Fertility Massages as Conception Boosters!


When I first started getting my period, I had a bad case of menstrual pain, and back then, I hated the sound of pills, so I was often writhing in pain, using hot water bottles on my abdomen. When my periods became regular and I was still having consistent menstrual pain, my mother often helped me deep-massage my abdomen. I didn’€™t think much of it then, I was just happy over the relief it provided. She explained that the uterus was contracting to expel the bad blood, and increasing the circulation helped the process, and made the bad old blood pass out easily and quicker. The cramps didn’t stop entirely but they did reduce greatly. Years later, when I got into the University, I started taking painkillers, and totally forgot all about mama’€™s massages. Some weeks ago, I was exchanging messages with a member of our fertility community, and asking how far she was on her TTC journey. Amongst the things she told me she was trying out, fertility massages caught my attention.

I decided to have a more elaborate conversation about it, so I asked her to tell me all about the massages. She said she started out with reflexology; which is a technique that applied pressure to specific areas of the feet. As we all probably know, there are points on our feet that correspond with specific organs of our bodies, so applying pressure on the area of the feet that is connected to the uterus helps circulation to the uterus. She said she, however, underwent the reflexology to detoxify her system so she had pressure points on the areas of her feet connected to her digestive, endocrine and reproductive systems massaged. I asked if she felt it was effective, and she replied in the affirmative. Her period came by the clock, she felt lighter, her metabolism was faster, and even her complexion was clearer. I asked if she initially experienced irregular periods and she confirmed this, stating that her irregular periods have been a major blockage in her TTC efforts, making calculating her ovulation window difficult, but thankfully, because of the detox, she now had regular periods.

“€œSo was that the only massage you got?” I asked. “Yes, for now.”She replied “Since, my periods have regularized, I doubt if I need another massage, but I just might go for another one. This time, not on the feet, but directly on the uterus.” “€œOh, I think I know about those”€ I had responded “€œMy mother used to massage my uterus when I had bad menstrual cramps”€. €œBut you know you shouldn’€™t massage your uterus while menstruating if its for pregnancy. I hear it’€™s best to start the massage when your period stops, until the day you ovulate. I wondered why she still wanted another fertility massage, especially since she now had regular periods, so I asked and she replied “My job is very stressful, but it is also really sedentary, so I am almost sure that my reproductive system isn’€™t getting enough blood supply. Massaging the uterus would not only boost the circulation, it would also help the eggs get the nutrients they need from my body”€. Apparently taking more than enough of her time, we exchanged farewell pleasantries, and ended the discussion.

But I couldn’€™t get over the new wave of information that hit me. The more I thought about it, the more I realized we should take these massages seriously. I probably would not have the time to go for a professional massage as often, but since my hands can reach my lower tummy, I can sure perform the massage myself, or enlist the help of DH. So, this is more like a D-I-Y thingy that improves our overall health, and also boosts conception chances. Most of us do not have healthy circulation as a result of our jobs that make us sit for long periods of time, sitting for long hours through traffic, sitting to unwind in front of the TV and of course, lying down to sleep. Most of us do not get enough exercise that would help our body return blood to the heart for oxygen, move lymphs and pump oxygenated blood to our organs and I do know that having ample circulation is key to overall health and fertility because these organs need oxygenated blood, and massages help the body process and eliminate toxins found in our muscles and organs.

PCOS girls certainly need to take these massages seriously, you know. When a cyst grows on the ovaries as a result of an absence of ovulation, hormonal imbalance is often the result. While a PCOS diet is still your first go-to, fertility massages can help to bring circulation to the ovaries and bring fresh blood and nutrients to the ovums. This would in turn help the body have a healthy balance between ovulation and menstruation. Sisters battling endometriosis should also particularly take interest in these massages, because when endometriosis spreads to other parts of the body outside the uterus, scar tissues could result in the organs being stuck together. Fertility massages can decrease the inflammation and help the body to rid itself off the old bad blood in the endometrial tissues, as well as help reduce the pain and stress that accompany endometriosis, after all endorphins (the feel good hormones) are released during a massage.

The advantages of fertility massages are indeed huge! Our ovaries, tubes, uterus, eggs and tissues all benefit from this simple self-help activity. I mean, I can simply lie down, watching Olivia Pope and Fitz on Scandal, and give my organs some good massaging in the process. The benefits of a massage are often not only physical; they also relieve stress, releases endorphins and basically cause us to feel peaceful, relaxed and rested. Who doesn’€™t need that?

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  1. Please how is the fertility massage done? Do i need any oil and what type? I need to know because while i menstruate monthly, it seems my ovulation is not regularcand it has me worried,thanks

    • Hi Lola, your pelvic area is the focus of the massage,towards your sides. You can do it by yourself or have someone help out with light circular movements, around your pelvis. You can use a mixture of oils, but if you are able to get chamomile oil and another essential oil, you should be fine. Even plain coconut oil is fine. If you are currently trying to conceive, do fertility massage from the last day of your period until ovulation only and stop afterwards.
      How do you know when you are ovulating, EWCM?
      Elsie @elsie, you can do the massage by yourself, as I don’t know of any spa, that offer such services. Ipheoma’s mom used to do it for her.

  2. @nicole Wow, that’s a good idea to get massage which is really helpful. I’ve read your post and was inspired. Also I’ve found some technique from Chi Nei Tsang (Asian organ massage). It’s said that self fertility massage incorporates deep tissue massage, myofascial release, acupressure, reflexology and castor oil therapy. @oluwakemine you gave good comment on oils usage. It’s like body relaxation and meditation in both. I believe I will try it and share my experience with you. Thanks @nicole for the great post!

  3. I totally strongly recommended fertility meassage. Luckily there is a salon on the island it’s called seasons hair and beauty studio …. It’s in oniru, this wa where I got my Fertility massage done while I was preparing for my IVF. I was recommended to the salon by a friend who became pregnant naturally. They make you feel comfortable and relax and that same day you will notice and change. You can check their full address on google. As far as am concerned they are the best in Nigeria when it comes to fertility massage. Good luck ladies



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