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    I like Pearl @pearl‘s suggestion. Even if they can’t give all those services free, they can give a few of them, like the egg collection, transfer and post cycle appointments free, whether it turned out successful or successful. And one more thing, just because it’s free doesn’t mean, they will treat the patients any different than their paying patients…afterall, they would voluntarily agree to it.

    cc: @nicole.



    @nicole this is awesome news…… :wohoo: May God bless this medical director, May the good Lord keep replenishing your pocket……in Jesus name, Amen……

    I suspect it is my doc or the other doc i wish to use… 😉


    I second @pearl, all free except the drugs. God being good, they could even still get some assistance for the drugs. How will the couples be selected @nicole?



    @pearl, you are not smiling at all o! :haha: :haha: I think we should atleast pay for registration and drugs only. then every other thing @pearl mentioned should be free. @nicole thanks for this exciting news. I hope it starts soon



    Hi Sweethearts!

    I must first & foremost appreciate each one of you for your words of advice and encouragements, I was elated when I read your messages and in mind, I was like, this is a family. I had to “switch off”yesterday to nurse my wound, busted work..went somewhere and cried my eyes out!

    My first cycle of IVF and IUI(forgot to mention) was at FertilAid clinic Abuja, didn’t want to go back there cos of nasty experiences. Where I am currently using is Medimax hospital in Abuja. I had to key into their promo cycle after making all my inquiries about the place- my friend got lucky at first trial with twins. Doc maxwell is nice and experienced. At least I know I have called him countless times and he is patient to answer all my questions. I did a lot of test(in his hospital & other Labs) before cycling Including touch test- to determine the root cause of miscarriage but nothing really was found as an underlining cause- the only challenge I had was high progesterone which he treated before placing me on Buserelin shots and started with 2 vials of menopur for stimulation the first 2days and upped it to 4 vials(300) for a total of 9 days. He couldn’t trigger because of poor response (premature  ovarian failure before age 40)Hence, he suggested I use donor eggs in order not to waste the cycle as there are fresh donors on ground. Although the decision is up to me..or I wait for another cycle!

    Thank you all for this friendship I don’t take it for granted. Love you all :heart:



    :hi: :hi:  mama @jesusbaby. Glad to get this feedback from you. This is honestly the second time, I’m hearing about this clinic, Medimax. (cc: @bibi). With all these information you have shared, it might not be a bad idea to wait out this cycle and come to place of acceptance within you and be sure that this route is truly for you.

    Hope you feel better now and you didn’t bust work today too 😉  :hugs:

    cc: @bosa @nicole @pearl



    So glad you’re feeling more positive, @jesusbaby hun! Now, I understand your doctor’s plan better. It is much clearer to me. If there is ovarian failure, then recommending donor eggs isn’t a stretch. Just pray over it hun…think about it…talk with your hubby. Whatever you decide, those babies will be yours! And we’re always here, rooting for you  :hugs: :hugs:


    I’m surprised you had nasty experiences at Fertil Aid. So many people speak so glowingly of it. That’s why it’s good to ask for many people’s opinion, as there will always be people with varied experience. So sorry about that hun…but glad your new hospital has been better.


    Sending you much hugs hun  :hugs:   :hugs:



    My dear sisters!


    Thanks so much for your suggestions and comments. It’s much appreciated.


    But here’s the catch though. This clinic has migrated to the pen-applicator drugs, and not the usual needles and syringe. The implication is that the drugs alone are almost N1 million  :wacko:   :wacko:


    So, it creates a conundrum. If this is targeted at lower income couples, where are they getting N1m for drugs? That alone is the cost of the whole cycle in some of these promo (sometimes wayo) hospitals. The only thing is that this clinic is AWESOME! The doctors are AWESOME! And their success rate is very good!


