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April – June 2017 Cycle Buddies

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    Hi ladies,

    How time flies, we are already in the second quarter of the year and already time to have another thread for our cycling mamas. :plane:   :plane:

    So, here’s welcoming you to the new thread.  :flasher:   :hugs:

    Lomski @uloma, hope you had an awesome birthday celebration. Any new updates about your cycle?

    Rabiat @rabeeyat, April 10th is almost here, rooting for you all the way :dust:

    Lala @lala, how’s the two week wait going? Hope you are taking things really easy. :dust:

    Jesusbaby @jesusbaby, it’s been a minute. Hope, everything is going great with you. :hugs:

    Oye @oye1, I’m so happy that your body is responding awesomely, so keeping fingers crossed for a successful cycle. :dust:

    Elle @elle, welcome and when you do make up your mind, let’s know. :yes:

    Bibi @bibi, dearest one, how body?

    Misi @misi, I see you have become an observer these days but no worries. Hope you are great.

    Godspeed @godspeed, how are you doing?

    Nicole @nicole, how’s the day going.

    Welcome once more to the new thread and may the lines fall onto us all in pleasant places this quarter in Jesus name. Amen.



    Amen. I’m fine my dear. Resting and praying. Tomorrow I have my progesterone check. Here’s wishing all of us loads of  sticky baby dust.      :dust:



    Hello, lovely ladies! A whole new thread! Wawu! Here’s dedicating this thread to signs and wonders of the Lord! May rejoicing and testimonies be our portion, in JESUS’ name!


    @uloma hun…you know we’re rooting for you as you prep for your FET. Everything will end in praise, by HIS grace  :cloud9:   :cloud9:


    @lala, counting down to that wonderful  :bfp:   :bfp: of yours  :yahoo:   :yahoo:


    @oye1 hun, how is it going with the shots? We’re rooting for you all the way :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:


    @rabeeyat dear, I can’t believe I missed your earlier post. So excited for you hun. We’re counting down with you, as we approach your start date :hugs:


    @tinu, did you end up checking the other clinics? Blowing you lots of  :dust:   :dust: hun!


    @elle hun, officially welcoming you to our group  :friends: . Anything you need, just holler hun  :yes:


    @mdif dear, long time no hear! How have you been? Any plans to cycle again soon?


    @tina101 how are you dearie? I hope the withdrawal symptoms have reduced or gone completely  :hugs: :hug:. Any idea when you’ll start down regulating?


    Welcome to our family, @mamaejima  :friends: . I just saw your question about Lifeshore. I haven’t heard of them, and I live in Surulere. Where exactly are they located?


    @tokunbo hun, welcome to our family  :friends: . So sorry to read about your failed cycles. To be honest, I think you should consider the donor route, especially if quality is an issue. It’s better than spending so much in vain. What clinic are you using?


    @aseyori hun, blowing you lots of hugs and  :kiss:   :kiss: . How have you been?


    @september hun, have you made a decision about what route to go? Sending you loads of  :hugs:


    @pearl, our WARRIOR! Sending you lots of  :hugs: and  :kiss: today. How are you hun?


    @bibi dearie, how you dey? How your side?  :friends:   B-)


    Our honorary, reluctant member @bosa, you can see we’re not releasing you anytime soon  :haha:


    @jesusbaby,  @godspeed and  @misi, hope you’re doing great  :friends:   :friends:   :friends:


    May this new month of April bring us only the very best  :cloud9:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:





    @nicole and @oluwakemine Thanks guys, We’ve settled on The Bridge sha, spoke to someone over the phone but yet to visit the place….maybe next weekend *fingers crossed*



    @ Nicole, shots are going fine. Pain from the menogon is there but its what we have to do.



    Doing fine and keeping fingers crossed until end of next week.@Nicole @oluwakemine



    Sorry about the pain, Oye @oye1,

    Elle @elle, glad to know you are moving forward.  Don’t be in a hurry to settle on them, look at other clinics too and weigh your options.

    Pearl @pearl, sending loads of baby dust your way.



    Sorry about the pain, Oye @oye1,

    Elle @elle, glad to know you are moving forward.  Don’t be in a hurry to settle on them, look at other clinics too and weigh your options.

    Pearl @pearl, sending loads of baby dust your way.



    Good luck ladies….

    :dust:   :dust:




    Hello beautiful sisters, I have started down regulation today with zoladex… Wishing us all baby dust



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    Sending loads of good luck wishes Rabiat @rabeeyat as you start your cycle today.

    :dust: :dust:   :dust:

    cc: @nicole @bibi @bosa @uloma @lala @aseyori



    Hello All, please who has the address of the acupuncture place? Urgent please.



    Hi Oye @oye1, here’s the address, Dr Essien,

    18 Agoro Kessington Street Amuwo Odofin
    Opposite Villa Park Hotel
    Mile 2 / Festac Access Road, Lagos.

    Okunmopo Street, Behind Wadbash Shopping Complex,
    Wadbash Bus Stop, Sangotedo
    Lekki Ajah Expressway.

    The Korean place is in Surulere, on Ogunlana



    Guess, who just got her  :bfp:   :bfp:   :bfp: ? It’s Isi @mimibabe!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: One of our forever babes. We love you like Isi and sooooo happy at this news. :wohoo:   :wohoo:   :wohoo:  Can’t even begin to explain, how you make me feel today  :yahoo: :hugs:   :hugs: Isn’t this our God just too good? This God is too good oh.

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    cc: @nicole @bibi @bosa @uloma @lala @aseyori @rabeeyat @esha @chyfaith @pearl

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