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Female infertility is a global problem that needs serious attention in finding lasting and permanent solutions to it. It is said to take 10 – 30% of gynecological consultations worldwide. In Nigeria here, female infertility takes 60% of gynecological complaints according to a gynecologist, Dr. Francis Alu. In a 2004 report, it is reported that the prevalence of female infertility has continued to increase and currently affects 30% or more of the women in Nigeria. In some parts of Nigeria rates of female infertility can be as high as 20% and 45% according to some surveys.

What is the way out?

This thoughtful question led medical science to come up with these solutions to female infertility:

  1. Fertility drugs like clomid (Domiphene citrate)
  2. Injectable hormones like Human Chorionic Gonadoltropin (HCG e.g novarel, ovidralpregnyl and profasi), Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH e.g fravelle, fertinex, follitism and gonat – k), Human Menopausal Gonadotopin (hMG e.g menopus, metrodin, pergonal and repronex), Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone agonist (GmRH agonist e.g lupron, synarel and zoladex), gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist (gmrh antagonist e.g antagon and etrotide).
  3. Fertility technologies like invitro fertilization (IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), intra – uterine insermination (IVI), donor iinsermination (DI), gamete intra – fallopian transfer (GIFT),zygote intra – fallopian transfer (ZIFT), artificial insermination by donor (AID), artificial insermination by husband or partner (AIH), embryo testing, mitochondrial donation, invitro maturation (IVM), sub – zonal insermination (SUZI), micro – insermination sperm transfer (MIST), reproductive immunology and surrogacy
  4. Antibiotics for reproductive infections
  5. Surgical operations
  6. PCOS ad ovulation drugs like metformin

The limitations of these medical attempts

These are good – intentioned attempts by medical science to end the scourge of female infertility in the world but with all these attempts, female infertility still prevails worldwide even in developed nations where they have access to all these advanced treatments, women with infertility in developed nations still turn to natural or herbal treatment as a last resort after trying all these medical attempts.

The fertility drugs and injectable hormones, most of the time, off balance hormones In the system of infertile women and worsen the situation. Sometimes, they come with extreme side effects, a shoe for a foot.

Infertile women that have tried all these methods without success have visited me or consulted me before to help them to remedy some of the side effects of these treatment so that their body can be programmed for conception. From my experience, it is easier to treat infertile women that have not undergone these treatments than those that have undergone it.

What can Yorubic Medicine offer infertile women?

Yorubic Medicine is a medical system of Yoruba people developed over ten thousand (10, 000) years ago. It is a branch of Yoruba culture. Yoruba people are known to be one of the tribes in  the world with high rates of fertility and the number one in the world with twin births.

Yorubic Medicine offers way out to many female infertility issues. There are inexhaustive and avalanche of female fertility herbal formulations in Yorubic Medicine because our ancestors placed a lot of importance on female fertility and we still do in Yoruba land and Africa today.

Today, I decided to count the number of Yorubic Medicine female fertility herbal formulations in my possession as I inherited them from my grandpa and learned some from my trainers and I came up with maths that will be revealed shortly.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list of Yorubic Medicine female fertility herbal formulations, even from my own count, there were those that I couldn’t count because they are in far corner side of my library and there are other Yorubic Medicine practitioners that possess more or less or even those ones diffent from my own.

