Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 8: The 9 Week Mark


December 19th, 2012

I bless God for this wonderful woman called Nwando. If she hadn’t been with me these past 2 days, I don’t know what would have become of me. She has been my cook, driver, and glorified nanny! After the miscarriage scare on Monday, we both didn’t go to work, and she had pampered me silly, taking care of my every need. On Tuesday, she had helped me get ready for work, had dropped me right in my car park, had sent me lunch from her office, had picked me up right on time….Mehn, am I sure I wont exchange my Patrick for this woman?! Lol!! I kid…but you know what I mean!

This morning, she dropped me at work, and had sent me a pack of doughnuts from a popular Lebanese patisserie, because she thought I looked pale. And truly, I was pale oh. In fact, I had applied an extra layer of foundation on my face, to hide it. I had had a few too many conversations with the toilet bowl the night before, and my body hadn’t quite recovered this morning. As I chewed on a doughnut as if it was a piece of cardboard, I noticed a colleague give me a curious look. Hmmm, it might be harder than I think to keep this pregnancy a secret for another 4 weeks oh.

I wasn’t up for the drive to the airport, so Akan went alone to pick up his brother. As Nwando drove me home, I looked at her and wondered why on earth a beautiful and kind woman like her was still unmarried. She was 18 months away from 40, and it didn’t make sense that no man had snapped her up. She has been nothing short of an angel to me this period…a blessing!

I was so happy and relieved to see my Patrick! The 3 days he was away have been the longest of my life! Yes, I had a wonderful companion in Nwando, but nothing beats the company of my man!

When I told Patrick about the scare, he was so upset I hadn’t told him about it when it happened, swearing he would have turned around and caught the next flight, even if it meant missing his meeting. I told him that was the very reason why I hadn’t told him!


December 20th, 2012

9 weeks today!

The first thing Patrick and I did this morning was offer thanksgiving to God, for having brought us this far, and offered the life of our baby, asking Him to please protect it, and give us the grace to carry it in our arms. Well, I said “he”, but Patrick prefers “she”, so we settled at “it” for now.

I felt extremely awful today, so I decided to call in sick at work. Nwando checked in on me on her way to work, and promised to help me set up my Christmas tree when she returns. In all the excitement about the pregnancy, I had completely forgotten about it.

Patrick had observed us with a raised eyebrow. “So Nwando is now your best friend, because she drove you to the hospital? You women sha!”

I didn’t even bother wasting my breath to remind him that she had probably helped save the life of our baby that day. As much as I know he is grateful for her act, I also know he is wary of her. But that’s his problem abeg! I’m too grateful to have found a friend!


December 21st, 2012

I stayed home today again. From everything I’d read on Google, I just might have had a threatened miscarriage, and I was supposed to be on full bed rest. Well, I had taken it upon myself to get that bed rest! I wonder why my Doctor didn’t even insist on it!

And then, smack in the middle of my day of rest, my Mother had called me. I hesitated before answering her call. Truth is, things haven’t been the same since her lukewarm response to my pregnancy…but I could tell she was trying to make amends. She proceeded to pray for me and the baby, asked me how I was feeling, and started bombarding me with tips about what I need to do or avoid. Just as I was warming into the conversation, and happy that my Mom and I were beginning to return to the way we were, she had dropped a bombshell.

“My spirit is not happy about your brother’s wedding” she blurted “My heart has been heavy ever since they broke their news. And every time I pray, it just doesn’t feel right”

I sighed deeply. I knew how she felt, because I have felt the same way since Phillip confided in me about their relationship.

“And he doesn’t look happy” by this time, she was actually in tears.

If only the poor woman knows just how correct she is! My brother is marrying a woman he doesn’t love, because of a well-timed pregnancy, by a calculating woman. But there is nothing any of us can do about it.

I proceeded to console the woman, and told her it is out of our hands at this point. We just have to commit it to God in prayer!

I don’t know if it was the phone call or not, but I found myself feeling progressively worse as the day progressed. As I write this, my nausea is very very bad! It’s so foul that I can’t go into my kitchen without gagging. The smell of all the meals cooked (by Nwando) or warmed (by myself and Patrick) in the last few days, seems to be hanging in the air. I also had to toss my husband’s football boots from our bedroom, to the Guest Room closet, as the combined smell of sweat and new rubber was making my stomach lurch!

Gosh! Couldn’t this week go any faster???!!!



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