Feminists Call For Global Strike On International Women’s Day


In an op-ed for The Guardian a group of feminist activists calls for a mass strike on International Women’s Day (March 8).

The Women’s March on January 21, which saw an unprecedented number of people come out to support it is just the “beginning of a new wave of militant feminist struggle”, according to the op-ed.

It is not enough just to oppose US President Donald Trump’s controversial policies, the letter claims, but to also target the “neoliberal attack on social provision and labour rights”.

“Women’s conditions of life, especially those of women of colour and of working, unemployed and migrant women, have steadily deteriorated over the last 30 years, thanks to financialisation and corporate globalisation,” it states in The Guardian. “Lean-in feminism and other variants of corporate feminism have failed the overwhelming majority of us, who do not have access to individual self-promotion and advancement and whose conditions of life can be improved only through policies that defend social reproduction, secure reproductive justice and guarantee labour rights.”

The letters urges that women must address all these concerns in a direct way and it “must be a feminism for the 99%”.

In a first step toward contributing toward “this new, more expansive feminist movement”, the letter suggests joining feminist groups from around 30 countries that call for an international strike against male violence and in defence of reproductive rights on March 8.

They suggest the strike is vital to building on the momentum on issues that were highlighted by the Women’s March and that mainstream feminism has ignored.

The Op-Ed for The Guardian was co-authored by writers and feminism activists that included: Angela Davis, founder of Critical Resistance, which advocates for prison reform; Rasmea Yousef Odeh, associate director of the Arab American Action Network and Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, author of From Black Lives Matter to Black Liberation.

Read the entire letter here.


Culled from http://www.dnaindia.com/world/report-feminists-call-for-a-global-women-s-strike-on-international-women-s-day-2314640



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