Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 13: The Baby & The Bobo


January 10th, 2013

My nuchal scan is today!

That was the first thing that jumped into my mind, the minute I opened my eyes this morning. Today would be the first time my baby would be measured and screened for any potential anomaly…most notably Down’s Syndrome. I knew it was a higher risk for older Mothers, and with my 32nd birthday coming in the next few months, I wasn’t sure if I also was at risk.

I was so nervous the whole day, that I barely got through my day at work. Our appointment was for 4pm, and Patrick and I had agreed to meet at the hospital. I still wasn’t up to driving, so I had taken a taxi there. There was no traffic, so I had gotten there with 30 minutes to spare. So, I proceeded to sit impatiently in the waiting room, fiddling through 3-year old Vogue and Cosmopolitan magazines. Was it too much for these hospitals to have current magazines??! It just added to my rising irritation.

At 3.45pm, I called Patrick, and almost blew a nerve when he said he was still at work!!! His office was 30 minutes away, best case, and 15 minutes to our appointment, he hadn’t even left there. Fuming, I disconnected the line, with him mid-sentence. If he wanted to miss such a milestone scan, that was his problem!

4pm soon rolled by…and soon 4.05pm…and then 4.10pm. I looked at my wristwatch for the umpteenth time. Ahn ahn? What was this delay?! I was just about to give the Receptionist a piece of my mind, when she looked up and said the doctor was ready for me. I glanced at the wall clock. 4.15pm. Hiss! I grabbed my handbag, and breezed into the consulting room.

I was in such a foul mood, that if the doctor had as much as mentioned anything about why I was alone, he would have gotten the evil look of his life. Lucky for him, he didn’t.

As he prepped me for the scan, a frantic Patrick half walked, and half ran, into the room. I didn’t even give him a glance, but kept my eyes glued to the screen. But the minute our baby appeared on that screen, all my anger, irritation, and nerves, melted away like butter.

The doctor measured the baby’s neck a couple of times, and said it was normal. I squinted to see the number on the screen, and saw that it measured 1.9mm. As I had read that measurements below 2 are considered ideal, I relaxed a bit more.

But we absolutely couldn’t get over how much our baby had grown in just 4 weeks. Whereas at the last scan, it had been a bit hard to make out its form, today, it was there in all its beautiful glory…throwing up its little arms and legs. Oh my gosh! That’s my child! I am really going to be a Mommy!


January 12th, 2013

Two days after the scan, I was still on a high. I had put the pictures they had given us into a tiny picture frame, and proceeded to ogle over it, every chance I had. Even Patrick couldn’t get enough of looking at his “daughter”. Joker! It’s obviously going to be a boy!

Anyways, we went grocery shopping, and as we drove into our compound, Nwando’s bobo was there, washing his car.

“This man seems to have made himself at home!” Patrick grunted “Doesn’t he have a house?!”

“I wonder oh!” I equally marveled.

As we got out of the car, we exchanged polite greetings with him, and as we made for the staircase, I sighted Nwando entering the gate. Waving Patrick away, I decided to wait for her.

She smiled when we made eye contact, and walked up to me.

“Wow!! Someone has really popped oh” she exclaimed, looking at my larger stomach. “You’re looking so good!”

“Thanks” I beamed, and then glancing at her bobo curiously, I proceeded to ask “So, what’s the deal with him?”

She had given me a queer look “As in?”

I shrugged “Has he moved in with you or something?”

“Is there anything wrong with that?” she had asked, almost defensively.

“Nwando, what are you doing?” I had asked, in a hushed tone “This guy isn’t your type! He doesn’t even look like someone with a University degree! You don’t have to settle for less! You’re a beautiful woman, and there are many men who would die to have you!”

She had stared at me in shock for a few minutes, before shaking her head, and smiling bitterly. “I don’t blame you at all!” she had muttered angrily “So, you think because I’m a woman of a certain age, I’m ‘settling for less’??!”

If I were wiser, I would have realized I had said too much already, and shut up my mouth…but alas, I wasn’t.

“But he’s not your type, Nwando…” I had foolishly continued.

“Look, you don’t know me!” she had yelled, loudly enough to make her bobo look up from the car he was washing “You don’t know anything about me! Neither do you know anything about Obinna to be able to judge him like that!”

“But Nwando…”

“Thank you very much for your ‘concern’, but it’s not needed! Thank you!” and with that, she had walked off to join her bobo, or rather, Obinna!

Hmmm….I’d done did it now!



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