Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 15: The Abortion


January 17th, 2013

I am officially 13 weeks pregnant today, and now officially in my 2nd trimester! Oh how awesome is my God! Yes, some websites say I won’t be in 2nd tri till next week, and some say I entered it even last week…but as far as I’m concerned, the first trimester is officially behind me! And I couldn’t be more glad!

That has been the major highlight of my week…knowing that the worst is, hopefully, behind me. I have actually now started relaxing a bit more, and am now ready to make concrete plans for my baby. In another 7 weeks, we will get to find out what we will have…and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m so sure it’s a boy though!

At work, Ebika has continued giving me the cold shoulder, and has also tried to make feel alienated by making new friends, and always appearing to laugh hysterically with them, anytime I am within earshot. That girl is such a joker….so childish! She doesn’t know that those were tricks I perfected in secondary school. The only down side is that I had to stop having lunch in the cafeteria because, even though it didn’t bother me at all to eat alone, with my phone for company, I got so sick of comments from the rest of our colleagues, who had all noticed our rift. Even though everyone keeps telling me how better off I am without her, I am tired of giving them something to talk about. It’s such a cliché, having women not speaking to each other. Let’s save all that soap opera stuff for the TV.

So, yesterday I decided to try a small restaurant across the road, and the food was so good that I returned today. A bit more expensive than my office cafeteria, but a small price to pay for my peace of mind.

The only nagging point has been my discord with Nwando. Yes, we haven’t been friends long, but the few weeks of our friendship made me see what a beautiful and golden heart she has. She was there for me when nobody else was, and took care of me with such love…I can’t afford to lose her friendship. I haven’t seen her since Sunday (when she and Obinna chinned us), but I intend to go to her flat to apologise this weekend.

As for Phillip, I felt bad after our last discussion, so I called him back yesterday, to agree to meet his new girlfriend, Diana, on Saturday. Akunna, his ex fiancée, has been eerily quiet. He didn’t seem in the least bit bothered when I mentioned it, and neither did my Mom when I mentioned it to her later on. Hmm!!! Okay oh!!! These people are underestimating this babe oh! They are underestimating this girl!!!!



January 18th, 2013

TGIF!!! Gosh, I’m so glad it’s Friday!

I was literally on a high all day! My ankara dress and ethnic jewelry combination got me a lot of compliments, and I just felt so good about myself. So happy was I, that I even ordered a bouquet of yellow roses to be delivered to Nwando at work, to soften the ground before I see her this weekend. I was having a fantastic day!

Until I went for lunch.

Walking into the restaurant, the first person I saw was an old University friend, Doris. We hadn’t seen each other since graduating from LASU, almost 10 years ago.

“Wow!!! Look at you! You look amazing!!!” Doris had exclaimed “Is that a bump I see?”

I was beaming from ear to ear, as I nodded and thanked her.

“Oh, congratulations dear!” she continued “You must be like 6 months pregnant, right?”

The smile on my face froze.

“Actually, about three.” I corrected. What did this yeye woman mean by 6 months??! Which kin 6 months?!!

She gaped momentarily. “And you are this big already??!” she exclaimed “Wow! When I was three months pregnant, I was still as flat as a board…for all three of my kids! But, I guess everyone is different!” she had concluded, with a fake smile.

I gave her a fake smile of my own “I guess we are.” I said, through gritted teeth “It was lovely seeing you again”. Not!!!

“It really was. I’m so happy for you, Faith!” she said, leaning in to whisper “We should really thank God for this pregnancy. I didn’t think it would be possible for you after….you know…”

I froze to the spot, and barely managed to say goodbye as she walked away. She had succeeded in taking me back in time…to a very dark period in my life…

In my 2nd year at LASU, I had been dating a classmate of mine, and had gotten pregnant. My boyfriend, Folusho, had then taken me to some dingy hole nearby, where I got an abortion, performed by people I wasn’t even sure were medical personnel. I had returned to my hostel, but had kept on bleeding profusely. I tried to contain it, but I had lost so much blood by the second day, that I slumped while getting dressed for school. Doris had been one of my roommates, and they had rushed me to a nearby health center. My friends had been notified, and they were the ones who had raised the money needed for my treatment, as they couldn’t inform my family about what had happened. Folusho never came to see me for one day. Luckily, I made a full recovery, and had proceeded to forget about the ugly incident.

Until today.

And just like that, my good mood took a nose dive…



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