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    well done ladies @oluwakemine @nicole waiting to see the updated ranking. like @mrsd suggested it would be nice to hear about other hospitals besides Georges and Olive. I had my cerclage @ roding VI and i honestly have taken a liking to them. May just use them in the future. Downside though is they don’t have a resident anaesthetist. So if you wan do cerclage, CS etc , thats how they will wait o till whoever shows up from either Premier or another hospital



    @nicole, @oluwakemi, well done on the research. I’m new in Lagos and the only fertility hospital I know is the Olive Branch and I agree with your observations so far. Are you going to talk about cost when you do the review? I’m I the only one that finds the Olive Branch very costly? Surrogacy at the Olive branch is almost 9 million and a donor/IVF/ICsi/immune regulation cycle is 1,7 million.



    Well done and God bless @nicole and @oluwakemi for us. You ladies are just to awesome



    Thanks @bosa, @ldike, @mrsd and @max   :hugs:   :hugs:   :hugs:

    @bosa, Gynoscope is in Port Harcourt, right? That’s really interesting. We’ll look them up :yes:

    @ldike, I keep hearing mixed things about Roding. I even thought you were in their new Lekki hospital. My dear, as long as you are comfortable with the place,hun. Generally, Roding is a good hospital, and my friends say they have very good Paediatricians. But aaaaaah, no anaesthetist???!! Ah, that one na yawa oh  :haha:

    @max, NINE MILLION??????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like NINE, N-I-N-E MILLION?????????????!!!!! That is just all shades of wrong!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAT??! We have ranked the clinics according to cost, but I think we will be a bit more explicit. Gosh, I’m still in shock!

    @mrsd, you’re too kind hun  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:




    So, I was chatting with @reggy, and she shared with me the most DISTURBING news about the doctor of this clinic!!!!!

    @oluwakemine and I met with him (Dr. Norbert Ekeh), and even though we were impressed by his pricing, we weren’t at all impressed by the setup, and everywhere just seemed shabby and scattered. He told us he had moved back to Nigeria, after his sister’s IVF cycle had failed. So, he basically was trying to give back to society.


    In fact, I can’t shout! Here is the link @reggy shared with me! @oluwakemine, you will be weak!!! http://www.nairaland.com/773873/anyone-trying-ivf-iui-icsi/173#39091317

    GOD HAVE MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cc: @bosa, @mrsd, @max, @ldike, @oluwakemine



    Lemme use Mrs AL   @mrs-al statement, Olive branch think say, people dey pluck money for their backyard? 9 wetin again, even for all that personal touch and services, 9 million is on the very high side abeg.


    As for that Regenesis doctor, seling us bobo, thank God for the internet. God save TTC moms o.

    cc: @bosa, @mrsd, @max, @ldike, @nicole



    shebi the 9million is for Surrogacy because IVF @ Olive branch is between 970k – 1.3m o.

    @nicole Gyenoscope is in PH, passed by the facility a couple of times but never been inside, I have also heard a lot of good things bout them plus I think the cost isn’t high too (bout 700k).

    Also read about that Regenesis guy . I am eagerly waiting for this full review o, una well done @oluwakemi @bos @idike



    @max when did you get that pricing from Olive? He told me 900-1.08M for IVF, 1.4M for donor/IVF. As in Emeka himself opened his mouth and told you Surrogacy is 9M????? (pls dnt mind me, just checking)  :scratch:

    Well i guess its for as many attempts as possible shey? My friend – the one i’m looking for surrogacy info for, is based in the US she said they told her $100k so i guess 9M is still far from there, but she’s run off with the 4M information i sent her thanks to @reggy – i’m hoping that works out for her.

    @nicole @oluwakemine is there any plan to have pricing estimates as you conduct your research? At least let us know which hospitals to attempt or run from  🙂

    My prayer for us is for the good Lord to provide us with the resources to afford these things. :dust:


    Funny Girl

    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Million??????. Hey Chineke God.

    @bos, tell you friend to also contact diff hospital Abuja, they have very good surrogate service but expensive. Then your friend should also investigate more about that clinic i posted, one has to be very careful.

    @nicole,  please leave Regenesis. That man is a big fraud.

    Olive branch, Dr Emeka has big pride that can also show tiny traits of arrogance.  I have always interpreted it as his igbo genes working but overall he is a good doctor.

    I think I will visit the Ark    :coffee:



    @mrsd Gynoscope – PH hers was almost 2m.  she had cerclage which was almost 250k and she said her injections kept piling.



    Na wa oh! So a poor man can not do IVF in this country sha!

    We will definitely include the pricing, ladies :good:

    cc: @oluwakemine, @bosa, @mrsd, @reggy, @max, @ldike



    @nicole, @mrsd, @bos, @ivuoma, @oluwakemi, @linda, I am very sure about the 9,000,000 naira surrogacy price at Olive Branch. He gave me an invoice, I have it on paper and it is only for ONE try, I repeat, ONE try. The thing at the Olive Branch is that  the initial price he gives you in the beginning is not the final price, it increases as the treatment carries on. I started the donor IvF cycle at 1,300,000, then he added sperm freezing, immunotherapy drugs and blastocyst embryo technology to everything all amounting to 1,800,000 naira. If I freeze extra embryos, I have to pay an additional 248,000 naira. So just one cycle will cost me 2,048,000 naira.

    Then if I carry on to early pregnancy management, it costs an additional 240,000 naira.

    As the cycle advances, he adds money to the initial cost.

    That clinic is bloody expensive.






    @max, my mouth is just open! So why did he give us another impression then?! This is the same doctor that said he always gives patients a fixed figure, and never adds anything along the way, so there are no surprises. Abi, didn’t I hear him right @oluwakemine?!

    Na wa oh! Pele my dear @max. It will end in praise :hug:



    @max for one try????? thats so unfair, the info @reggy gave was 4m for several attempts….He is in Nigeria oh does he think this is America?

    For me he stuck to the price he gave me oh, no surprises….my cycle was cancelled sha so i dont know if it would have increased as it advanced. @mrsd pls confirm your prices also. So you paid almost 1M extra for the inital price of 1.3M…see gobe!!! what if i don’t have??

    @reggy she won’t be going to abuja so its Lagos she needs info for..Oh girl you are feeling me on this Ark business. The fact Dr. Bero is a TTC warrior sealed the deal for me…Im sold and i pray i wont be disappointed.  :dust:




    @Bos, I’m so sorry to hear that your cycle was cancelled, all is well IJN.

    If you had reached the stage of embryo transfer, if you wanted to grow your embryos to day 5 blastocysts, it costs an additional 168,000 naira and then 248,000 naira if you want to freeze your embryos at the Olive Branch.


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