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    Heyyyyy, lovely ladies  :cloud9:   :cloud9:   :cloud9:


    Not every time TTC abeg!


    So, we’re giving away these gorgeous shoes (Size 9 US / Size 7 UK / Size 40 Eur)  to any of our active members! There are so many aspects of our lives that are not TTC-related, and we just want to be able to celebrate these other aspects of our GLAM lives!


    All you have to do is share any fun story about yourself, that isn’t TTC-related! Anything at all will do. Let’s get to know each other better  :friends:   :friends:


    To qualify, you have to be an active member (no ghost members surfacing to collect the shoes and run away  :argh: ), and resident in Lagos!


    Looking forward to hearing our fun stories  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:

    cc:@nicole @nadia @elle @akosua  @nekkyg @goldie10 @lizzy @mrsciw @bosa @ujay @chyfaith @ibukun @salamigirl3k @eniola @oyinpd @nkemka @iyawodiipo @ange @angel  @msadesuwa @eka @lilymaram @emaimo @edojaprecious @chinny @namy @joys @chixavier @wemi  @missamerley @mztee @pcosinlusaka @missfafa @mummybryan @nkay @olay @dsquared @dedebonyaki @tiwa @ayokuleyin @bola2016 @mzoj @tushtati01 @ebi-4@bukkiearegbe @tamtam @eguns @olufunmi @abeemah @oyinforever @egobaby @dinma14 @wonuola @emeraldmoni30@asimco @angel-2 @ladylorrie @stephanie @uwaye @iphii @abbyigold @asenath @ikechukwungozi @babynaatey @olugod @fruitfuldamsel @fany @joy022 @juleskemi @uloma @kemi @yinca @graciee @teemah @muanya @teeade22 @jennic @xteeu @aseyori @esty @mickey @hodeejah @bibi  @chigirl @victoriaezeigbo @temotighoken @joesmal01 @drkome @nubia @diamond1 @aysha @babispice22  @chiko @mabel @funyi @tumininu @euniceeche @elsie @angel @naaadzane @pearl  @beebee @aadetoyin @eby @kikianaswagger  @joyfulmother @misi



    Adeduro Ameenah Oluwatoosin

    I want shoes ooo… And why residents in Lagos only?


    The Fertile Chick

    For logistics hun ❤


    Adeduro Ameenah Oluwatoosin

    Which logistic??? I want shoes ooooo


    Famakinwa Adeola Adijat

    i want the shoes oooo



    Ghost Member… :haha:   :haha:

    This is gorgeous and adorable (but am not size 40 nor a heel person) 🙁 , and the condition for the giveaway sends lots of signals/messages to me. @nicole.

    I have been all my life too immersed in my health that I can not remember the definition of fun, everything just seems too serious and normal.

    The only thing I can say maybe ”fun” was/is my trial and error in the kitchen from trying to make puff-puff(failed 3times) to bread(failed several times and yet to get it) then akara(failed once and am pro now) and husband teaching me how to make egusi soup (just got it 2years ago after several fail, thanks to youtube vidoes.)… :yes:   :yes:

    Hoping I get a glimpse of what people call fun someday. 🙂 (Hope I’m not sounding too TTC-related.) :unsure:

    CC: @oluwakemine @bosa




    @pearl, you have me  :haha:   :rofl: at your kitchen stories. I never even bothered with bread…too much kneading abeg. But abeg, share your egusi recipe with us ooooh!


    And no, it’s not too TTC-related  :cloud9:   :cloud9:



    Pearl @pearl!!! :haha:   :haha:

    Sorry ladies, it’s just for Lagos residents, who are active on the site.



    @pearl pls note that puff-puff thing eh i never get it right also…not only you, i tire.. :haha:

    I do all the mixing leading to akara frying but it still turns out flat but my nanny fries it better so i have also given up on that..

    Pls live this life we get only once well, have fun in small doses babes…. :yahoo:

    @oluwakemine @nicole i am a size 7 but those heels seem too high for my knees and i dont even have a story….looking forward to reading others. :good:



    If you say oh @bos. Another member of the no-stiletto shoes club. Una know una selves. :haha:   :haha:

    This kitchen business serious o, but why enjoy life in small doses? I like whichever dose comes along at a time.

    Looking forward to reading other stories too.



    @pearl , @bosa and @oluwakemine, y’all need to pay me for my puff-puff recipe oh! The thing is LIT  B-)   B-)   B-)




    WakaPass member Alert!!!!!! I thought we were to write fun stories and get shoes, how did it suddenly become recipe-giving session?its like nobody wants it, so please send the shoes to me cos I like the shoes, I want the shoes, and its my size. Talking about kitchen stuff, how can I make Akamu thick without having to cook it. its been years now and i have never gotten it right.@nicole, @oluwakemine



    We have not changed the criteria @bibi. Still fun stories (non-TTC related), which you’re yet to share by the way. Kitchen wins and misses just happen to come up, because of @pearl‘s contribution.

    Not sure, we will be able to pay you for that puff-puff recipe oh @nicole, so you have to share for love’s sake.

    Meanwhile, @bibi, it’s the consistency of the akamu mixture before you pour hot water, that determines, how thick it is afterwards. If you want it to be thick, use little water to mix it and if you want it light, add a bit more water.



    @bibi, they are yours as soon as you share with us a story  😉  😉  😉  😉  😉  😉

    Don’t leave us hanging oooo  :munch:   :munch:



    @bibi OYO is your case :haha:

    Better share your story and let’s laugh jare.

    @nicole i’m waiting for this puff puff recipe, you no longer need it shey now you are keto-fied….  :haha:

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