Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 11: This thing called love!


January 1st, 2013

I had never really understood that saying about Mohammed and the mountain. After all, how could a mountain uproot itself to make its way to anyone. Well, today…I got to understand it crystal clear!

It had been an otherwise wonderful start to the day…with Patrick and I praying ourselves, and our baby, into the New Year. Everything was going perfect, until I had received a text, which had alerted me about what lay ahead. I stared in confusion at the message from Akunna…

Happy New Year, Faith! Are they with you? There is nobody here in Festac…

I didn’t understand. Was who with me? And then, like a true penny drop moment, I realized what she meant. I frantically called Phillip on the phone.

“Are you guys coming here?” I practically shrieked.

“Yes, we’ve just past the toll gate. We’ll be with you in about 10 minutes.”

I unceremoniously disconnected the line, informed a frazzled Patrick, and we proceeded to clear our living room of takeaway food packs, empty soda bottles, and sleeping pillows and duvets. Luckily, we were able to also rush a shower, before our doorbell chimed.

“Happy New Year ohhhh” my Mother chimed happily, embracing me tightly, “Look at my baby ohhhhh” she sang, rubbing my stomach, and dancing a jig! As destabilized as I was by the sudden visit, her excitement melted my heart. This was the way I had wanted her to react from the very beginning.

With her were Phillip and my two younger brothers, all of whom had a cooler of food in hand. So indeed, the mountain had true true come to Mohammed.

Before long, we were eating and making merry with plates of Mom’s legendary fried rice, chicken, plantain, and salad. I was grateful for the Christmas cakes I still had leftover, and Patrick had quickly sent for drinks, so it was a full-on party.

“How did you know we were coming?” Eteka, my younger brother, had asked.

That was when I remembered Akunna’s text message. “How come you didn’t tell your fiancée you were coming here?” I asked Phillip.

“She’s no longer his fiancée” my Mom had answered defiantly “Phillip has decided not to marry her anymore”.

I looked at Phillip in shock, and he nodded without even looking up from his plate. Apparently, he had finally had enough, and had broke off their engagement about a week ago.

“What about the baby?” I asked, still in shock.

“Please, she’s not the first and she won’t be the last!” my Mom retorted. “She shouldn’t worry, we will take care of the child. In fact, she can even bring the baby for me to look after! I will do it! No problem!”

I stared at my Mom in amazement! My Deaconess Mom was the one condoning having a child outside wedlock…and even offering to be the child’s carer??! No, there was something more to this story.

And I was right.

Apparently, Phillip had reunited with Diana. They had run into each other at their mutual friend’s house, had had a long talk, and she had forgiven him for the indiscretion with Akunna. To add more nails to Akunna’s coffin, he had taken Diana to meet our Mom this past weekend, and she had apparently fallen in love with her.

“You need to meet her!” my Mom gushed. “She’s so beautiful, respectful, well behaved…far far better than that girl!”

Eeeehn!!! So Akunna had now become “that girl”!!!! How the mighty had truly fallen!

Even though I was happy that my brother was back with the love of his life, a part of me still felt sorry for Akunna. The way I felt, I couldn’t imagine going through this pregnancy on my own. Poor girl! But I guess she only had herself to blame for trying to trap a man she knew loved someone else.


January 2nd, 2013

Back to life…back to reality!

Well, not for me…but for Patrick. I can’t understand why his office couldn’t just extend their break till at least the first Monday of the year. What’s so urgent that they have to be back at work the second day of the year sef?!

Thankfully, there were more than enough leftovers from yesterday, so I was sorted food-wise. Akunna’s matter aside, yesterday had turned out to be a wonderful family timeout…the best we’d had in years! What a wonderful way to start the year…with family!

With my much improved appetite, and my urinary discomfort fast becoming a thing of the past, I settled down to enjoy another lazy day…but I just couldn’t forget the fact that in only a matter of days, my holiday would be over, and I would be back at work.

Towards evening, I heard a car pull into the compound, and looked out the window to see who it was. It was Nwando’s new bobo, dropping her home from work. I arched a brow in amusement when I realized she was carrying more than just her work bag. From the size of the other bag in her hand, babe hadn’t slept at home in a while. I monitored their chemistry, to try to catch her in a cringe, or with some look of discomfort…but not at all. With the way she clung to him, as they walked into the building, she was obviously very into him. As I took in his black fishnet shirt, abi blouse, and red trousers, I just couldn’t understand it. I quickly ducked, when she looked upstairs. The last thing I wanted was to be caught spying.

This thing called love sha!



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