#Godwin – More TTC Testimonies


Oh how I LOVE these success stories! As a continuation of our first #Godwin article, this one highlights some of the most recent BFPs we have witnessed in our community!

In the year gone by, for me especially, I have had the privilege of witnessing the seemingly impossible become possible. Perhaps because I suffered infertility myself, I unconsciously started placing a lot more emphasis on science than faith…but this past year, I have had the most radical of paradigm shifts. Some of our community members have had the kind of experiences I might have thought were lies, if anyone had told me the story. The #Godwin series is not only to give hope to the thousands of TTC women out there, but so that we can see that sometimes, it isn’t all about science.

I’ll start with a lady I’ll call Zee. She joined our community last year, primarily because she was writing her thesis on infertility. She interviewed me via Skype, and as we chatted, I found out that she too was struggling with infertility, having been married for six years and TTC for five. Shortly after she and her husband moved to the U.K, doctors didn’t find any major fertility issues, except for a 2cm inch of fibroid, which they said was not harmful to conception, because of its size and position. Their case was seen as a classic case of unexplainable infertility, so they were recommended a few fertility procedures. They commenced IUI in 2012, and went through four cycles, three of which had complications due to inability to access her womb through her cervix. The fourth one that was successfully carried out didn’t work. Between these procedures, she had two hysteroscopy surgeries, one to dilate her cervix and the other to take out the fibroid that was seen earlier.


As we chatted, she told me they had been advised to try IVF, and I encouraged her to go for it! The following month (August 2015), after she submitted her final University thesis, she started her cycle. Because of her history of doctors being unable to access her womb using catheters, she was urged to undertake an IVF trial first, before commencing the main procedure. She did the trial two months before the main IVF procedure and this time it was easy. The catheter went through and her womb was accessed, so she commenced the main IVF procedure. But on the day of her embryo transfer, the same problem reared its head, with her doctor unable to access her womb. This time, the Medical director of the Clinic tried herself, three times without success, despite the fact that the cervix had been dilated twice, in line with her recommendation. So the procedure was cancelled, and they were asked to go home and prepare for another hysteroscopy to dilate the cervix, while the embryo would be frozen for them when they were ready.

When she shared this news with us, we were beyond devastated. It was such a blow. We encouraged her to take some time to heal her body and soul, and start again when she was ready.

If only we knew that God had other plans for her. That very month, Zee got pregnant naturally. At the end of the same month when her womb could not be accessed by different sizes of catheters, she conceived her baby naturally. Their son was born in June 2016. #Godwin!


Another lady, I’ll call her Gee, was someone I met on Bella Naija. From the comment section here, she joined our community and we soon became fast friends. When we met at the beginning of last year, she’d already had a failed IVF cycle before, and was preparing to cycle again. She and her husband had been TTC for a few years, and her husband had been earlier diagnosed with low sperm count. In the words of the doctor they saw at the time, it would only be through a miracle for her to conceive naturally and he advised them that IVF would be the only solution for them. Well, the IVF cycle failed. They then started the journey from Chinese drugs to traditional herbal medicine…everything they could think of they did. But none yielded any results. They tried IVF again, and it failed again. By now, she was drained, and decided to take a break. She was no longer active in our community, but we remained in touch on WhatsApp and Facebook. At this point, she and her husband decided to commit everything to God. More recent tests showed she wasn’t producing good quality eggs, and coupled with the low sperm count, their case appeared hopeless.

Gee told me that one day, she attended a church program and the Pastor, in his prayer, said “Your evidence will be twins”. She said she shouted and told her mother and two best friends that this was it! Even though they were already exhausted from journeying with her on the long TTC journey, they said Amen, regardless. Two weeks later, she missed her period, took a pregnancy test, and it was positive. She went to the hospital for confirmation, but the doctor told her that her uterus was empty, that it was probably an ectopic pregnancy, but asked for them to get blood work done regardless. Since she wasn’t in any pain, she and her husband convinced the doctor to let her go home. She lived nearby and could always return if anything happened. By her next visit to the hospital, not only was the uterus not empty, they found 2 sacs and 2 strong heartbeats. Twins!!! She said she was so surprised, she held the doctor so tight, he glanced at his phone probably to call security, before the crazy woman strangled him. Even as I write this, I am emotional. Gee’s story showed me that truly, it isn’t about science. #Godwin!


Another lady, I’ll call her Vee. We also met on Bella Naija. She has PCOS, and was battling with its ensuing effects…weight gain, absent periods…and infertility. She’d had a few IUI cycles before we met, and I was shocked to hear that she had also opted to self-medicate with injectables at some point. Radical! Eventually, she decided to try another IVF cycle, and even though there were a few logistic issues getting her dates synced, she eventually started her cycle late last year. But she hit a road block when, by the time of her egg collection, her uterine lining hadn’t shed to her doctor’s satisfaction. The result was she was advised not to transfer the embryos immediately, but to wait a cycle or two for the lining to shed. She was extremely disappointed, but waited nonetheless. Eventually, it was time for the transfer. We all waited with bated breath in the ensuing 2-weeks, only for the cycle to fail. It was heartbreaking. Vee is one of the most cheerful and selfless people you could ever meet, and as I mourned her negative result, she was full of cheer and even cracking jokes. She had a few frozen embryos, so, a few cycles later, opted for a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). She said she had little or no faith in it working. She just wanted to get the whole thing over and done with. Her medical team said they had never seen her so relaxed. She was very patient with the whole cycle, and even when her body didn’t respond to the medication and the cycle had to be prolonged yet again, she remained patient. She had acupuncture the day of the transfer, as well as the day after, and she confessed every positive prayer in the Bible. Anywhere fruitfulness was mentioned, she inserted her name and recited it.