  1. Female infertility, anovulation,etc (asero):I personally possess more than two hundred and thrity–three (233) Yorubic Medicine female fertility formulations for this alone. I could only count 233 but I still have more.
  2. Menstrual–related female infertility and entometriosis: For endometriosis and menstrual disorders such as absent menses, irregular menses, painful menses, excess menses, dark and drawing menses; I was able to count up to two hundred and twenty two (222) Yorubic Medicine female infertility herbal formulations in my possession.
  3. Hyperprolactinemia, PCOS, hormonal imbalance: I counted one hundred  and fift–one (151) Yorubic Medicine female infertility herbal formulations.
  4. Blocked fallopian tube: I counted only eight (08) Yorubic Medicine female fertility herbal formulations for blocked fallopian tubes but some of the ones above also work for this condition.
  5. Infection–related female infertility: Such conditions include gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamdia, PID, candidiasis etc. I counted three hundred and seventy–six (376) Yorubic Medicine female fertility herbal formulations.
  6. Sperm leakage/involuntary emission of sperm (eda): This can prevent fertilization of sperm cell with ova. I count two hundred and eleven (211) Yorubic Medicine female fertility herbal formulations.
  7. Fibroid–related female infertility:Big/large/multiple fibroids can be a reason for female infertility. I was able to count 75 Yorubic Medicine female fertility herbal formulations in my possession.
  8. Miscarriages: In my Yorubic Medicine herbal account, I counted 108 Yorubic Medicine female fertility herbal formulations for miscarriage (sportaneous abortion)
  9. Displaced womb: For this condition, I have only two (2) effective Yorubic Medicine female fertility herbal formulations
  10. Internal heat (hot womb): I counted over 200 Yorubic Medicine female fertility herbal formulations.
  11. Worm–related female infertility: To my knowledge as a man who has studied almost all natural health systems in the world (ayurveda, TCM, unani, naturopathy, homeopathy, siddhani, Islamic medicine, greek medicine, egypian medicine, ecledic medicine etc) Yorubic Medicine is the only natural health system that documents worm – related female infertility. For this condition, I counted sixty nine (69) Yorubic Medicine female fertility herbal formulations.
  12. Womb cleansing:Most fertility issues are either caused or complicated by toxins in the womb. My yorubic medicine account contains eight effective yorubic medicine female fertility herbal formulations that can cleanse the womb.

Adding the number up, we have

233 + 222 +151 +8 +376 + 211 + 75 +108 + 2 +200 + 69 + 8 = 1663 Yorubic Medicine female fertility herbal formulations.

If I possess over one thousand and sixty – three (1663) Yorubic Medicine female fertility herbal formulations in my own account alone without adding up those of others that are different from my own, we can conclusively say that Yorubic Medicine possesses over one thousand and seven hundred female fertility herbal formulations that can effectively tackle female infertility. Some of these formulations have been authenticated scientifically. These means that women with female infertility can be helped with Yorubic Medicine.

In Yorubic Medicine, we use combination of herbs to form a single herbal formulation to reverse female infertility. There are instances where we use single herbs but it is not a common practice in Yorubic Medicine. Our herbal medicines come in complex formulations.

Total Cure For Female Infertility at Bioceutic Herbals Enterprise (Home of Fertility Healing and Restoration)

You can get total cure for the following female infertility conditions:



-Polycystic ovary syndrome(PCOS)

-Blocked fallopian tube due to PID/infections

-Absent menstruation(premature menopause or ovarian failure)

-Hormonal imbalances

-Irregular menstruation

-Painful menstruation

-Scanty menstrual flow

-Heavy menstrual flow

-Infections e.g. gonorrhoea, pelvic inflammatory disease, candidiasis, chlamydia, syphilis, etc


-Unexplained infertility


Why you should consult me:

-I make herbal formulations specific to your infertility condition(s)

-More attention is paid to your treatment until you gain your fertility

-Our female fertility medicines have a tract record of getting results

-My medicines come in powders, liquids, soap and creams as prepared in the ancient times

-My formulas are ancient formulas with proven record for success in female fertility treatment

-My treatment are cost-effective

-I send medicines to any part of the country or the world

-My female fertility formulas are effective, safe and no toxic or harmful side effects because they are well researched and they are harvested in pollution-free environment to prevent heavy metals in the formulations.

-No esoterism, fetism or incantation is involved in the formulations. They are purely scientific

-They are prepared hygienically and in good condition.


For the treatment of any female infertility condition, you can contact me

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  • 09059265469 (GLO)
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