Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 10: The Holiday


December 29th, 2012

I don’t know if it’s the rest I’ve been getting from this holiday, or the fact that I have been pampered like a baby by my Patrick, but this Christmas week has been one of the best ever! Even though I haven’t even seen the staircase of my house, talkless of gone out, I have had the time of my life. Even my nausea has been cooperating, and the UTI seems to clearing! Glory be to God!

One of the great things that happened this week is I realized that eating a banana when I wake up starving at night, or first thing in the morning before I get out of bed, seems to help calm my stomach. Also, not eating and drinking at the same time seems to help too. Nwando says ginger biscuits helped her sister, so she got me some. And she wasn’t wrong…they really helped!

And I made it to week 10! Longer than I had with my last pregnancy! That alone was enough to keep me on a high!

Thank You, Lord!


December 30th, 2009

I released my dear husband to go for a friend’s get together, and when he was gone, I proceeded to run a hot bath, and had a long, long soak in the bath (complete with scented candles and magazines). The relaxation was out of this world. I lay there until the water started turning cold, and I just stared at my stomach, trying to imagine what the baby will look like. I heard my phone ring a few times, but I ignored each call. Nothing, and nobody, would be cutting into my me-time.

Bath over, I checked who had been trying to kill my phone battery with all those calls. Akunna?! These people just wouldn’t let me be!

When I was dressed, I decided to call my brother, Phillip, rather than return her call.

“Why is Akunna calling me?!” I had demanded, as soon as he answered the phone.

“Just ignore her” he mumbled back “In fact, if I were you, I wouldn’t answer her calls”

I shut my eyes and shook my face. I’m not sure I had met a more drama-prone couple than my brother, Phillip, and his long time girlfriend, Akunna.

After some small talk (Phillip pleaded with me to make it to Festac on New Year’s day, but I made it cystal clear that wasn’t going to happen), we had ended the conversation.


December 31st, 2012

I wish I could for Midnight Service today…I really do. But I know that’s never going to fly!

Anyways, the self imposed house arrest continued, and Patrick and I were engrossed in watching the 1st season of the new show Game of Thrones, when Nwando came to visit…and she wasn’t alone.

With her was a gentleman she introduced as her boyfriend. Hmmm. It must have been a very new boyfriend, as she was quite single when she stayed with me, a little over 2 weeks ago. I was later to realize that they had only started dating, almost immediately after Christmas. As she beamed and smiled, it was obvious to anyone with eyes that she was totally besotted with this guy.

But here’s where the problem lay! I thought Nwando was way too good for this man. This guy sitting in my living room, was dressed like a trader (very tight, form fitting shirt, funny stonewash jeans, and shoes that seemed to be greeting friends in heaven), and could barely make a complete sentence without bursting into Ibo! And he was ever so rude; answering his phone without excusing himself (sometimes, midway through conversations), and almost seemed to talk down on Nwando. This was very painful, considering how polished and well schooled she is. I don’t like him at all. Being 38 years old was no reason to lower her standards to a point when they were almost unrecognizable. I don’t like this at all!

I stole a glance at my husband, and I could see that he was struggling not to laugh. He eventually excused himself from the living room, leaving me alone with our guests. Luckily, Nwando didn’t seem to notice, and we proceeded to make small talk for another 30 minutes, before they left.

Such a shame! She is way too good for that!

At about 6pm, the New Year messages started pouring in on my phone, Facebook and BBM news feeds. I had enough time on my hands, so I decided to read, and respond to each one…even the broadcasts. And then I got to a text from Akunna.

I tried to call you yesterday. I need to speak with you urgently! Are you coming to Festac tomorrow?

This girl was a joker oh! Not only didn’t I have the energy for Festac, the last thing I needed was more drama. I had already meddled enough! Now, it is every man for himself, abeg!



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