Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 1: BFP!!!


Hi everyone! How proud am I to be a part of The Fertile Chick family!!! I have cheered on my friend, Nicole, right from the very beginning of this journey, and always hoped to be able to contribute in some way. Imagine my joy when she approached me to share my pregnancy journal from our BnB days! Hell yeah! Anything for you babe!!!

So…first of all, introduction!

My name is Faith. I got married in July 2010, to my soulmate. We were both 29, so just on the cusp of adolescence and adulthood. Our plan was to wait a year before trying for a baby, but after 6 months, we both decided to ditch the condoms and just got for it. I didn’t expect to have any problems whatsoever! Okay, confession time. Back in University, I had had 3 terminations (which I regret till this day), so, in my mind, fertility was not my problem. In fact, I worried that I was over fertile sef…if there is anything like that!

Anyways, it didn’t turn out that way…and my otherwise clockwork cycles became long and unpredictable. I was diagnosed with PCOS. On my 1st Clomid cycle, I got pregnant, but that sadly ended in a miscarriage at 9 weeks. After the evacuation, it took almost 5 weeks to get a negative pregnancy test result, but as soon as we did, we started trying right away!

As luck would have it, I got pregnant on the second cycle following the miscarriage…and it wasn’t even a Clomid cycle! What I did different that successful cycle were temping, using an Ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK), Evening Primrose Oil (before ovulation), Pregnacare Conception (daily), and LOTS and LOTS of prayer!!! Also, we had sex 3 days in a row in my ovulation window, the last day being the day I ovulated…and it worked…yay!!

Funnily enough, I didn’t have the courage to take a pregnancy test till I was almost 6 weeks pregnant! The cycle before (i.e. the one following the miscarriage), my period had been almost 3 weeks late. Even when all the pregnancy tests turned out negative, I still held out hope that I was pregnant. Alas, 3 weeks later, my period came, bright and angry! So the next cycle, I wasn’t in a hurry to test.

So, sitting at my desk at work, I suddenly had this strong feeling that this was it. I dashed to a pharmacy a few streets away, and picked up several pregnancy tests, in different brands. But when I got back to the office, I lost the courage to test and, instead, flung the tests into my handbag, to wait until I got home.

As soon as I got home, I didn’t even bother to take off my shoes. I ran straight to the bathroom, and weed on the first of the sticks. After five extremely long minutes, a solid clear blue line appeared. I was pregnant! Holy Guacamole!!!

My initial plan was not to say anything when my husband, Patrick, came back from work…I thought it would be fun to tease him a little. But as soon as I saw him walk through the door, it just burst out of me! There was no way I could keep that kind of news a secret…even if it was just for a tease! My darling husband let out a loud, elated scream, and enveloped me in the biggest hug ever. Even though we both were worried, considering what had happened to us only a few weeks before, we were determined to still hold on to hope!

The next day, I made an unscheduled visit to my doctor’s office. I sat the whole morning through, waiting my turn behind the other patients who, unlike me, had confirmed appointments. But I was prepared to wait the whole day, if need be! There was no way I would go another day without having my doctor examine me.

My elated doctor immediately placed me on progesterone support (Cyclogest), as well as folic acid. When he asked me about alcohol, I was able to honestly answer that I had not had a drop of it since we started trying for a baby. Not an easy feat, considering that my 30th birthday, as well as my husband’s, had fallen in that time span. And this wasn’t including a lot of our other friends, who had also had that milestone birthday! But it was all for a good cause! I was given an EDD of July 20, 2013…just a few days before my husband’s birthday! How perfect was that!

Patrick came to meet me at the clinic, and by the time we got home, I had started feeling rather queasy. My dear husband proceeded to make me a meal of Indomie noodles and eggs. He obviously wasn’t listening when I told him I would rather eat something plain. After an attempted forkful, and a near-miss barf, I settled on dry bread and a glass of water!

As we had dinner, we knew we had to tell our parents. We had originally agreed to wait till the 12 week mark, but the more we talked about it, the more we knew we had to tell them. It would be the first grandchild on either side, so the joy was only imaginable…







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