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    Good morning lovely ladies! I know it’s been a minute. Got so swamped with work and the publishing of our work on Okada Books and Flip  :dohh: . It was a pretty hectic week. I hope you all had a great weekend! I took the girls to Apapa Amusement Park on Saturday, and it was so much fun!

    OMG, Ebere  @eby , this is just too genius :haha: . Real fat must kpeme water  :haha: . I have kuku copied the ingredients and I’m right behind you. I think it’s a good idea to KETO strictly for 3 – 4 weeks. That will get your body in good fighting form for your cycle. So happy for you hun  :hugs:

    @jaykay, how are you dearie. How are the shots coming along? Do you have any specific dates yet? Rooting for you  :hug:

    Amina @ucheo hun, how is the 2ww coming along? Blowing you lots of  :dust: and praying for the best on Friday  :rose:

    Nikkypearl @nikky07  dear, have you made any decision yet? Don’t hesitate to holler if you have any more questions  :hugs:

    Uchay @uchay hun, how is it coming along with the new cycle? Do you have any dates yet? We’re rooting for you hun  :hugs:   :hugs:

    FruitfulVine @fruitfuldamsel how are you hun? You’ve been quiet. Blowing you lots of  :dust: this morning  :heart:

    Also blowing lots of  :dust: and  :kiss: to Bow @bosa , Grace @beejay , Brown @brown and Wunmi @wunmiabi  :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Drop a line so we can know you’re doing great!


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    Hi strong ladies….@nicole I’m fine and i hope everyone is too. Will be starting shots soon but no specific dates yet. Have a fruitful week ahead. :hug:



    Hmmmm.longest time my people. I have had issues logging in. Can’t remember my password used the forgot password menu no luck. Don’t know how I was able to login today. Nicole and Kemi weldone ooo. First trimester was fire for me in and out of hospital. Plenty morning sickness. Always taking excuses off work. But I thank God I am getting better now.


    our mummies in awaiting bfp God that showed himself at the verge of my giving up will answer for u. His mercies we shall continue to enjoy ijmn. Thank God I am logged in now and I have remembered my password on phone.



    Awww, so glad to hear from you @falil :heart:

    So sorry about the password wahala. So it didn’t prompt you to change your password, even with the ‘Forgot Password’ feature? Hmmmm, we have to look into that o!

    1st trimester can be something else! So sorry you had a hard time hun, but thank God you’re getting better now. By God’s grace, you’ll really enjoy 2nd trimester…which was actually my favourite one! Please send me the date of your egg retrieval, so I can create a sticker for you in our pregnancy group  :cloud9:   :cloud9:



    Hello everyone, I’ve been a little quiet according to lady Nicole @nicole

    This journey comes with a lot of emotional topsy turvy vibes.

    I started Acupuncture May 1st. I go twice weekly, my FET is around the corner. I’m anxious, I won’t lie but I have faith that this time the good Lord will smile upon me and show me great Mercy.

    Thanks for the mentions and prayers.



    FruitfulVine @fruitfuldamsel hun, it sure has been quiet here, and I’m guilty as charged  :dohh:   :dohh: . It’s been one of those work weeks for me, with lots of deliverables. We’re also putting finishing touches to our documentary, so it’s been crazy busy.

    So glad to read that your FET is almost here  :yahoo: . Do you have a specific date now? How has the acupuncture been? It will end in praise, by GOD’s grace hun. The  :bfp: has already begun and yours will be added to the list, by GOD’s grace  :heart:   :heart:

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