Female Infertility: Idiopathic/Unexplained Infertility and the Way Out


Idiopathic/unexplained infertility is also called unknown infertility because the cause is unknown. Idiopathic/unexplained infertility is usually the conclusion of health practitioners after all necessary tests have been carried out on a couple to ascertain the cause of their infertility and nothing is discovered to be the problem.

In this week article, I want us to look at the female part of idiopathic infertility, what can go wrong, the association with micronutrients and possible solution.

Firstly, I want to talk about reasons behind idiopathic/unexplained infertility that are often overlooked by doctors, may not be detected easily in the lab and studies and experience have shown that they can be major problems.

Secondly, I will proffer solutions based on each problem, solutions that have helped and still helping a lot of women worldwide.

The fact that your case has been declared idiopathic/unexplainable infertility by medical professionals does mean that your case cannot be explained or treated successfully.  Recent studies have shown that unexplained infertility is not really unexplained, that there must be a cause or reason for it.

Recently Discovered Causes of Idiopathic/Unexplained Infertility

  1. Lower total antioxidant status: A case-control study carried out on 53 women with idiopathic/unexplained infertility and 13 healthy women showed that the 53 women with idiopathic/unexplained infertility had lower total antioxidant status and higher reactive oxygen species called free radicals.
  2. Lower levels of selenium: Another case-control study carried out on 112 women with idiopathic/unexplained infertility, tubal infertility women versus healthy women discovered that women with idiopathic/unexplained infertility had low levels of selenium and gluthatione peroxidase compared to women with tubal infertility and healthy women.
  3. Higher levels of malondialdehyde (MDA) and homocysteine (Hys): A study was carried out to measure the levels of MDA and Hys in 50 idiopathic/unexplained infertility women and healthy women, it was discovered that the 50 idiopathic/unexplained women had higher MDA and Hys levels and 50 healthy women had lower MDA and Hys levels.
  4. Deficiency or insufficiency of magnesium: A clinical trial showed that 100% of idiopathic/unexplained infertility women get pregnant within 8 months of supplementation with magnesium and selenium.

Other Possible Causes of Idiopathic/Unexplained Infertility

  • Slight or undetected hormonal imbalance or flunctuation: Sometimes, hormonal profile test carried out in medical labs may reveal all the hormones as normal whereas there may be imbalance or flunctuation in the hormones. In cases like this, the affected woman will experience absent menses, irregular menses, absent ovulation, irregular ovulation, longer or shorter luteal phase, acne, night sweats, bloating, and/or severe PMS.
  • Egg quality: Egg quality is often overlooked in most tests for infertility. Some women with idiopathic/unexplained infertility have low eqq quality that cannot be fertilized.
  • Sperm involuntary emission: This may be considered as non-medical but experience has proven otherwise, especially in African women.

Way Out of Idiopathic/Unexplained Infertility

Higher intake of micronutrients like folic acid, iron, magnesium, selenium, vitamins D and E have been shown to resolve most idiopathic/unexplained infertility cases. Make these supplements your friends and take appropriate dosages has recommended by a reputable health consultant or expert.

You can take herbs such as ovidants from Bioceutic Herbals Enterprise can help supply all the antioxidants you need to improve your fertility as a woman. When your body gets enough antioxidants, your egg quality will also be improved, apart from the increase in your total antioxidant status.

General hormone balancing therapy using foods and herbs can also help your fertility and stop the hormonal fluctuation your body may be experiencing.

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