    That’s really why I was confused about it, and why I decided to throw it here. What do you ladies think?


    cc: @bosa @bibi  @pearl @yinca @uloma @aseyori@esty@victoriaezeigbo @jumjumjum  @hodeejah  @beebee   @jesusbaby @oluwakemine  @nwanneka @jesusbaby  @godspeed



    @jesusbaby: Good to read from you and going by your narrative the doctor is on the right path due to ovarian insufficiency.
    So sorry for your experiences with Dr.Shuaibu clinic, or wasnt he the one who attended to you. And he was the one who made my diagnosis of PCOS the second time when I was in 100level in Uni.
    Guess you havent read my story yet.
    Wishing you all the best and success dear.
    @nicole: haha…Why are you rolling eyes! lol. Look dear FERTILITY TREATMENT no be beans nor is it for the faint hearted.
    That is why I sometimes let all hell break loose when people open thier mouth to say gibberish about pcos, weightloss, infertility, fertility treatment, and to top it all some people now call themselves fertility coaches aka advanced stretchers club;@Oluwakemine what the hell is that **what are they coaching; my ovaries to produce eggs or sperm to meet egg.** Maybe someone can help me understand. :unsure:
    SORRY…Back to reality… 🙂
    With pen-applicators; I think just one pen is going for 150k or more, depending on the type, what it consist and brand, one will also be using 2pens or more depending on how your body responds, excluded is the trigger pen which cost more. All pens MUST be stored in the refrigerator at a particular temperature always. So I think the 1M is justifiable.
    Dont be confused dear, it will end in praises.

    And should you have any questions please feel free to ask and dont forget to tag me.

    Note: My used pens were the ones I used in creating The Fertile chick photo. :yes:

    cc: @bosa @bibi @yinca @uloma @aseyori, @esty, @victoriaezeigbo @jumjumjum @hodeejah @beebee



    :haha: :haha:   :haha:   :haha: Pearl @pearl, you dey vex ni.

    Well, I guess, at 1m for drugs alone, this isn’t for everyone, but it’s comforting to know that the standard of the clinic is very high. The question now is, what services are they offering for free and which would have to be paid for in addition to the 1m for drugs?

    cc: @nicole



    Image result for hope it went well

    Hi Bloomer @victoriaezeigbo, I hope your egg retrieval went well today, no pain, all joys. :hugs: Keeping fingers crossed for great news and remember to stay hydrated.



    Can you please take a look at this: @nicole and @oluwakemine :unsure:   :unsure:   :unsure:



    Pearl @pearl, there’s nothing here?



    @jesusbaby sending you huge hugs….. :hugs: Do your research, there are some doctors who have various methods to achieve pregnancy via IVF depending on your result. Summary, take your result and visit Dr. Sher’s website and research his paper on this or ask him questions or any other websites. There is a great DOR group on babycenter also, please start the supplements and foods that can aid the egg quality. Finally, on your own time, research everything you can find on egg donor/recipient. Remember, you don’t have to inform anyone if this is the path you decide to tread. We can chat via message if you feel up to it.


    Your sunshine is behind the clouds, May God continue to give you joy in your heart. :hug:

    :dust: :dust:



    @nicole and @pearl pls educate me on the pen-applicator drugs. Does it provide better efficacy? I’m assuming this is like the diabetic penfill or needle/syringe insulin? Both are insulin and do same job, the penfills are more accurate well if you don’t over twist the quantity you require. So i guess these pens have the exact amount of drugs?

    Okay enough with my dreams, IVF is so expensive already, hospitals should try to be flexible. I wish the hospital will have both options available, so for this giveaway they could use the needle/syringe approach to reduce the costs of medicine.

    I would not like to be boxed into the corner of pen applicators (that’s increased cost), (unless you ladies say otherwise) it’s just a fancier way of getting the drugs into my system so i wont object to the cheaper method oh…. :haha:

    So yea @nicole they could consider reverting to their old way for this service.



    @bosa, that’s a great idea! I’ll ask the doctor if they will still proceed with the cycle if the patient can get their drugs elsewhere… :yes:   :yes:

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