We just need to keep our eyes open to see them.

    As you pray today, ask God to help you see His acts of comfort and compassion toward you.


    Prayer: Comforter, Life Changer, Joy River, Peace Giver, Balm of Gilead…heal us of our sorrow…quench our thirst…heal us of our heartbreak. May You remain our Comforter, our assurance that joy truly cometh in the morning. Father Lord, oh how we trust in You! May You not let us be put to shame. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray! Amen!


    cc: @oluchi @misi @bosa @bibi @oluwakemine



    @bibi hun!  Long time no see :hugs:   :hugs:

    So glad to read that hun! We’ll be counting down with you  :hugs:   :hugs:



    GOOD LUCK with your egg retrieval, dear @misi and @oluchi …our dearest cycle buddies  :friends:

    Praying they get some lovely, juicy eggies today! God be with you both!



    Thanks sweeties  :heart:   :heart:  @nicole @oluwakemine please put us in your prayers. Mine is on Wednesday. Triggering tonight.



    @oluchi, we’re praying seriously hun! Good luck my darling. It shall all go well, in JESUS’ name!  :heart:   :cloud9:   :hug:




    Day 4 – Praying For Wisdom


    For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding!- Proverbs 2:3


    It is common for women trying to conceive to do everything they can to gather knowledge. It becomes second nature to us to read as many books about pregnancy and conception that we can lay our hands on. This appetite for reading and researching is often increased when we start seeing an infertility specialist. After each failed cycle, we find ourselves searching medical journals in hopes of figuring out which treatment or medication is/was/would have been right for us.

    The penny drop moment comes from realising we should spend more time asking the Lord for wisdom instead of searching for it online.

    It is so easy to get caught up in trying to gain wisdom on our own. But Proverbs 2:3 says that God is the one who gives wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

    This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our homework and educate ourselves on our diagnoses and our treatment options. God also gave us brains and the capacity to learn and think. We should use those gifts to their greatest extent.

    But we cannot rely on our own brains to help us fully understand or make decisions about our infertility. We must rely on God to give us the insight we need.

    As you pray today, ask God to give you wisdom when making decisions about your family-building options and treatment options. Ask Him to help you rely on the knowledge He gives you- not your own understanding.


    Prayer: Father Lord, our El Shaddai, our Elohim. Please give us the wisdom to understand that You, and only You, are the true source of our wisdom, the true fount of knowledge. Teach us to trust in You always! We pray especially for our sister, Misi, who is having her egg retrieval today. May everything proceed smoothly and hitch free, and may only the perfect result be realised. Amen!


    cc:  @oluchi @misi @bosa @oluwakemine @bibi




    Day 5 – Praying For Freedom From Jealousy & Envy


    Envy and jealousy will kill a stupid fool. – Job 5:2

    For us, it strikes most often when we least expect it. Baby-envy.  It often comes in two forms. The first comes when we see women who we consider to be “unworthy” of motherhood: young the school girl, society’s less privileged who ironically seem to be the most fertile, the mom who screams at her toddler to stop crying after she trips and falls. The second form comes when we see someone who appears to have the life we want: the beautiful woman who calmly walks the store aisles, while her peaceful baby sleeps quietly, the pregnant couple walking hand-in-hand down the baby aisle, shopping for cute little outfits.

    At best, it will put us in a terrible, pessimistic mood. At worst, it can destroy relationships and leave us with wounded souls.

    Whenever we sense these feelings of jealousy and envy swelling up inside us, we have to make a choice. We can give into them and ruminate on them, lamenting how terrible our situation is and throw a major pity party.

    Or, we can acknowledge our sadness surrounding our own circumstances, thank God for the lives of the families we encounter, and pray against being consumed by jealousy and envy.

    Sometimes we can do this in a few seconds or minutes. Sometimes it takes much longer. But it won’t happen naturally. We must choose to fight our jealousy with prayer.


    Prayer: Father Lord, please protect us from the sin of covetousness…the sin of envy. This is hard, even for the best of us. It is so hard not to wonder why some are being blessed ahead of us. But help us recognise that Your ways are not our ways. Give us the grace to convert these negative feelings to positive feelings of joy…rejoicing in advance for the beautiful blessings coming our way. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen!

    Father, as we ask, may thanksgiving never depart from our lips! We thank you for a smooth egg collection yesterday for our sister, Misi, and we commit our sister Oluchi to Your hands as she prepares for hers today. May You bless both their cycles with success, in JESUS’ mighty name we pray! Amen!


    cc: @misi @oluchi @bosa @bibi @oluwakemine




    Amen, As tough as it is, may we desist from envy or jealousy. I always tell someone close so i can be helped once i start to feel that way. She talks me straight and im good again…. :good:



    What a timely prayer this morning Nicole @nicole. Amen! Thank you. Reset button pushed.  B-). We have decreed a sucessful cycle for Misi @misi and Oluchi @oluchi and so shall it be. Our God hasn’t failed yet and He won’t now.

    Godspeed to you Oluchi as you go in for your EC. :dust:   :dust:    :plane:



    @bosa and @oluwakemine, it really resonated with me too  :yes:

    Bos, it’s so wise to have someone to check you anytime you’re feeling that way. It stops one from spiralling out of control. I was talking to a friend just this morning and felt a little pang of jealousy when she said she was away, having her baby. It can come even when we least expect it. But thank God for the strength to exchange envy for joy.

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