Faith’s Pregnancy Diary 19: Ammunition!


January 24th, 2013

The answer came to me last night, as Patrick was giving me a shoulder rub after my traumatic day.

I had told him about my discussion with my boss, Mrs B, and how she had pretty much told me I am on my own in this my saga as the sister of the man who dumped the pregnant niece (phew!) of my ED. My dear husband had tried to assure me that I had nothing to worry about, but at that point, I had reached that stage of trauma that I actually felt numb. I decided to empty my mind, think of absolutely nothing, and just let anything that wanted to happen darned well happen. Make dem no kill me for my pikin abeg!

And then, just as I was about to nod off to sleep, loving the feel of Patrick rubbing away all the stress knots from my back and shoulder, it had finally hit me. There is only one solution to this my wahala.


And as I prepared for work this morning, I felt even stronger about my conviction that she is truly my only hope. And this is why…

As much as Ebika is a gossip, and sometimes a downright nuisance, she has mastered the art of office politics to a T! Her eye service and ass-kissing no be here, and she is literally on a first name basis with everyone from our office cleaner to our MD…and maybe even the Chairman of the Board sef! I know that she is very friendly with this ED of mine, so really, she is my only hope.

So, the first thing I did when I got to work was to order a bouquet of yellow roses. Well, if it worked for Nwando, it might work for Ebika as well. The truth is that it’s the only thing I could think of to break the ice with her. From the cold shoulder she has been giving me, I dare not call her extension, or even approach her for a chat, because the isho she will give me is guaranteed!

As the hours rolled by, I could barely concentrate. The florist confirmed that they had delivered the roses, but I still hadn’t heard anything from Ebika. I was also on pins and needles the whole day, literally looking behind my back and waiting for my ED to jump out of a corner and bite me. By the time it was 5pm, I still hadn’t heard anything from Ebika, and there was no fire burning with my ED yet. Dejected, I shut down my system, picked up my bag, and walked out of my office.

I almost jumped out of my skin when Ebika suddenly jumped into the elevator, just as the doors were closing.

“Madam, what’s the deal with the flowers?!” she said, a small smile playing on her lips.

Ah. That was easy. I thought I would still have to add some begging before she would soften.

I managed a smile “E-bi!” I cajoled “Why have you been vexing for me na?! I’ve missed you oh!”

“Well, you hurt my feelings!” she pouted, just as the elevator door opened.

I held her hand, as we walked towards the car park. “Babe, it’s not like that. I didn’t mean to keep it from you. You, of all people, should have understood why I did…”

As we stood in the car park, I had to hear all about how I had made her feel sad, and betrayed, and reminded about her own single-status, bla, bla, bla! On a good day, nothing would have made me stand in the car park, under the hot sun, talking this kind of nonsense. But all I had to do was remember my situation, and I happily stood there, listening to her.

“But I’ve missed you!” she said, enveloping me in a bear hug, before standing back to admire my bump “Wow! You’re really pregnant sha!!! There’s really a baby in there!”

Okay, enough of this small talk.

“Ebika” I cut in “Abeg, wahala dey!”

Yes, I know I could have given it at least a day, or two, before coming with my request…but my situation was too dire to drag for a day longer.

So, we had sat in my car, as I told her all about the Phillip / Akunna / ED fiasco.

“Wow! So Akunna is Aunty Josephine’s niece?!” Ebika had exclaimed.

Aunty Josephine sha! Trust my girl to have familiarized herself with the woman to that extent. I immediately relaxed in my seat. Ehen, now we are talking!

I’m ready for that yeye Akunna! I have my ammunition now!

In other news, I am 14 weeks pregnant today…yay!!!




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