Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 5: Keeping her man!


December 5th, 2012

Wonders shall truly never end! What I heard from my brother last night completely blew my mind!!! There I was thinking he and Akunna were the model couple! I had even used them as a point of comparison, in some of my arguments with my husband. But, if what Phillip told me is anything to go by, it has been a complete farce for at least half of the 10 years they have been together.

Apparently, by the fourth year of their relationship, her cantankerous, troublesome, and condescending attitude had started outweighing the attraction of her looks, and the great sex. He had started getting irritated about how she never had anything good to say about anyone, and that all she needed was a matter of minutes to get into some shouting match, or quarrel, or fight, or the other. And her family was another turn-off, as they were, allegedly, steeped in diabolical practices, which they were always quick to expose about each other, in their numerous altercations.

So, he had started seeing other women, in a bid to upset her enough to break up with him. Did she find out about the other women? Yes. Did she break up with him? Hell no! What she ended up doing was to harass and torment the said women, such that they were the ones to flee.

By the sixth year, he had had enough, and actually ended the relationship. He had broken up with her on one of her visits to his place and, because it was already late at night when he told her, and also to allow her gather her personal belongings from the flat, he had allowed her sleep over. Otherwise a very deep sleeper, he found himself tossing and turning all night. He eventually got up to use the toilet at about 2am, and found Akunna sprawled on the bathroom floor, bleeding from her left wrist, in what appeared to be a suicide attempt. (As he spoke, I wondered why she hadn’t just gone ahead to slit both wrists if she was serious, and shook my head at the manipulation. Suicide attempt indeed.)

Anyways, they were able to stop the bleeding, and he took her to the hospital first thing in the morning. After that time, any time he tried to end their relationship, she would threaten suicide. The 5th time she made this threat, he decided to call her bluff, but shortly after, had been called to her house, by her sister, saying they had found her just in time, as she was about to hang herself from a fan in her bedroom. (I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes. Na so!).

So, that was how this babe held my brother hostage oh. But she had finally changed tactic when he developed a relationship with a woman he met through mutual friends…Diana. When my brother spoke about this Diana, and how quickly they had bonded over common interests and a kindred sense of humour, I could see his eyes light up, and I immediately realised this was the woman he loved. He called his soul mate. Because he had told her all about Akunna, she wasn’t frightened off when Akunna attempted her usual harassment. I guess that was when the Akunna probably realized that it would take a whole lot more than bullying and threatening to keep her man!

Because the foolish man was still sleeping with her on occasion, it wasn’t hard for her to orchestrate a pregnancy, which she delightfully informed him about, as soon as she found out. She also made it a point of duty to personally inform Diana, who, as soon as she confirmed it, proceeded to severe all ties with Phillip, with the excuse that she didn’t want to interfere in what had become a family matter. (This time, I hissed and rolled my eyes. She broke up with you because you were still sleeping with your ex, fool! I found myself thinking).

“So, why propose to her?” I did ask “Why didn’t you just offer to take care of the child?”

“I could never do that to the kid.” He responded “I grew up in a home, with both parents, and I think the baby deserves that too. Besides, I’ve wasted 10 years of her life…

I sighed deeply. “So why are you telling me now?”

When he shrugged, my heart almost broke from pity for him. I had never seen my brother look so defeated. “I know there’s nothing I can do about it…and I’m going to have to go through with it…but I’m so miserable…

As I hugged him, I knew that there was nothing I could say, or do, that would make things any better, or change his mind. My brother was as stubborn as a mule, and his decision would have to come completely from him.

Na wa!

On another note, I had the CONSTIPATION of life today!!! I’m not going to go all TMI, but I’ll just state that it was an ordeal trying to use the toilet today. Everything I have read says this is normal for 7 weeks of pregnancy. Hmmm! On the food side, I’m still only eating dry bread or white rice (with no stew or sauce). I am also tolerating salt free crackers, so that has been a good addition.

I’m so looking forward to my doctor’s appointment next week. In the meantime, I just have to pray for the wisdom to deal with Phillip and Akunna’s situation…




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  1. Na waa o! Am a ttc woman for almost 2yrs now.was expecting a Big Fat positive yesterday bt was disappointed . now am in a dilemma where I suspect ma hubby is cheating on me.he knows abt my fears of him cheating due to family experiences.dnt know how to deal with it.hv seen some suggestive txt.pls help me figure it scared to know da truth n how I will deal with it.

    • I’m so sorry to read about this, mrs. Unfortunately, a lot of men who cheat in the face of infertility will still cheat even after having a lot of kids. I wouldn’t suggest suffering in silence…so I think you should confront him about it…and seek counselling if it proves to be the case. Good luck dear.


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