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    Hello lovely ladies!

    How have you been? Hope 2016 is treating you well  :heart:

    @bibi, how are you dear? Have you decided on anything yet?

    @enkay hun, long time no hear! How have you been? Any plans for the next cycle?

    @moyinoluwa, how are you dear? Hope you are well  :hugs: :hugs:



    Hi Nicole, not decided anything yet. Will decide by month end, still enjoying the new year. :hug:



    Awesome, @bibi! May the Good Lord direct you :hugs:



    Hi lovely ladies!

    How is everyone doing?

    @enkay, it’s been a while. How are you hun? Any plans yet?

    @bibi dear, how’s everything with you? How’s work and all? Sending lots of :hugs: your way

    Welcome to our group, @etiosag hun  :hugs:

    Tagging you in this group, @tee. We try to support the healing process here. Sending you lots of  :hug:   :hug:

    Hi @moyinoluwa hun  :hugs:





    HAPPY NEW MONTH, darling ladies :hug:



    Happy birthday Nicole @nicole. Today is your day, have a ball. We love you.🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉

    cc: @adeola @enkay @mrsvalentino @iphe @moyinoluwa @tee @bibi @beebee @etiosag @bigmummy @hephziba @binta




    Thank you hun :hugs:



    Hello ladies :rose:   :rose: . Our partner, Beibei Haven has a fertility walk coming up, which they would like us to be part of.

    BeiBei Haven Fertility walk is an avenue for everyone to participate in raising awareness on topics relating to fertility issues.

    There is so much silence surrounding Infertility, it affect so many Nigerians but no one want to talk about it making those having to go through it feel so alone and ashamed. We want couples going through it to know that they are not alone. If you know someone struggling to conceive come for the walk to show you care. Anyone can participate either as a walker and/or donor. Funds raised through the WALK will go towards offering free fertility treatment cycles to low-income earners.

    The foundation has partnered with 3 of the best Fertility Clinics in Nigeria who have generously offered to give free fertility treatments. All free Fertility Treatments from the clinics and as a result of donations will be done with them.

    Georges Memorial Clinic (

    The Bridge Clinic (

    The Olive Branch (

    Each step of the walk is a reminder that no one with fertility challenges should walk alone.

    The objective of this initiative scheduled for the morning of the 16th of July 2016 is to remove the stigma around infertility, support couples going through fertility challenges and educate the populace on the reasons why some couples struggle to conceive as well as options available for them.


    BeiBei Haven Foundation is a non-governmental  driven by its mandate to support women and/or couples through their journey from trying to conceive to parenthood. We support those struggling with Fertility issues; Miscarriage and Genotype challenges.

    Want to come for the walk? Register at

    Interested in donations or sponsorship?

    Go to / call 08127985641

    Find out more about the Fertility walk by following us on Instagram @beibeihaven

    Kindly encourage low-income earners to apply for a free fertility treatment cycle by texting (free treatment; name and number to 08127985641).

    cc: @adeola @enkay @mrsvalentino @iphe @moyinoluwa @tee @bibi @beebee@etiosag @bigmummy @hephziba @binta



    Hello ladies,  :heart:   :heart: How’s the new week looking like for you. Hope good, in fact, it’s got no choice but to be good.   :yes:

    I hope you’re making plans to attend the Beibei Haven Fertility Walk. It will be really nice to see you all there.

    Also, they have T-shirts for the Walk, going for 2000 naira, which is really to help towards the fund raising for the free IVF cycle being offered to low income couples, who need it but can’t afford to do it.  If you are interested in having the T-shirts, get in touch with me and we will sort it out.

    Enjoy your day ladies. :rose:

    cc: @adeola @enkay @mrsvalentino @iphe @moyinoluwa @tee @bibi @beebee@etiosag @bigmummy @hephziba @binta @nicole



    Hi lovely ladies. I thought to touch base with everyone…just to blow kisses everyone’s way.

    A failed cycle is tough…and sometimes we can’t help but feel angry…and maybe even a little cheated. I know that’s how I felt when my cycle failed. I couldn’t help but wonder…why me? Why did my own cycle fail when everyone else got their :bfp:. It’s normal…but never lose hope. Never lose faith in the fact that God is working everything out, and it will be alright in the end.

    If anyone needs to talk, don’t hesitate to drop a line…or send me a private message if you prefer. I’m here  :hug:   :hug:   :hug:


    @mimibabe  @ayeeluvjyahoo-com, @diamond1 @osato @beebee @binta @adeola @enkay @mrsvalentino @iphe @tee @etiosag @bigmummy @binta  @sassymom @yettybella @feyikemi @bigmummy @chybaby @jakubuo





    My darling ladies. How is everyone doing?


    I haven’t bothered you ladies, because I know that, for a lot of us, we just want to retreat and regroup. But you have all been on my mind. I’ve been there…walked in your shoes…and I know how this feels.


    How has everyone been?


    Isi hun @mimibabe, we just spoke yesterday. I’m glad to hear you sounding more like yourself hun. Praying for a wonderful 2017  :heart: :heart:


    Hephziba @hephziba, you are on my mind almost everyday. My heart still breaks over what happened. But somehow, knowing you, I know you would have moved forward by now. How are you hun? How have you been? Did you guys cycle again?


