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May – December 2018 Cycle Buddies

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    Hi there, lovely ladies  :heart:   :heart:

    How is everyone, this foine Thursday morning?

    Bosa @bosa hun, so glad you enjoyed your special day :heart: . You have passed the baton to me now  😉

    Welcome to our thread, @adeoye hun. How is it going with all your preliminary tests? We’re wishing you a truckload of luck hun   :dust:

    Welcome also, @eucharia  :friends:. We’re here to support you any way we can  :heart:

    Uchay @uchay hun, how are you? How’s the process coming along? Any dates yet? Really praying with you hun  :heart:

    Kisses to you lovely ladies FruitfulVine @fruitfuldamsel and Jaykay @jaykay :kiss: , I hope you’re doing great today!



    Hi Nicole @nicole

    I have had to discontinue the cycle. I was bleeding till day 16 of commencement and in the end they had to give me misoprostol to clear out the residue and allow the uterus contract. I’m deregulating now with Norethisterone for 10 days. Have an appointment tomorrow. Somehow i not perturbed as i wasnt really excited about this cycle.

    We’ll be trying with another cycle by which time i hope to have gotten all psyched up.

    Thanks for checking up on us.



    My dear Uchay @uchay, I have learnt that everything happens for a reason. God knows why it wasn’t this cycle. I’m glad you’re in good spirits, and we’ll spend the time from now till the next cycle getting body, mind and soul ready. It will end in praise hun  :hugs: :hugs:

    I can’t wait to celebrate your  :bfp:   :yahoo:



    @nicole oh yes countdown to yours….. :yahoo:

    @uchay sending you loads of hugs…. :hugs:   :dust:   :dust:




    Hallo everyone- Thanks Nicole, my results came out on Monday, and was told it was in the normal range

    FSH- 6.42 iu/l

    LH- 3.0 iu/l as at day 3 of cycle

    prolactin – 13.7mg/ml

    TSH- 0.746 mIu/l at day 7

    my transvaginal scan was good , but a HSG was recommended since everything is okay from these tests but it has to be next month.

    Right now I really don’t know how to feel- I’m a bit scared and hubby thinks I’m getting worried unnecessarily as my blood pressure was a bit elevated and he is yet to go for his SSF. But I’m still taking the vitamins I’ve been taking since forever :unsure: . Fingers crossed now



    @adeoye  hun, I’m so glad your test results came out fine. That’s definitely one thing to get out of the way. As for the anxiety, I totally understand why you would be nervous hun, but try to just have faith that hubby’s SSA and HSG will come out great. Just keep taking your vitamins, and I’m sure you’ll be great hun  :heart:   :heart:



    @adeoye  Let’s praise the Lord for great results. Remain positive that the others will be fine. :dust:   :dust:



    Hi everyone, It’s been a great Month already.

    Still on the Acupuncture therapy, 20k weekly…na die! But God has bee faithful.

    Transfer is around the corner, I  hope to have my chicken and chips soon after the transfer, then promise not to bath for the first 3 days :haha: …yeah I heard some women don’t even take a proper bath for the first week. LOL

    I pray for a BFP….I’ll be back with my testimony.



    FruitfulVine @fruitfuldamsel  hun, 20k weekly?????  :wacko:   :wacko: . Haaa. That’s expensive! But all for a good cause  :hugs: .

    My dear, I didn’t bathe for the first 4 days  :haha: . And I’m very anal and finicky, so you can imagine  :dohh: . But who baff epp? I was prepared to be dirty for a year, if that’s what it took.

    Counting down to your  :bfp:   :wohoo:   :wohoo:

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