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    @pearl your story left me speechless. You are a strong woman!!!

    @emaimo @reggy your stories helped me to count my blessings… Our all knowing God will surprise us indeed. Stay strong ladies!


    Katty Holzman

    <span class=”handle-sign”>@</span>emaimo Your story is so strong and positive. I’m struggling with infertility too. Round 1 IVF just failed in October and we’re considering our chances with a second round and if there’s something we can do to improve our chances. I’ve had to deal with such insensible people a lot. TTC since 2014 even before we got married but it just never happened so far. The forums are the only place where I get women who support (other than his sis and my mom). Hope your struggles end soon! sending all the good wishes and prayers.  :heart:



    Sending you hugs, @kattyholz :hugs:

    Are you planning on cycling again soon?



    Hello Katty @kattyholz, so sorry about your failed cycle. Did you do a post cycle review and did your doctor try to find out why the cycle failed? That’s a good starting point in preparing for the second round of treatment.

    As for other people’s insensitivity, sometimes, they can’t help it, but thank God you have your mom and your sis who support you. We are here too if you need to talk. :hugs:   :hugs:   :hugs:


    Katty Holzman

    I already have too many problems to consider that an IVF won’t work as easily as it’s expected. I have PCOS, low egg quality and have had 3 chemical pregnancies before my Dr thinks there’s some abnormality in the MAG pattern to affect the uterine receptivity as well. So, there are more than 1 reason to blame for the failed IVF round. Dr thinks it will be only wise to move on with DE+IVF but we’re a bit reluctant over that as of now. We’re consulting other clinics and treatment options that sounds promising for improving egg quality and uterine receptivity. Hoping for the best as of now with our second IVF.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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