Female Infertility: Getting Pregnant With Endometriosis


I have written about a related article like two years back but I decided to revisit it because people have been asking me, is it possible to conceive with endometriosis? And my answer has always being in the affirmative, yes it is possible. Although, it is possible but there is a how to it, that how to conceive with endometriosis is what I want to share in this week article.

Endometriosis is a condition in which the endometrial tissue lining the uterus can be dispersed into other parts of the body where it is not supposed to be found. Why and how these endometrial tissues are dispersed is not yet established medically. It is an extremely painful condition that needs medical intervention in most cases.

Statistics show that endometriosis affects 15-20% of women out of which 5% of them get pregnant. Endometriosis causes infertility in women by forming inflammation in the tubes, which may lead to ectopic pregnancy.

The actual cause is not known but a certain pattern is observed in women with endometriosis, high estrogen levels. Many women with endometriosis usually have high estrogen levels when hormonal profile test is carried out on them. Because of the high estrogen levels, progesterone levels are usually low in women with endometriosis, hence, the reason behind their anovulation and infertility. It has been observed that once the estrogen levels are normalized endometrial implants usually reduce in size. That is why endometriosis is referred to as an estrogen dependent female condition.

Going by the statement above, we can conclude that it still boils down to only one problem like every other female condition, hormonal imbalance. Just that in the case of conditions like endometriosis, fibroid, ovarian cysts and breast cancer; estrogen and progesterone are the hormones not balanced.

Now, let us stop capitalizing on the condition and look at how you as a woman can conceive even with endometriosis.


Steps to conceive with endometriosis

  1. Stop or reduce meat consumption: Animals are usually laden with various chemicals like hormones, pesticides and herbicides during their rearing period and their systems are not naturally designed to detoxify these chemicals from their bodies. Consuming these animals is the easiest way to introduce these chemicals into your body and they are well known endocrine-disruptors.

Note: You can eat organically grown animals but they are rear today.

  1. Beware of plastics: Soft plastics are known to contain PVC and phthalates. These two chemicals are endocrine-disruptors and once inside your system, they can abnormally increase your estrogen levels to an unhealthy stage. Drinking water out of plastic bottles, keeping liquid long in plastics before drinking, buying plastic-wrapped foods, wearing surgical gloves, etc are ways these chemicals can get into your body.
  2. Detoxify regularly: Detoxify your system of excess estrogen regularly for at least once in two months for a week. If the endometriosis is a severe one, do therapeutic detoxification with anti-estrogen powder from Bioceutic Herbals Enterprise and with detox powder from the same company.
  3. Take herbs that help to reduce pain during menses: Such herbs also help to treat inflammations and balance your hormones. In fact I have personally observe that when I put women with endometriosis on such herbs they are usually greatly helped and most of them except few usually want to continue the treatment until they see result, pregnancy.
  4. Boost your fertility with herbs: Herbs can help you to boost your fertility if you take them as prescribed by an herbal expert. These herbs act by balancing your hormones generally.
  5. Eat organically grown fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are rich in phytochemicals like flavonoids and saponins. These phytochemicals help to balance your hormones and control the pain, they help to boost your fertility. You can find adequate amount of phytochemicals only in organically grown vegetables.

With the steps to conceive written above and explained, I believe if your case is endometriosis you should find help here if you follow them. All hope to conceive is not lost because you have endometriosis, you can always conceive. There are women who have gotten pregnant with enometriosis.

I must emphasize that no quick solution to endometriosis, the process of healing endometriosis is gradual and needs patience

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