For The First Time, Non Titled Person Represents Emir OF Kano As He Sends Daughter To Represent Him At National Event


Shahida explained that her father was unable to make the event for some reasons and so he sent her to represent him.

After reading her father’s opening speech also talked about how the cause is very close to her heart.

She said,

I just want to tell you that we are making history here because this is the first time ever a non-title holder is representing the Emir in the North. To add to that, a woman is representing him. BBOG is very close to my heart, not just as a woman or a girl but as a human because I do think that this is a fight that every human being should join.

And as my father said, the twelve of us, are ready to take his place if anything happens and not just that my daughter is right here and for some reason I think as a new mother, I’m more passionate about this than I’ve ever been. So I got very emotional watching the video just thinking about the parents sitting at home and not knowing the condition their children are in.

So, some people say that they think my father would keep quiet because he wants to hold on to his throne, I think they don’t know my father because I know that he has always wanted to be the Emir of Kano but to him, if it becomes between doing what is right, what his conscience tell him and choosing his throne, he would happily give up the throne.”

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