Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 9: Festive


December 22nd, 2012

Christmas is 3 days away, and I have never felt less festive in my life! If it wasn’t for my neighbour, Nwando, who helped me set up my tree over the weekend (with very little help from me, I might add), there would have not been the slightest inkling of the holiday in my home. I have never felt less Christmasy in my entire life!

Yesterday, I hd a killer headache, and felt like I was coming down with the flu. Because I didn’t want to take any meds, I proceeded to drink lots of water, and went back to bed…feeling sorry for myself. By evening, I was still shivering, so Patrick took me to the hospital, where they found out I have a urinary tract infection!!! Hmmm! This 9th week wants us to remember it, by hook or by crook! Anyways, I was given some antibiotics, which Patrick took a lot of convincing to allow me take. As long as the doctor feels it’s fine, then I’m game. I don’t want anything that could risk the life of my baby. I also hope that the meds will stop my persistent trips to the toilet to wee. It’s gotten rather frustrating to keep doing that…


December 23rd, 2012

This morning, I started feeling almost human. I decided to be good and stop sneaking a cup of coffee every morning. It’s decaffeinated, but still I have had to hide my drinking it, because I know my over reactive husband will hit the roof. Well, now I know I have to stop…and also that I have to drink more water, day and night! Because I need this infection to leave like yesterday!

In the evening, Patrick and I sat down with the initial aim of planning sensibly, like adults, about our budget for the baby, where I would have the baby, our childcare plans, etc., but we ended up spending over an hour arguing over baby names instead! We are such an unserious pair! I’m not even 3 months pregnant yet, but we’re already bickering over what the baby will be called!

Patrick is convinced it will be a girl, while I think it’s going to be a boy. The only thing we finally agreed on was to check the sex of the baby at the right time (no surprises for us), and not to tell anyone until the baby is born. Gosh, it is sounding so real now!

I later on tried to get into the Christmas spirit by watching some Christmas Carols on TV…and it helped a little.


December 24th, 2012

I woke up to a barrage of gifts and hampers delivered to the house. I will never be able to understand why people never tire of this kind of scenario. Christmas eve, and people are still sending gifts. But I’m not complaining. Patrick’s clients and business associates send him the most luxurious of hampers, so I knew we were in for a treat, albeit a late one.

I had barely started looking through them, when the first of several cakes arrived. It was a fruit cake from Patrick’s brother, Akan, and his family. This was followed by a home-made red velvet cake from Nwando, and a few others from some of Patrick’s people. Nowwwww, I was in the Christmas mood.

Another thing that lightened my mood was our agreement not to visit any family members this Christmas. That was something I had been worrying about! Usually, we would have done Patrick’s family, at Iju, on Christmas day proper, before going to Festac, to see my Mom, on Boxing Day. New Years day has always been reserved for just us. It feels good to know that we will be doing absolutely nothing this year!


December 25th, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Gosh, I have so much to be thankful for this Christmas. God knows what I prayed for last year…and now, we have it! And it is the best Christmas present I could have ever wished for.

In the morning, Patrick and I prayed and worshipped together, exchanged gifts, and had some pancakes delivered, from a popular restaurant in VI. I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to stomach it, but I wolfed the meal down with a voraciousness I hadn’t seen in weeks. The most delicious breakfast I had had in a long time.

As we were enjoying a lazy afternoon, with even more takeaway, our close friends, Joy and Basil, a couple we have known for years, showed up. Apparently, they hadn’t gotten the memo about us wanting to be alone this year. LOL! But I was glad for the company, and even though we weren’t set up for entertaining, they were happy to make do with the cakes we had received as Christmas gifts.

And the best possible news?! Joy revealed that she is pregnant…14 weeks gone, to be precise. At this point, we decided to share our news as well. They were extremely excited for us, and she was so glad at the prospect of sharing her experience with me. I’m also excited, especially with her being a whole month ahead of me! She’ll be able to tell me all the things I’ve got to look forward to…as well as all the scary things I haven’t! So, it was great news all around!

All in all, it was a great day!


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