Faith’s Pregnancy Journal 20: Burst like a Bubble!


January 26th, 2013

I slept like a baby last night…and not just because today is Saturday. For the first time this week, I actually felt some semblance of peace. That Akunna of a girl really tried to do me strong thing, but I thank God for God.

After my reconciliation with Ebika on Thursday, she had been all over me like a fly yesterday. As soon as I got to work, she was at my desk. The minute it was lunch time, she came to get me…and let’s not talk about the relentless phone calls, and chats on our office Instant Messenger. On a good day, I would have felt quite irritated by it all, but not this time oh! Ah! I bore it all with a smile. During lunch, I made eye contact with an older female colleague, and I could see her displeasure over my reunion with the office gossip, Ebika! Hmm, na dem sabi oh. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

“Babe, don’t worry!” Ebika had assured me “I will get to the bottom of it. You just relax! We don’t want to stress our baby oh! I got this!!”

According to her, she had made plans to visit my ED, or rather, Aunty Josephine over the weekend, and would find out what on earth was going on. For me, that was more than enough. She proceeded to invite herself over to my house on Sunday to, as she put it, give me the update. When she had said this, I had literally felt my stomach drop. That would effectively graduate our relationship from office buddies, to real life BFFs. It’s not what I would have wanted, but as a beggar, I didn’t have much of a choice.

The way her face lit up when I agreed to have her over on Sunday, actually made me pity her. It also made me wonder what exactly her story is. All I know about her, outside of work, is that her parents don’t live in Lagos, and that she rents a small apartment somewhere on the island. I have no idea where her siblings are…or even if she has any. For the first time in the over 5 years that I’ve known her, I actually felt bad about the way I’ve kept her at arms length all this while. Maybe friendship is really all she needs in her life.

In other news, my pregnancy dreams have been getting so vivid, it’s scary! They are becoming like mini, home video, action films. In the latest one I had when I napped this afternoon, I dreamt that my baby had just been born and it was extremely hairy all over (like a mini-gorilla), but nobody else in the dream could see what was wrong apart from me. I woke up in a panic, and prayed fervently, casting and binding such! God forbid bad thing!

Patrick was away for the day, at a work retreat, so I had the place to myself, which was great. First off, I could eat exactly what and when I wanted, which was fantastic. Since I’ve been pregnant, my eating habits have completely changed, and I find it better to have little meals more often during the day, rather than stuffing myself at dinner, which gets tricky as Patrick is a strictly three meals a day kind of man. It was also lovely not to have to battle for the remote control for once!

To crown the day, Nwando came by later in the evening, and we had a ball catching up on gist. Obinna is out of town, so she also needed company. When I told her all about the Akunna wahala, she had a good laugh!

“What kind of desperado girl is that?!” she exclaimed “Your family really dodged a bullet with that one!”

Like Patrick and Phillip, she also doesn’t think I have anything to worry about, and was well amused by the fact that I had recruited my office frenemy to diffuse the situation.

Na dem sabi! As long as my issue is resolved, the mode operandi no concern me!


January 27th, 2009

Patrick insisted on coming back home last night, despite the fact that his retreat had ended at almost midnight. He said he could never leave me alone at home, especially after what had happened the last time he did. Ah, bless him! He also came home with lots of sweet treats, so that was a lovely way to end the day.

But despite all of yesterday’s rest and relaxation yesterday, I woke up really tired and weak this morning. I cringed at the thought of having to tidy up the house, in anticipation of Nwando’s visit, and decided I wouldn’t. I decided to let her see me in my natural state, abeg! Make I no go die!

So, I sat in my pyjamas all day, nibbling at chocolates, and watching the CI channel. I was captivated by a marathon of the Crimes of Passion and Deadly Women shows. Na wa for these oyibo people sha.

When it was 6pm, I started to wonder if Ebika would still show up…so I had sent her a text. When she hadn’t replied at 7pm, I tried to call her, but she kept terminating the call each time.

This wasn’t looking good at all!

By 10pm, she had finally texted me back.

Sorry…talking with Aunty Josephine took much longer than I thought. We have our job cut out for us. I’ll gist you tomorrow!

Ehn?! Work cut out ke?!

And just like that, my weekend reverie burst like a bubble!







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