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October – December 2016 Cycle Buddies

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    @nicole lol that’s wonderful…..I would have been confused, wondering if it’s my mind playing tricks.

    Im too fast paced for my own good, my old nanny perfected me. We were like 5 and 6 in the kitchen, house. I say once and i never repeat myself but this new one seems a bit slower, i’m patient ‘cos i know i’m an overkill so I’m just doing it myself so i don’t talk too much – let’s see how it goes. I just don’t like repeating myself, yes oh she said she doesn’t eat ewedu, ogbono and okra so i said okay then you will eat only egusi and vegetables abi? I agree with you “You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.”

    On the Keto diet, my cousin is plus sized so i guess she has to be mega disciplined. So on Keto, are you saying a salad – lettuce, carrots, tomato and avocado isn’t allowed? I didn’t ask her to share my thousand island dressing ke… 😉



    @bosa, no carrots oh! Lettuce, avocados and tomatoes (but in moderation) are allowed, but defo no carrots. As for the dressing, a creamy one with no added sugar is great. Yes oooh! I can write an exam on KETO, after everything I’ve read :haha:

    Mehn, I know what you mean about 5 and 6. It was the same with me and my nanny who decided that stealing garri was the way she wanted to live her life. This new pair…well, let’s sha see.

Viewing 2 posts - 271 through 272 (of 272 total)

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