    Ayee Dee hun @ayeeluvjyahoo-com, how have you been? I’ve been thinking about you a lot. Did you decide to cycle again? Whatever the case, sending you lots and lots of :hugs: . We miss you!


    Oluchi dear @oluchi, how have you been? I wanted to get in touch but I lost your number with my phone that was stolen late last year. How have you been? How have you been progressing? Send me a message when you can hun  :heart:


    My dear Fatimah @binta, how you dey? How did it go with Dr. Alabi? And also the Nigerian PCOS Meal Plan. Did you customize it to suit you? Did you decide to cycle again?  Miss you loads  :hugs:



    Nkiruka love @enkay . How have you been? You never responded to all the messages I was barraging you with. Did you ever make it to The Ark? Did you ever cycle again? We miss you  :heart:


    Tee hun @tee, how have you been? You said you would cycle again after a year or so. Did you eventually? Sending you lots of  :hugs:


    Lady Eti @etiosag, I’ve really been thinking of you. How have you been? Did you cycle again? I hope you didn’t suffer OHSS again. Please let me know how you are, because you’ve really, really been on my mind  :rose:


    Sassy Mom @sassymom, I’ve really missed having you around here  :heart: . How have you been hun? Did you ever cycle again?


    Nkay @jakubuo, how have you been? How did you resolve things with that doctor eventually? Did you decide to cycle again? Sending you truckloads of  :heart: :heart:


    Chybaby @chybaby , how have you been hun? Been thinking about you a lot. I just wanted to give you time to regroup. Did you and DH decide whether to cycle again? Miss you  :hugs:   :hugs:


    MsTee hun @mztee. So glad to have heard from you yesterday…so so glad! Even more glad that you have a plan for your FET. It shall surely end in praise hun  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:


    Tito hun @rubie, the lady with the gorgeous avatar  :heart: . How have you been hun? What’s next for you? Did you decide to cycle again? We miss all your colorful posts  :hugs:


    Deedee sweetie @deedee, I’ve been giving you time to recover and didn’t want to badger you. How have you been hun? Thinking of you loads  :hugs: . Will you be cycling anytime soon?


    Feyikemi love @feyikemi, how have you been? I hope MIL has relaxed with the pressure. Have you made any new cycle plans for this year. Sending you plenty plenty  :hugs:   :hugs:


    Esha dearie @esha, how have you been? Thinking of you and sending you lots of  :hugs: . Have you made any new plans?



    Satries love @osato, my fine babe. How now? I’m so glad to have hung out with you last month. Blowing you lots of  :dust: :dust:  for your next cycle  :heart: :heart:


    Diamond1 dear @diamond1, how have you been? I hope you’re feeling much better now  :hugs: . Do you think you’ll be ready for another cycle soon?


    Akins dearie @beebee, I’m so confident that 2017 is THE year for you hun! I have everything crossed for you babe! Blowing you tons of :dust: :dust: :dust:


    Yettybella hun @yettybella, how are you now? Have you tried any other Clomid cycles? Blowing you loads of  :dust: :dust: and praying for that :bfp: hun  :heart: :heart:


    Nneka sweetie @nekkyg, how are you? Thank God we’ve been touching base, at least in the prayer thread. Are you also trying another Clomid cycle? 2017 is your year hun  :heart:   :heart:   :heart:   :cloud9:


    Welcome to our group, @joesmal1. Please tell us about yourself  :friends:


    cc: @oluwakemine





    Happy Women’s Day to some truly special women!  :heart:   :heart:

    I hope you are all doing well. I know some of you might be in the process of cycling again. Whatever the case, always remember that we love you! May the GOOD LORD hear our prayers and bless us with our heart’s desires!

    But even as we pray, let us remember to be good to ourselves! We are WORTH IT…no matter what :hug: :hug:


    @mimibabe,  @hephziba@ayeeluvjyahoo-com@binta, @enkay@tee, @etiosag, @sassymom, @jakubuo, @chybaby , @mztee@osato, @diamond1, @beebee, @yettybella,  @rubie @deedee @feyikemi @esha @joesmal1 @oluwakemine




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    Nicole @nicole said it all… “We love you and can never forget you.” Happy International Women’s Day. #BeBoldForChange. For the change that you seek. :hugs:

    All the best :heart:   :heart:

    :dust:   :dust:   :dust:

    cc: @mimibabe,  @hephziba@ayeeluvjyahoo-com@binta, @enkay@tee, @etiosag, @sassymom, @jakubuo, @chybaby , @mztee@osato, @diamond1, @beebee, @yettybella,  @rubie @deedee @feyikemi @esha @joesmal1 @nicole



    It’s Nicole @nicole‘s 40th birthday. Welcome to a the old age of youth and the beginning of life itself..:cake:  :cake:   :cake:

    cc: @mimibabe,  @hephziba@ayeeluvjyahoo-com@binta, @enkay@tee, @etiosag, @sassymom, @jakubuo, @chybaby , @mztee@osato, @diamond1, @beebee, @yettybella,  @rubie @deedee @feyikemi @esha @joesmal1

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