Ten days after her transfer, she tested…and it was negative. But she remained hopeful. Two days later, she tested again…and this time, it was positive. For the first time since she got married, she got a positive pregnancy test result. And now, she is happily in her 2nd trimester, sporting the most gorgeous bump you can imagine. #Godwin!


These are just a few of the many inspiring stories I heard over the past year, and not only from our community. I heard so many stories about how faith trumped science, time and time again, how people with hitherto no hope were blessed beyond their wildest imagination.

Of course, I am not in any way trying to belittle the importance of science. Not at all. In fact, often times, I believe they go hand in hand. But like a community member, and dear friend likes to say, it’s just God’s way of showing off…of showing us who really is boss!

For those of us still in line for our miracle…keep the faith, and always remember that, in all things, #Godwin!


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  1. Thank you, Nicole. Needed this reminder to buttress my recent encounters. I’m experiencing a mind shift that’s much needed. It’s all God. No human effort compares…

  2. Wow! This came right on time!encouraged!motivated! Faith in God! Either way is still Godwin. We all will tell our story someday soon just like like this Amen thanks darling @Nicole for this lol .please where is @kemi is been long?

  3. Thanks for this Nicole. I got so teary after reading this. After all’s been said and done, God alone takes all the glory. I got my testimony miraculously. After series of fertility treatments, we decided to do ivf. I responded perfectly and had lots of quality eggs, got a BFP but lost the pregnancy some days after confirming the result. I was devastated but guess what, God wanted to show that He alone is the boss. I was to do a FET after some months and actually began the process but somehow my period refused to cooperate. We did several pregnancy tests then but they were all negative. Even took drugs to induce the period but it refused to come . The dr advised to wait it out for some months. Unknown to me, God was already perfecting His works. After 5 months, I still had no period and was really worried. Eventually decided to do another pregnancy tests and behold it was positive. I was surprised, more dazed actually when I did a scan and I was confirmed 21 weeks pregnant. I didn’t even have any illness all through. It was really miraculous. Indeed #Godalonewins.

    • Wooooow!Bn God is indeed great! Wow,I can’t get over this; 21 weeks pregnant without knowing, used drugs to induce period and a BFP all the same. Mehn, it could only have been God! #Godwinalltheway

  4. Truly Godwin, I’m so encouraged by these testimonies. Had a threatened miscarriage yesterday, it was a most scary day of my life. Thankfully it’s been managed and I’m bed resting, #Godisatwork

  5. All the stories are touching, God all the way. Please I need your prayers God surprise me before this your runs out. This stories gave me a big relieve.

  6. Your Comment… Thank you Oluwakemi and Nicole. God bless you real good. Yesterday’s scan went fine. I will come back to this blog to testify to the goodness of God.

  7. Hmmmmmm, tomorrow I clock 43 and am just drained..been TTC for 10 good years…hormonal imbalance…hairs on chin, no concrete period for months…so off course annovulation. Hussy and can’t even afford comprehensive tests not to talk of IVF…am just blank..won’t even be able to pray though I had this faith that period or not I can still and will conceive..but am really weak faithwise now

    • Dorys hun, don’t give up hope. Your issue sounds like a clear case of PCOS. There are a number of foundations that give grants to couples for IVF (Beibei Haven, Ibidun Ighodalo Foundation, etc.). Have you tried any of those? Don’t give up hope dear. Something has to work out someway somehow. Happy birthday dear :hug:

  8. @Nicole. Please how do I send my story. I’ve been an avid silent follower and got my BFP a few months ago. I’d like to share my story and encourage other TTC women. Thanks

  9. I visited this site in 2015 when I was TTC. In fact a friend who knew i was TTC introduced me. I really felt more calmer and more hopeful after reading the stories here and knowing I was not alone in this journey. I was diagnosed of blocked tubes infact i underwent salpingectomy to remove one of my tubes because it was badly damaged. After 3months hubby and I cycled for IVF since that was our ticket to having kids. It was successful even though when we checked the results after the 2weeks wait we had a negative result . I refused to accept the result so instead of being angry i started thanking God till I fell asleep. Woke up the next morning and repeated the test and it was positive. Fast forward my baby is now 1yr 7months but God was not done with me yet. When my IVF baby was just 6months i went for Shiloh(i am a winner) and when Pastor David Oyedepo asked those looking for the fruit of the womb should stand so they pray for them i stood up holding my 6month ivf baby and I told God i want another child but not through IVF i don’t how he would do it since medically i can only have kids through ivf. Two months later i realised I was pregnant. This is how God gave me a mind blowing testimony and miracle. My miracle baby was born 10.10.2017 and he is exactly 12weeks today. It can only be God.

    • WOOOOWWW! Portia, this just BLEW MY MIND!!! Gosh, see our God oh!!! Huge congrats to you hun! I’m so in awe of your faith, because it is so hard for some of us to have faith at times like that. And God did it, even with blocked tubes. Our GOD is TRULY AN AWESOME GOD! Thank you so much for this phenomenal testimony! It will encourage so many. God bless you and those gorgeous babies of yours :heart:


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