Funky Mamas: Celebs Who Became Moms Early


It was early in the morning, when I came across songstress, Waje, and her daughter, Emerald’s image online. They had attended a listening party together, something that doesn’t happen all the time. You needed to see the way I was scanning this photo, as though it had another meaning asides what I could see.

Early that morning, I started to do some calculations; how old would my older twins be when I’m 40 and it hit me. I was going to be a 40 year old mother of 18 year old twins!!!! I started thinking Sisi Eko stuffz (thanks Nicole for that inspiration) and playing at being a funky mama and thinking of the fun I would have, pretending to be their sister and not their mom. All of this will be fun to do, if my Lord tarries and I still have tomorrow.

But this isn’t about me, I’m no funky momma yet, it’s all work and more work now, to raising children. Just another momma for now, but you see there are so many funky mama’s out there, who started this child-bearing business way earlier and the fruits of their loins are now sharing the limelight with them.

While being a young momma won’t have been easy for them, we all see them and this article celebrates their fortitude, their selflessness, It’s not easy to put someone else‘s needs ahead of yours at such a young age but they did and the results are here for all to see.

First in my list is obviously Waje Iruobe

So, apart from possessing a strong vocal dexterity, Waje is mom to teenage daughter, Emerald, who looks a lot like her, if anything even a finer version of Waje, with softer features.

Even though nothing has been said about the biological father, Waje revealed she had her when she was 17 years old. Emerald is 17 years old too. Want to know how old Waje is? Do the math.




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