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July – December 2017 Cycle Buddies

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    Oyefunke Jolly

    He is not the one giving me. He is scared of injections :unsure: just supervising. Lol.

    Thanks I will remember the ice tomorrow. Last day of detox. Phew. Couldn’t exercise today.  :dohh:



    You can skip the exercise today, Oyefunke @aadetoyin. The detox should do the trick.

    Well done and  :dust:   :dust:   :dust:



    To our FSH mommas, Oyefunke @aadetoyin and Elle  @elle, how is it going?

    Sending you lots of  :dust:   :dust:   :dust:  and  :hugs:



    Sending lots of  :bfp: :dust: to my cycling sisters…Thanksgiving gele loading  :dust:   :dust: @elle @aadetoyin

    if you like the sound of it, pls be doing some indoor exercises during this period  :sex:   :sex:   :sex: I was doing it just to stay relaxed and the bam! :spermy:   :whistle:

    Enjoy the process for it will end in praise. Amen



    Hope you’re all enjoying the break. hehehehe @mummyt that’s some serious exercise. Please take note @aadetoyin

    @nicole @oluwakemine Its going well. i keep wondering if i am injecting myself well. The thanksgiving gele ehn…in fact, i will get a make up artist to tie am.

    :bfp: :bfp:   :bfp: loading @aadetoyin


    Oyefunke Jolly

    @oluwakemine thanks for checking on us.  :heart:

    @arike thanks  :heart:  okay O ooo weather for two…… Thanksgiving gele loading in Jesus name.


    Oyefunke Jolly

    @mummyt sorry I didn’t get ur handle right earlier. Thanks

    @elle I am surely taking notes. Hmm mmm those injections eh. It’s getting beta sha. Gele and make up artist loading.



    Yeah @nicole, is it safe to eat pineapples now or i have to wait till after ET. Someone once mentioned that there’s a specie of pineapple (the green long ones) not good for people TTC. Is that true?

    By the way…is it just me or its really hard trying to avoid carb foods?

    cc: @oluwakemine @mummyt



    :haha: Haaa!! Elle @elle, welcome to the club. Carb is quite difficult to avoid as it so readily available but not impossible.  Nicole @nicole and @smiley are doing a good job of it as it is but they are on the Keto diet aha. So, you can do it too, just start where you’re at. :hugs:

    Never heard about a specie of pineapple being good or bad for TTC moms oh but will take a look at it.  You can eat pineapple now if you feel like it but for TTC purpose, you can start a couple of days before ET and concentrate on the core after ET to boost chances of implantation.

    With the injections,  have you talked to your nurse about it? And why do you feel you ain’t doing it right?

    Arike @mummyt:hugs:

    Weather for two and gele :haha:   :plane:   :dust:



    <p style=”text-align: left;”>@oluwakemine injecting it in the right spot. Was taught to inject in the thigh(close to the hip)… Where the muscles are. Everytime I do, I have to check again and again..</p>
    @aadetoyin how do you do yours.



    Then you are doing it right Elle @elle, you are just second guessing yourself.


    Oyefunke Jolly

    @elle Yeah I was taught to inject myself in the thigh or the tummy. I prefer the tummy sha.



    Image result for Welcome to october

    Hello ladies, welcome to the 10th month of the year, October. I pray it turns out to be one awesome month for us all.

    Nene @neni, October is here oh and we are rooting for you as you get back on the IVF cycle wagon. Hope you’re prepping well :hugs:

    DforD @dford, it’s been a while. What option did you go with at the end of the day?

    Noredia @noredia, how are you doing? Have you started your detox at MART and how is it going?

    Bee @beelarry, have you decided on the clinic you will be cycling at?

    Nelsuzzy @nelsuzzy, praying for God’s strength and surprise for you dear :hugs:   :hugs:   :hugs:

    Becca @smiley, how’s everything going at your end?

    Elle @elle, you can read Nicole’s weight loss diary to give you some ideas of how to substitute carbs in your diet.

    Oyefunke @aadetoyin, how’s the injections coming along? Fingers crossed for good news at the end of the day.

    Bos @bosa  Hope you got some rest oh :heart:   :heart:

    Linda @ldike, how are you doing gorgeous mama?

    Arike @mummyt, how are you doing mama?

    Nicole @nicole:heart:   :heart:



    @oluwakemi I started last week with pregnancy care,1 tab of metformin a day and Primolut 3 times daily for ten days from my doctor and also did endometrial scratching and was given interlipid same day also.can’t wait to get through this whole process with Thanksgiving🙏



    Wow, that’s some good news Nene @neni:plane:   :plane:   Do you have an idea when the ET will take place? Fingers crossed and sending loads of baby dust your way.

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