Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 6: Men are so Annoying!!!


December 10th, 2012

Oh, what a weekend I’ve had! And no…nothing exciting. In fact, anything but. For starters, I had to get out of a last minute family meeting called by my Mother. There was no way I was going to go to Festac 3 weekends in a row!!! Even my ever-cooperative husband didn’t seem excited about that prospect. So, I lied that I wasn’t feeling well, and asked that they go on without me. And so, they did! I later got the message that Phillip and Akunna’s wedding dates had been set for February 14th and 16th, 2013. Doing some mental mathematics, I reckoned that, with the right outfit, Akunna could still cover my Mom’s shame, and not allow her Church members realize there was any baby bump to hide. She was definitely slim enough. The irony of them getting married on Valentine’s day wasn’t lost on me. After what I had heard about their relationship, love was the last word I would have used to describe their union.

And then, on the home front, I had several arguments with my husband, Patrick, about this plan of his to move house now. With this pregnancy, the last thing I need is the stress of a move. Even though we have been talking about moving for a while, especially as our street has become almost immotorable, with severe flooding and deep potholes. That, and the fact that Patrick wants us to move into the Phase 1 estate proper, and not live on the fringes. I was very happy with this plan…until I got pregnant. Now, I just want to stay put until after the baby is born. I have asked him to give us another year, and he has vehemently refused! So, that’s where we are oh!

Today, my queasy feeling returned, along with some dizzy spells! I am so grateful that Christmas break is just around the corner!


December 11th, 2012

And so the house wahala continued oh! Patrick reported me to, of all people, my Mother, about my unwillingness to move to a bigger house. The woman now called me to advise me about the benefit of space, and that they would all help with the move, so I didn’t have to worry. Was she for real?! Did anybody help her when she was setting up her own home? So, I was expected to just sit and look pretty because I was pregnant, and not get involved in something as important as establishing my own house. No way!

I don’t know what all this fuss is about !!! Yes, our current home is a 3-bedroom flat, but it can very comfortably accommodate a child! In addition, we have a 1-room boys quarter, so I don’t know what all this drama is about! I have put my foot down, and that is final!

The good thing is that I seem to have found what I can tolerate, food-wise. I suddenly seem to be obsessed with cheese and salty things, and have been chewing on cheesy crackers and salty nuts all day.


December 12th, 2012

Gosh! Men are soooooo annoying! Patrick eventually realized I wasn’t joking around about my decision not to move, so he has reluctantly agreed to drop the topic. Na wa oh! All this drama to move into another rented house! How about we start saving money to build our own house! Sheesh! Men!

To add to my irritation, last week I bought him a book, called Pregnancy for Men (or something like that) and I have been trying to make him read it. I read through it first, to make sure it’s not just taking the piss out of women (you just never know what these man books might say!) but it’s really good, and says that the food aversion thing is really hard for the woman and that they (men) need to be very accommodating…so it’s really something I wanted him to read now. But whosai! He hasn’t even touched it. And now that he is forming angry, it is unlikely that he will anytime soon! Gosh, I just want to just shake him sometimes!!!!!

And then to add to my annoyance, he actually tried to have sex with me last night!!!! The man is a joker oh!!!! We haven’t even crossed the 9-week mark that we had our last miscarriage, and he wants to disrupt my baby cavity with his whatsit??!! Apart from even worrying about hurting the baby, I’m still too angry with him to open my legs for him, and my nausea might also make me throw up all over him. Well, my refusal just made the tension between us worse, and he went to sleep in the guest room. Abegi! It even gave me more room on the bed sef!


December 13th, 2o12

Still boning for each other, we went to the hospital for my 8-week scan. All our anger dissipated when we saw our little one on that screen. We just held each other and cried, looking in amazement at our child! How amazing is our God!!!

But trust my husband na! He was quick to ask the doctor about sex in this stage of our pregnancy. To his delight, the doctor said sex in pregnancy was perfectly safe for the baby. Patrick gave me a “You know it’s on tonight” look, and I couldn’t help but laugh!

The doctor proceeded to ask about our family medical history, did some blood and urine tests, and booked me in for another in four weeks time, It will be a nuchal fold scan, with a blood test the week after.

I was such a high for the rest of the day, and kept looking at my stomach trying to picture what my baby will look like. How amazing is my God!!!




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