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    Thanks @nicole :heart:



    Yes o, one needs to plan very well, with all the  money  they are calling. @bosa. We will find out all these  information. :heart:



    Hi @ bosa, the preliminary tests in Georges is about 110k. Thats was around the amount we paid.



    Thanks for the info, @mabel hun! Wow! That’s a far cry from the 30-something I paid in my time  :wacko:

    cc: @bosa



    That’s about what i paid at Olive mid last year so not sure if that’s the current rate there. Thanks @mabel




    @nicole 30 something ke

    hmm. We did most of our tests independently at pathcare before heading over to Georges .

    Georges had no qualms accepting them as that’s where they use anyways

    It wasn’t up to N110k sha but definitely way above N30K @bosa @mabel


    MRS. AL

    @nicole what an interesting thread. The fact that Dr. Faye has to apologize is also a good one but on a second thought his reputation and that of the hospital is at stake and all these negative reviews is not good for business. Word travels fast and nobody wants to put their money where they feel you are doing them a favor (when no be like say na free work you give them).

    For me, I have baby JOA at the moment and I am not considering anything soon but DH and I are already talking about setting money aside should in case we have to go that route again when the time comes. Of course our last two experiences was with The Bridge clinic and we have been disappointed with them and will not be going back to them to contribute to their financial stat in anyway (the time they will hear from me is when I have to go for that their so called post-cycle review which God help will not be pleasant. When I am ready for them on that suject).

    But the question remains, if we have to go that route, WHERE will it be? Where will we get value for our money in all ramification. DH talked about outside the country but with baby JOA we have added responsibility and gone are the days we can just pack our bags, up and leave. And not to talk of the cost of raising a child now.

    I don’t think these hospitals can empathize with the internal and external battles we have to face on the journey of TTC. They have no idea our ordeal with infertility. We are not asking for anyone to feel sorry for us, we just need for them to understand that it hurts our bank accounts and even more our hearts when our cycles fail and we are treated in such a inhumane manner.

    God help us!

    @nicole, @oluwakemine, @ldike, @ipheoma, @reggy, @bosa, @mrsd, @mabel, @max, @mimibabe, @sommie, @hephziba, @maiyaram, @olufola, @binta, @estarib



    Indeed, God help us. All this just shows that, the clinics are not perfect and the sad truth is, they might not get the gist of the whole wahala. Which is why, I think, in the end, God is the one, who does the business. Let Him lead!



    @MRS.AL the DH and I have talked about this and we have both agreed that its all in God’s hands. Like @mabel said at yours, we shouldn’t expect too much from the clinics because they are almost all the same but this is hard to ignore with the kind of money they Charge. But I for one would never go back to St Ives but a colleague has been signing there praises as she got a BRP on her 1st Cycle. I am doing a lot of prayers and holding on to the promises of God, may God use all the Doctors and Staff of the Clinic to bless me with my babies on my next cycle because 2 failed cycles in 6 months has left a huge hole in our finances. @oluwakemine @nicole



    My sisters, let us just pray and trust us God to grant us success with whichever hospital we cycle with. No one will share his glory, we will all truimph in Jesus name. Amen



    @Mrs. AL,

    Very well said, I couldn’t have said it any better. This cycle was tough for me financially. I had to borrow money on my own from my family members to finance this cycle. My husband was against this cycle. He said he is fed up of paying for IVF.

    So this 2WW he is just looking at me as in, if it doesn’t work out he is waiting to tell me, I told you so didn’t I.

    We just moved to Lagos from Abuja for my husband’s job. I was also searching for a job as I was doing the treatment, and I found one to start in January because my husband already told me that I am on my own and he is not paying anymore and he actually cannot afford it.

    Whatever the result of the cycle will be, my ass will be in the office working to pay off the cost of this cycle.

    What I just mean is that, I agree with you, the financial cost of IVF is a huge ordeal for us ladies struggling with infertility.




    @mrs-al, you hit the nail squarely on the head. But as the @mabel, @mrsd, and @oluwakemine have said, it is about trusting God first, because they all have their own wahala. That said oh, it’s good to be be forewarned, so one at least knows what to expect, to be able to make an informed decision.

    @max, I feel you hun. IVF can literally drain one’s resources. Is it easy coughing out millions for every cycle?! But I pray that GOD gives you a wonderful surprise this cycle hun!   :cloud9:   :cloud9:


    Funny Girl

    My people my people, Good morning. @mimibabe I laughed hard at your 9m expression. God dey my sister. I just imagined telling DH we need 9m…….nah, I can’t even imagine his expression.

    @max, I believe our Great God will listen to your prayers and bless this cycle. It is well.

    @nicole, @oluwakemine,  @mrs-Al,  @Mabel,  @Idike  before Nicole wrote her letter to Georges I had actually written them.  I poured out my entire feelings and felt better. I sent the email to their general email box but Dr. Faye replied with his personal mail and he didn’t try giving all those our Nigerian excuses, he apologized and requested I come to the clinic on my next appointment. So I am cool  with Georges now and hope the next letter I will write will be a commendation letter.

    @bosa, I called Ark to book an appointment cos I saw on their website that the Dr. has a specialisation  in PCOS treatment. Registration and consultation prices were ok but I asked for IVF price and the Lady said 750k minus drugs. I did a mental calculation……..I had  to respect my age and relax. TTC is expensive. Funny enough, I booked an appointment for last week Wednesday,  till now no calls from them to either confirm the appointment or find out why I didn’t show up.

    All these clinics should just get a Fertility treatment patient cordinator whose work is just to patiently follow up on patients undergoing one procedure or the other.  It doesn’t cost so much. Someone with empathy preferably someone who has TTCed before and understands the struggle. In short they should employ me!!!


    MRS. AL

    @mrsd @max @mabel @nicole @oluwakemine @reggy @bosa @ldike very well said, our prayers are always up and no one will share HIS glory.

    @max, God and God alone will come through for you! We pray!

    @reggy!!!!!!!!! Yes they need to give you that job for real!!!!!!!!!!!!



    @max May God make this cycle end in praises. Don’t worry about your husband, however the situation he will support you.

    @mrsd 2 cycles in 6 months is definitely draining, its taking us over 6months to get ready for cycle 2 so i cant imagine. We pray the next cycle ends in praises. Your prayer is what we all need to pray – may God use all the Doctors and Staff of the Clinic to bless me with my babies on my next cycle, Amen.

    @reggy my friend told me that last weekend but i was waiting for @nicole, @oluwakemine to come up with the price list so as to hear from the horses mouth. I wonder what that means. I prefer Georges for proximity so i am still torn like i said prices will determine.

    We need to pray for our husbands, bless God most of them are supportive. When i hear cases of husbands not accepting ART i wonder, so let’s praise God. Let’s also remember those whose husbands have refused ART and pray he opens their heart to see it is all by his power only. Men can be all bark and no bite sha, my husband that was ok with one child and asking me why i worry myself. This year he is the one who kept asking why we haven’t started. So let’s try not to worry too much about what they say as they do not have an outlet for their emotions most times and just pretend to be macho.

    :dust: :dust:


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