Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 17: Joy and Pain!


January 20th, 2013

Even though I had dreaded it, yesterday evening went beautifully well!

When Phillip and Diana had stepped into my living room, I stood mesmerized for a few seconds. Yes, Phillip, my Mom, and brothers, had all been singing about her beauty, but nothing prepared me for the stunning woman standing in front of me. She was the definition of the phrase Black Beauty! Dark skinned, and built like a model! She immediately made me feel self conscious about the extra pounds I was carrying. I gave my brother the side eye. How he had been able to snag such a beautiful woman, was a mystery to me.

But even more striking than her outer beauty, was her inner beauty. When she smiled, her face lit up the entire room. She laughed a lot, even at Patrick’s dry jokes. She was chatty, but not enough to be annoying. She helped me out with the food and drinks, just enough to relieve me, but not enough to be considered fake and over familiar. But what I made me happiest was seeing my brother truly in love! The way they looked at each other, the silent communication only they seemed to understand…For the first time since I could remember, my brother was actually happy!

True true, this girl na the real deal! Mehn, Akunna…you are on your own oh!

Long after they left, and even into this morning, Patrick and I couldn’t talk of anything else. We were both so tripped by the babe! Gosh, how wonderful it will be to finally have a sister!

Anyways, that was last night. Today, after Church, we honoured Nwando’s invitation for lunch. Even though Nwando and I had reconciled, Patrick and I were still very wary as we stood outside her apartment, armed with a bottle of expensive wine, as our olive branch. But we needn’t have worried, as we were met with a warm welcome…not only by Nwando, but Obinna too.

It’s amazing what a change in perspective can make! I am ashamed to admit that we had allowed Obinna’s strong accent, and…erm…unusual appearance, colour our initial impression of him. When we met him over the holidays, nobody could have convinced me that he wasn’t a Spare Parts Trader, or even a Yahoo boy. But as we spoke with him today, Patrick and I were blown away by how intelligent he is!!! He had the most insightful knowledge about practically everything! From Barack Obama’s recent reelection, to the uprising in Syria, to the effects of Superstorm Sandy, and even Obama’s open support of gay marriage, Obinna held us captive with his very interesting views on each subject. And when he finally blew my mind was when we discussed the Oscar nominations, and his colourful views about the various nominees, expressing his desire for Lincoln or Les Misérables to triumph over Django Unchained. I was tripped! Talk about an all-rounder! From the corner of my eye, I could see Nwando beaming proudly.

The food was, of course, fantastic! The pounded yam and okazi soup was mind blowing! After lunch, Patrick and Obinna had bonded over the Chelsea / Arsenal Premiership match. Thankfully, but sadly, they supported the same losing side (*cough* Arsenal). And after the game, they proceeded to drink away their sorrows, while Nwando and I continued our own girly gist.

It was a fantastic ending to a fantastic weekend!


January 21st, 2013

You see, I should have known that after a weekend that wonderful, my week was bound to start off rocky.

I resumed work today very uneventfully. Everything was going great, until just after lunch, when the Executive Director (ED) in charge of my unit had sent for me. I stared at my phone, long after her Assistant had given me the message. Huh?! See me?! Why did she want to see me? She was my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss! We were too far apart in the food chain for her to want anything with me. My confusion was even compounded when I called my boss to ask him if he knew anything about it, and he sounded just as confused as I was.

When I walked into her office, and saw Akunna sitting comfortably in the visitor’s chair, my heart sank.

Hian! I don enter!

My ED had nodded absent mindedly in response to my greeting, and had given me a look I couldn’t decode.

“How are you, Faith?” she had said, with what I couldn’t decide was a smile or a frown “You know my niece, Akunna, right?”

Niece??!!! Niece??!! I had been working in the company for almost 5 years, and nobody had ever told me my brother’s (now-ex) girlfriend was my ED’s niece.

“Y..yes Ma” I managed to stutter.

She nodded.

“She says your brother was the one who came to ask for her hand in marriage…only to change his mind”

I cast a pleading look at Akunna, but she just looked away.

“Ma….I…he…” I just couldn’t make out any sentence.

“You are also pregnant, I see.” my ED cut in “Just like my niece.” she nodded towards Akunna “How is that going?”

Ha! How is what going?! This girl has killed me!

“Your pregnancy” my ED had repeated.

“F..f..fine, thank you Ma”. I could feel hot sweat beginning to pour down my back.

“Very well. You may go.” my ED said, in dismission.

I looked at her in confusion. And then I looked back at Akunna, who was smiling mischievously, and scrolling through her phone.

“Faith….you may go.” my ED repeated.

As I walked out of the office, I cast a final glance at Akunna.

Well played, Akunna! Well played!




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  1. Akunna is the biggest fool I mean does she have to sink this low, so by threatening Faith’s job her brother will marry her, talk of desperation abeg she and her Aunt should go and get a life metcheeeew am so pissed!


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