Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 14: Wahala


January 13th, 2013

I will never forget the priceless look on Patrick’s face, as I relayed my exchange with Nwando, yesterday. He had stared at me in complete shock and amazement! He couldn’t believe his ears!

“I can not believe you actually said all those things to her!!!!” he had finally exclaimed.

“But you laughed at them too!” I said defensively.

“In the privacy of my house, Nwando!!!!”

“We were in the car the second time!”

“My house, my car…same difference!” he had responded, with rising frustration “I would never have even breathed a word of my feelings to anyone but you…and I expected you to do the same!!!”

Well, it was too late to cry over spilt milk. I had already goofed.

But that was just the beginning.

Apparently, our other neighbour, Idahosa, had overheard the…errrm…discussion Nwando and I had yesterday. Very amused by it, he had proceeded to come to our flat, to give Patrick and I the full low-down on this Nwando and Obinna matter. And I couldn’t have been more wrong about the dude.

For one thing, he wasn’t the Balogun market trader we thought he was, but a Senior Drilling Manager with Shell, who had just returned to Nigeria after over 10 years in the Netherlands. Apparently, he was m.i.n.t.e.d with a capital M, and had a luxury apartment in Ikoyi…so, he was not the squatter we thought he was. To make things worse, we were told their love dated all the way back to their university days at FUTO. But after graduating with a 1st class in Chemical Engineering, had gotten a scholarship to the UK shortly after, following which he had been employed by Shell, and proceeded to work abroad all these years. They had, unfortunately, lost contact, and had only reunited late last year, when he had been redeployed back to Nigeria. So, it appears the only thing bobo was guilty for was a woefully bad dress sense, and a worse accent.

So, I couldn’t have been more wrong about the guy!

And as we drove into the compound this afternoon, after Church, and from the way Nwando and her bobo (sorry, Obinna) threw their faces, it was clear that I had lost my only friend in that compound.

I was beginning to regret not going along with the house move after all!


January 14th, 2013

What I don’t need is any more animosity!!!!

I had completely forgotten about my fall-out with Ebika last week, and had given her a cheerful greeting as we both stepped into the elevator, this morning. Her cold response had reminded me that nah, we still aren’t cool! What is wrong with me these days??? Fighting with everyone!!! Na wa oh! This baby, na wa for you oh!

Luckily, I seem to be the apple of everyone else’s eye at work, so that kind of made up for it. My boss has drastically reduced my work load, and everyone else had a ready smile, and kind word, for me. And as I sat alone in the cafeteria, eating my lunch, scrolling through my phone and minding my own business, a male colleague had leaned in and whispered to me “Don’t mind that your yeye friend!” he said, gesturing towards where Ebika sat with some of our younger colleagues (all of whom she had gossiped about, at some point or the other), laughing hysterically. “It’s obvious that she’s jealous of you!”

My eyes widened, and my lips pursed even tighter. Abeg oh! I didn’t want any wahala, abeg!

I just smiled politely at the man, and turned back to my phone. It was at times like this that I missed my real crew. My 3 best friends had all found some reason or the other to leave the country…for good. One had gotten married to a South African and relocated there, one had gone for her Masters in the UK and decided to gum her ass there, and the other had won the American visa lottery…and you can figure out the rest. And as I had never been one to have a battalion of friends, that had left me with my one and only Patrick. It didn’t really bother me all the time, except at times like this.

And just to make my day all the more complicated, my brother, Phillip, had called to ask when I would be able to meet his new girlfriend, Diana…as I was the only one who hadn’t.

“Oh, she’s meeting the family already?” I had said sarcastically.

“Don’t try to be cute, Faith” he had retorted “I want to bring her over this weekend. Will you be home or not?”

“Look, it’s still Monday. I’m already having a bad week…I can’t commit to anything right now” I had mumbled in reply.

After a lengthy pause, Phillip had responded “No wahala. Talk to you later”. But from his tone, I knew that there was plenty wahala! Wo, I didn’t need his drama so early in the New Year abeg!

Besides, something told me we hadn’t heard the last from Akunna. There was no way that girl was going to go down without a fight…especially with her being pregnant. I was tempted to tell my brother that, instead of playing happy families with his new babe, we should be strategising about to handle the old one.

But instead, I had replied “Yeah. Later.”

We just had to wait and see…



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