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January – March 2017 Cycle Buddies

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    Hi ladies,

    It’s time, we move to a  new thread, after all, it’s a New year. How is the new year coming along for everyone?


    @bibi,  welcome back :heart:



    Satries @osato and Diamond @diamond1, are you cycling soon or taking a break?


    Bosa @bosa, I hope you get a break soon oh


    Misi @misi sweetie, this year looks great for you especially in your current frame of mind.  :heart:


    Godspeed @godspeed, welcome to our family,  :hugs:   :hugs: . When do you intend to cycle?


    Jesusbaby @jesusbaby:hi: how’s the Keto diet coming along? Have you come to a decision yet?


    Oyindamola @oyinforever welcome to the thread :hugs:


    Nicole @nicole, welcome to this thread too  😉

    For the sake of the newbies here, I will be posting the need-to-knows about IVF. If there are anything, anyone would like to know, just tag me. :heart:

    Meanwhile, if you will like  to be a part of this thread, let’s know to avoid spamming.  :hi:   :hi:




    @oluwakemine, its finally beginning to ease up thankfully. How are you are the double ibejis?

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm new page!! Like joke, i’ve been on the 2015, 2016 now 2017 group…I guess i’ll pass for now, i’m not planning any cycle soon jare so yea.

    Wishing all those cycling this quarter loads of :dust:   :dust:

    Satries @osato and Diamond @diamond1,  

    @jesusbaby, @bibi@oyinforever




    Babes, @bosa, it’s all well. Go enjoy life, instead of counting coins for IVF, like you said last time. :heart:   :heart:



    @oluwakemine thanks babes :good:



    This is my third year on this journey. I was hoping that by now it would have been over. I pray i get a :bfp: naturally but if it doesn’t happen i’ll go for IVF by July. God willing.




    @fruitfuldamsel, I pray you get your :bfp: soon, but if it’s IVF, we’re here for you, hun :hugs:


    Anything at all you want to know, don’t hesitate to call.  :hugs:




    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our beloved @misi  :cake:   :cake:   :cake:


    Wishing you a beautiful day hun. May your day be just as special as you are! We love you  :heart:   :heart:   :heart: . Have a blast  :rose:


    @bibi, @bosa@osato @diamond1@godspeed,@jesusbaby@oyinforever@fruitfuldamsel, @oluwakemine



    Image result for happy birthday animated

    Misi @misi, the brave one. Happy birthday to you  :cake:   :cake:  This New Year, you will experience God in new ways. Break out to the left and to the right Misi. Do exploits, take territories. Blessed are you in the city and in the house. Blessed are the fruit of  your body and of your land in Jesus name. Amen!

    Today, just experience God’s love. :heart:   :heart:



    @oluwakemine @nicole You ladies are the best EVER!! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. So thankful for the two of you and all you do. God bless you :heart:



    God bless you too Misi @misi :heart:   :friends:



    Image result for how are you animated gif

    :hi: :hi:  How are you all doing today? How’s 2017 going for you? Hope good and you’re not minding all the drama going on everywhere?

    Misi @misi, hope you had a great birthday celebration :cake:  #januarybaby.

    Diamond @diamond1, what happening with you? Hope it’s all nice and sweet.

    Satries (@osato), hey babe, show your face small nau.  How you dey?

    Bibi @bibi, missing you like kilode. Or it is work, that’s keeping you so busy?

    Jesusbaby @jesusbaby, how’s the KETO diet going. @nicole is on fire now and seeing results too. Need I say the meals look yummy. :munch:

    Fruitfulvine @fruitfuldamsel, welcome once more to this thread. How are things with you?

    Godspeed @godspeed, hope, you are doing great.

    Oyindamola @oyinforever, hope the ovulation spotting has stopped and you made judicious use of it? :sex:

    Nicole @nicole, looks like work has taken over oh. The Lord is your muscle. :hugs:





    Related image

    Happy New Month ladies. We are February already :yahoo:   :yahoo: Who’s excited about 14th :wedding:   :wedding: ? yeah, Valentine is in the air.

    cc: @nicole @bibi, @bosa@osato @diamond1@godspeed,@jesusbaby@oyinforever@fruitfuldamsel, @oluwakemine  @misi @uloma





    Happy New Month, my darling ladies :heart:. Sending everyone much much love this month!


    @jango dear, I hope we were able to help you with the day 3 / day 5 decision? :yes:


    @uloma hun, we’re with you every step of the way. How are the DR shots coming along? :hugs:


    @godspeed, dear, how are you? How is it coming along with you? Did I see something about a :bfp: :yahoo:


    @jesusbaby@oyinforever how are you lovely ladies doing?  :heart:


    @fruitfuldamsel dear, how are you hun? How did it go with the OPKs? I just saw your update about checking, as your old doctors didn’t bother to check before. Did you get a positive read?  :good:


    @bibi mama, how you dey? Long tiiiiiime  :telephone:   :friends:


    @osato and @diamond1, how are you lovely ladies? Blowing lots of  :dust:   :dust:  to you.


    @bosa, and @misi, I know you ladies don’t want to be a part of this thread, but I just can’t help but tag you  :heart:   :heart:


    @reggy mama, we LOVE you, and we are COUNTING DOWNNNN  :wohoo:   :wohoo:


    @oluwakemine, how you dey?  B-)




    I dey fine oh @nicole.

    Jango @jango, hope you have decided on the day and you found the link useful. :heart:

    Godspeed @godspeed, you are keeping me in limbo, please come back and be nice to me :haha:   :haha:

    Ladies, have a lovely month.

    cc: @nicole @bibi, @bosa@osato @diamond1@godspeed,@jesusbaby@oyinforever@fruitfuldamsel, @oluwakemine  @misi @uloma @jango




    @jango Goodluck, wishing you loads of stickness….. :bfp:   :cloud9:   :dust:

    @nicole @oluwakemine we need a stickness smiley….. :haha:

    @uloma Goodluck with the shots.

    @reggy Goodluck

    Have a great month ladies. Enjoy the season of love….. :rose: :blush: @osato @diamond1@godspeed,@jesusbaby@oyinforever@fruitfuldamsel, @oluwakemine  @misi @uloma @jango :dust:   :dust:

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