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    Hello love ladies! I hope everyone has been great! I’ve been under the weather, but thank God for health  :heart:

    @jaykay hun, you’ve been on my mind. How have you been? Please send a note so we’ll know you’re okay  :heart:   :heart:

    Wunmi @wunmiabi dear…I called you this morning, but it rang off  :telephone: . How are you hun? Do drop a line as I’ve been worried.

    FruitfulVine @fruitfuldamsel sweetie, counting down to next week! It will end in praise hun  :hugs:

    Amina @ucheo dear, when next week is your scan? Blowing you loads and loads of  :dust: as we pray for a successful cycle  :heart:

    Omoge @liefde hun, it will surely end in praise  :hug:   :hug:

    Bos @bosa my dearest, thanks so much for yesterday’s pep talk! I needed it. You’re the best  :hugs:   :friends:   :hug:

    Tagging you in our thread Ebere @eby , Nikkypearl @nikky07 and Grace @beejay  :friends: :friends:

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    All hail Bos @bosa, reservoir of wisdom :heart: Thank you for the call too.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello ladies, @wunmiabi @jaykay @liefde @eby @nicole @ucheo @fruitfuldamsel @beejay @nikky07 @nicole Sending you loads of hugs and  babydust :dust:</p>



    Hello Nicole, Oluwakemi , Ladies..

    Hope you’re doing great. Sorry I haven’t responded since. Been away for a while.

    My next scan is tomorrow. Praying for God’s best  🙂



    @ucheo wishing you God’s speed as you scan today….  :rose:   :heart:

    cc: @oluwakemine @nicole

    You ladies are most welcome……@nicole @oluwakemine i don’t know about this reservoir of wisdom :blush:



    Hi @nicole and @oluwakemine and all fertile chicks. Speaking about my bloatedness and ohss…i was later admitted for about 4days (insisted on discharge after fluid stopped… country hard :scratch: )and drained about 7-8 ltrs of fluid. I decided on draining when the discomfort was much and could hardly eat or drink cos i felt very full even while i was mad hungry.

    Anyways… transfer was postponed, 8blast of good grades frozen. Fingers crossed for FET. Period came soo early (day27) but i think i may rest for this new cycle after all this before FET. Still have some pains on one ovary tho but its bearable cos they are still enlarged.

    Resuming work on Monday… takia guys :hug:



    @brown dear, as promised, below are some articles you might find interesting:

    1. Tips for a Successful IVF Cycle
    2. 7 Ways To Prepare For Your IVF or FET Transfer
    3. 10 Things You & Your Body Need During An IVF Cycle
    4. The Top 4 Reasons IVF Doesn’t Work
    5. Implantation After IVF: 10 Crucial Tips
    6. DHEA & Improving Ovarian Reserves

    You might also find my IVF Cycle Journals (Failed Cycle & Successful Cycle) interesting.

    Good luck hun. What time line do you have in mind?



    @ucheo hun, how did yesterday’s scan go? I hope excellently well  :heart:

    Do you have any dates now?



    @jaykay hun, I’m so sorry to hear that you were actually admitted. So sorry hun. But I’m glad you’re better now  :hugs: . Health is wealth, and your beautiful frozen babies will wait for you  :cold:   :cold: . Just get yourself ready first. If you want to wait a cycle or two, that’s okay too  :yes:

    Back to work on Monday. Are you looking forward to it? The distraction might be good for you, and will make the time run by  :plane:   :plane:



    Hi Nicole . Hi Bos,

    Scan  went well

    My transfer has been scheduled for Friday next week. looking forward to it . The  best part is no more injections  :yahoo:



    Yaaaay @ucheo hun  :yahoo: :yahoo:

    So so happy that you no longer have to endure any more needless! Issa countdown to Friday  :wohoo:   :wohoo:   :plane:   :plane:



    Halllooooo, lovely ladies  :heart:

    I’m not exactly a Beyonce fan, but Beychella is giving me goals mehn  :haha: . What! That girl is a hard worker, and I’m stepping into this new week like  B-)   B-)

    I hope everyone’s doing great!

    How’s your first day back at work, @jaykay hun? Hope not too stressful.  :hugs:

    Amina @ucheo hun, we’re so counting down with you for Friday  :yahoo:

    Brown @brown, I hope the links prove useful. Blowing you lots of  :dust: hun

    Wunmi @wunmiabi, sending you lots of   :hug:   :hug: today!

    FruitfulVine @fruitfuldamsel praying along with you, as you resume your shots today hun! Hope you’re doing great today :hugs:

    Omoge @liefde, sending you loads and loads of  :hugs:   :hugs: today! Don’t worry hun. Everything will be okay  :heart:   :rose:

    Ebere @eby dear, how are you today? Have you made any decisions?  :hug:

    Nikkypearl @nikky07 dear, how are you today? Let me know if you’d like me to send you links to some of our IVF articles, if it’ll help you with your decision process  :hugs:

    Grace @beejay, I’ll ask some of our members if they have any reviews of Grabbo or Care. I’m working on something, but if any of our members can share immediate information, that would be great. FruitfulVine @fruitfuldamsel, do you know anyone who’s used any of them?

    Bos @bosa my babe, how you dey? This weekend, I finally got the malaria out of my system. It wasn’t funny at all. Hope you had a good weekend  :hugs:



    Thanks Nicole  i really appreciate ur concern am  really finding it difficult deciding which hospital to cycle with as i reside in Aba.

    kindly send me the IVF articles .
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks</p>



    Hi Ladies!

    I pray for the BFPs to rain too. :heart:   :rose:

    Wishing everyone a blessed week.




    Hi @nicole,

    I’m fine, thank you.

    I know a few people that used Grabbo, of recent my colleague used them and i feel bad because I gave the recommendation, the first cycle failed. They were given a generous discount for the second cycle…they got a BFP but scan later showed something about the fetus not growing so it’s back to square one for them. Also, my colleague’s neighbour invited her sister from the USA to try them out and the lady got a BFP…so you understand that these things don’t follow any particular order. I got a BFN in DIFF but so far two of my friends have their BFPs, we know there’s no magic wand…I don’t even understand these things.



    Hello everyone, wishing everyone success at their various stages of cycling @wunmiabi @jaykay @liefde @eby@nicole @ucheo @fruitfuldamsel@beejay @nikky07  baby dust :dust:

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