Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 18: Hostage


January 22nd, 2013

After the encounter with my ED and Akunna yesterday, I hadn’t been able to get any work done anymore. So, I had feigned feeling ill, and had been allowed to go home early. How I drove home, I can’t even say! Because all I could think of, all I could see, was Akunna sitting in my ED’s office! My brother had dumped the pregnant niece of one of people with the power to make or break my career! This isn’t good at all!

When I recounted the story to Patrick, he wasn’t impressed.

“So?” he had scoffed “So what if she is your ED’s niece? How is that going to affect you?”

Was this guy for real?!

“Maybe you didn’t hear me, Patrick!!!” I had yelled “This woman has the power to ruin me!!!”

“How now?” Patrick was irritated at this point “On what basis? Even if you were Phillip himself, she has no right to do anything to you professionally! If she tries, you can even go ahead to report her to your Board of Directors”

At this point, I knew the man was not on my page, so I proceeded to tune him out, as he kept on talking about corporate ethics and being able to exercise one’s rights. The problem with my husband is that he sometimes thinks like a white man. He doesn’t know that this is Naija!!! And that getting ahead in the work place has more to do with politics than cerebral capacity. Yes, my ED might not be able to directly fire me, but she has the power to make my life a living hell in that company! Abeg, I only just started enjoying this pregnancy! I don’t need any more of this drama!

I didn’t have any appetite to eat even a crumb, so after dishing Patrick’s meal, I sat on the couch, and kept on dialing Akunna’s number. I called her 18 times, and each time, it just rang off. I was about to dial the 19th time, when her text dropped;

Oh, now you know how to call me?! After not returning all the calls and messages I sent you over Christmas? Girl, you better lose my number! You guys haven’t seen anything yet!

The look on Patrick’s face, after I showed him the text, mirrored mine. It had finally dawned on him that it was no child’s play!

This thing is about to get r-e-a-l!


January 23rd, 2013

“She can’t do anything!” Phillip had laughed, when I told him all that happened “Forget about her. She’s all bark, no bite!”

Oh really? Someone that had attempted suicide, twice, just to hold on to him?! Someone that had done everything she could, to be able to keep him in the relationship for over 10 years?! No, she definitely had more than bark!

“You too fear, jo!” Phillip wasn’t taking this seriously at all. “So what will the woman do? Sack you? Abegi! She no fit!!!”

Obviously, love is still shacking my brother and not allowing him see clearly. I hung up even more exasperated than I was before I called him. I decided to run it by my immediate boss, to get her take on the matter.

“Yes, my dear” Mrs B, my lovely boss said, as I walked into her office “I hope there’s no problem.”

“No Ma…well, actually…yes….well, kind of…” I stuttered.

She had listened patiently, as I told her the whole story, and the frown on her face deepened as the story progressed.

“So, I just don’t know what to expect.” I had concluded “Should I be worried?”

Mrs B had sighed deeply, and rattled her pen on the table, deep in thought. Ah! This wasn’t what I was hoping for oh! I had thought she would immediately waive off the idea of my job being in jeopardy, and give me the assurance that I truly had nothing to worry about.

“Faith, you are like a younger sister to me, so I have to give you my honest opinion” she had eventually said “At face value, as long as you keep on doing your job well, you shouldn’t be worried. Professionally, there is nothing to worry about” then with a deep sigh, had added “But you know how things work here. We are women…and we are not the most rational of beings. I tried to think of what I would do if I were in her shoes…if my niece had been impregnated and dumped…and just a few months shy of her wedding!!! Ah!” she shook her head “If I were in her shoes, I’m not sure how rationale I would be!”

By this time, my heart was racing.

“What should I do, Ma?”

“You say there is no way to make your brother change his mind?” Mrs B had asked.

I remembered how all over each other Phillip and Diana were on Saturday, and I knew there was not a chance of that happening. I sadly shook my head.

Mrs B threw her hands up in defeat. “Then we just have to wait and see” she said, with yet another deep sigh “Just be careful sha?”

I walked out of her office, like I was in a trance.

Akunna has found the right hostage to take, in her mission to get her man back. Unfortunately, there is nobody here to pay my ransom!



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  1. This is so sad,as i am beginning to hate this Akunna girl 🙁 some girla can be so damn desperate eh i never see,what ruubish….



  2. This is so sad,as i am beginning to hate this Akunna girl 🙁 some girla can be so damn desperate eh i never see,what rubbish….




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